LIGHTS Part 1 2021.


(for those who don't understand I would advise keeping in mind the overlying ideas only. Example: "the lion will dine with the lamb", among the Gallic the lion is old, it is Ogmios the eloquent. Lamb by definition is young. So the phrase means "the old will dine with the young". It is the birth of eloquence. This is normal since it is in the text of the druidic spiritual tree, the tree of evolution, of time, the Passing of spirits between the old and the young. The text called apocalypse and whose real name is "revelations" (lights), the last text of the bible, was written by a druid and diverted from its initial purpose in order to create a religion which made it possible to lull any véléités de rebellions at the Gallic peoples enslaved in the West and in Asia Minor ... This unacceptable reality for many is however the only plausible one that allows this book to be interpreted correctly. To understand this text, you must first remove the Christian additions which corrupt the clarity of the verb, then a magnificent poetic text appears which describes the unfolding of time, with a tree in a clearing as its center. And it is not at all an apocalypse which appears under the Gallic light, the parallel is perfect, too perfect not to reveal an ancient plagiarism due to the spoliation and the Roman manipulation. The Christian religion was created in Rome, by the Romans and thanks to the help of the Jewish religion unless they were obliged to adhere to the new religion by mixing their own (the Romans destroyed all Jewish temples around 60 AD, this book of Revelation was published just after,), it explains the fact that the first Christians settled in Rome, the beginnings of your area. All your modern thought comes in fact from the beauty of the sacred language of the Gallic druids, a thought from the beginning of time. The Druids were famous for their colorful language, which explains a lot, the Christian church easily diverted a text already designed to be understood only by initiates. This manipulation could not have taken place without the complicity of the Celts who very early became Christians, the first crosses appeared in Ireland 6000 years ago. Interpretation The seven churches and their lights: Ephesus: justice (correctness and rigor), Smyrna: The reflection (calculation), Pergamon: fidelity (promise), Thyatira: generosity (morning, benevolence), Sardis: the measure (spite and envy), Philadelphia: realism (the piercing truth), Laodicea: interest (equality and desirability). This is Gallic Druidic philosophy. To be continued. 1 door opens in the sky = the clouds move aside and form an opening to the sunlight, A throne in the sky = solar star, Someone sat on it = sunlight, Character in the form of a double stone (jasper-sardony) = prismatic, Around the throne the rainbow = 7 colored parts, Emerald = 6-sided prism (rainbow mauve is at the beginning and end, so there are only 6 true colors. Around the throne 24 other thrones with 24 elders, prism of 24 facets and 24 representatives, White clothes = clouds Crowned with gold = clouds crowned with sunlight, At this precise moment, lightning, voices, thunders = discussions ignited by sunlight, 24 colors, differences, In front of the throne 7 burning lamps = passionate, rainbow very inflamed by the fiery light of the sun, Around a prismatic sea like emerald, hexagonal, mixture of six colors, 6 sides of the prism ignited by sunlight, six passionate spirits. So, 1 sun, strong light, 7 (6) fiery colors of the rainbow, then: In the middle of the throne and around 4 living beings with eyes behind (past) and in front (future), 1 the lion, Ogmios = birth of eloquence, 2 the calf, Donnât = youth, learning, 3 face of a man = mature, educated. 4 the eagle in flight (mortuary symbol with us, it is death that roams) = old age. These are the four faces of the light of the sun, of life. Each has 6 wings = 24 crowns of light divided by 4 living beings equal 6 sides each. Eyes behind (past) and in front (future), Speak day and night, who has been, who is and who will be = it is the demonstration of the constancy of the luminous memory, of the prism of colors, The 4 living creatures give glory to the one who is seated on the throne: they honor the light of the sun, The 24 elders bow down = the clouds subside, it is like a crown of colored clouds around the sun. Glory, honor and power in the light of the sun which created all things = with us the light of the sun is Lugus, the artist creator of the physical world. I think everyone has understood that this book is of Druidic inspiration. This culte de la lumière is well known among us. The god Lugus was honored as one of the greatest gods in the sky. (Particularly in Lyon but elsewhere as well). To be continued. And the beast will look like a panther with a lion's mouth and bear paws. And there will be a woman with two eagle wings ... very similar! In the right hand a book written inside and outside = luminescence passes through the book, Sealed with seven seals = 7 secrets. An angel asks who is able to open the rainbow book = it is transparent, not actually written, it is a prism. And to break the seven seals: it has already been done above. No one in the sky, on the earth and below can open the seals and the books: it is normal it is transparent. Despite the bland it is impossible to open where to look, One of the elders says that the lion (Ogmios eloquence) conquered to open the book: it is the birth of eloquence, (Mention is made of the Jewish lion of Judah but we know that for 2000 years they have been refuting any participation in this book. Judah among the Catholics is a reference to betrayal, so to remove from the book, it is not them) . on the other hand with us, the lion is Ogmios the eloquent one so it works, it is a Gallic book. In the middle of the solar throne, 4 living beings (birth, youth, maturity, old age), 24 old men (colored clouds), a lamb as if slain (small glowing cloud). He has seven horns and seven eyes = seven ways of demonstrating things and seven ways of seeing them. (It's red) He takes the book of light, of colorful life, The 4 beings and the 24 elders honor him = with the glowing cloud, the child comes into possession of the powers of the light of life (these small glowing clouds often appear at dawn, the beginning of the day, it is is a birth and a ceremonial. They hold harps and golden cups (very druidic that) filled with perfumes = it is the entry on the scene of hearing, speech and smell (until then it was only a question of lights), New song: it is possible to take the book with hearing and smell. It is a power of flesh, of blood, hence the glowing cloud. It is a spiritual child who is born, who is reborn. A character who brings youth and new life to all old people. (the first is the lion) = so there we are in full cult of the resurrection, and with us Gallic it is for almost everyone. The resurrection with us has everything to do with the sounds of our language and our odors particular to each one. He speaks of all nations with their languages = this corresponds to the many Gallic tribes. He made them a kingdom, priests, they will reign = that too, that corresponds to the alliance of the Gallic tribes. Hear angels' voices, 4 living beings, 24 old men = at the beginning of the text each character corresponded to gleams, from this part of the text, each color corresponds to a sound. All these mixed sounds form the sacred language of the Gauls, thousands of words. It is an organized and encrypted language, I have verified that it is correct. The words praise the glowing lamb with a loud voice = exaggeratedly. Power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, praise = 7 ways of exaggerating (very Gallic too, hence the reputation of the Gallic satire cliffs). All creatures in the sky, on the earth, under the earth, in the waters, and what accompanies them, speaking = this is yet another demonstration of the language. Praise, honor, glory and strength = these are 4 ways to give direct definitive and assumed compliments, an education. The 4 living beings accept, acquire = again the reference to physical life and its beauties during the birth, youth, maturity and old age of all living beings. Naturalistic, druidic symbol. All this is the explanation of a creation, that of the sacred, colorful and scented language of the Gauls. It was the Gallic tribes who used colors in an exaggerated way. The scents also apparently are those of medicinal herbs, of aromatherapy. * So far that makes us 29 male characters in all, but it's the same man, the Gallic. Plus the child, 30 deities, like the 30 years of our calendar. The ideological relationship with clouds imprinted with colors belongs to the ancient cult of the waters. It all works like the Greek or runic system, but ours is much older. The description of Lugus is clear enough to the initiate, excluding this one is about 7000 years of age. The name of the 4 living beings with us was -Quariates- from what I found, the four Uatis. I'll let you guess where the name really comes from -Uatican- Given that with us women have their place in the feminine cult, there must have been 30 female characters, who are the same central woman. * To be continued. Red lambhearing opens a seal, 1 of the four living (the lion) thunder strongly - come - = exaggeration in the decision, Appears a white horse, a rider with a bow, a crown: it is the headdress in the solar arc of the victorious sun seen on the Gallic coins, He leaves as a winner and to win = it is determination, the bow among the Gauls is synonymous with skill. A second open seal, second living being (the calf), says -viens-, a second horse, red, the one who rides it has the power to remove the peace and a great sword so that men would kill each other = it is the sword of retribution, the youth (calf) is often inclined towards battle. Third seal, third living being (man's face, maturity), a black horse, a rider with a scale = it is calculation and balance, A voice comes from the light and says - one measure of wheat for a penny, three measures of barley for a penny = the wheat is light, yellow-white, the barley is dark, blackish. This means that what is clear is worth 1 and what is dark is worth 3. With us what is clear belongs to the world of light, physical, what is present is counted 1 for 1. It is the spiritual side that is dark, internalized in the period of the same name, and this corresponds to the number 3, the three cranes where the three horns of the bull, past, present, future. He then says - does not harm the oil and wine - the oil is clear, the wine is dark, so he differentiates between liquids (not visually accountable) and solids (visually accountable, directly quantifiable. ). Fourth open seal, fourth living being, (the eagle of old age), appears a pale horse (old), the one who rides it is death and hell, power over a quarter of the earth (therefore each of the beings living to power over a quarter of life). The knight has the power to kill by the sword, starvation, normal mortality, by wild beasts (4 ways to die, remember the numbers). * These four riders are found on the Gallic coins, in fact last supper is not real riders, it is the representation of ceremonial animals among the Gauls. They have nothing real, it is a very exaggerated metaphysical projection with us, it is the animality according to the age phase that is demonstrated in the book. The text may seem terrible for sensitive souls but this part of the text just evokes a ritualized ceremony (we have found groups of four animal helmets in this genre). Then, He opens the fifth seal, vision from under the altar (with us it is the world below, passionate), There is souls sacrificed because of the religious word = extremist and passionate religious passions lead to personal self-sacrifice, they are dangerous, Souls cry loudly (with passion, exaggeratedly), - until when will the true master delay judging and avenging the blood of those who sacrificed themselves = when will religious extremism have served? A white robe is given to them = purification of religious enthusiasts, They must rest = to be calm, without passions, Answer: until all the devotees (religious extremists) are dead = it makes a lot of sense, religious extremist passions are all stupid and always lead to death (I always said that). Sixth seal open, great earthquake (it moves), sun blackens = the earth has moved and night has fallen. The moon becomes like blood = it is the red evening moon, The stars fall on the earth = in fact, when the night passes, the stars move towards the earth's horizon, down, towards the earth. The sky recedes, the mountains and the islands were moved from their place = translation: it is no longer the same place, it is day and night. The kings of the earth, the great, the military chiefs, the rich, the powerful, all the slaves and the free men = 7 kinds of men, with us it is the number of the spiritual integrality. They hide in caves and rocks = as if they entered the dark and turned to stone: in fact this is a description of entering sleep, it is night. And they said to the mountains and to the rocks - Fall on us and hide from us the light and the wrath of the Lamb = they need shade to sleep, and peace, For it is the great day of the Lamb's wrath, and who can stand? = a lamb is not very bad, it is probably the longest day of the year, the time when the light is the most intense. We find 4 horsemen with three animalized headdresses and one of a human leader, of a mature man, on the vase of Gundestrup. We should never take these writings from the book of lights in the 1st degree, it is a book of Druidic wisdom but it is written in a satirical way, very very exaggerated. Our ancestors were famous for che kind of artistic speech. To be continued. Nb: small remark to help our mathematicians, 4 living beings + the lamb = 5 24 old men + the lamb = 25 29 deities plus the lamb = 30 All multiples of 5, our star has 5 branches (Gallic coins), and it is glowing? 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth = there are 4 stones arranged at the 4 corners of the ancient druidic circles. They held the 4 winds so that nothing moves = it is magnetism, north, east, south and west. Stonehenge is oriented this way. Neither on any tree = therefore magnetism from top to bottom also counts. Another angel ascending from the side of the rising sun = approximately from the east. And who held the sceu of the living god = the god of life with us is Belénos, the young sun. He shouted in a loud voice = exaggeration of the text to follow, To the four living beings (birth, youth, maturity and old age) who had the power to do evil = it is the animality of the four horsemen, He said: Do no harm to the earth, to the sea (water) and to the sky (air), Until we have sealed the foreheads of the servants = it is the seal of light, that means, until the light is high enough to illuminate the foreheads of the people, the mind awakened, We heard the number, 144,000 (we enter into zodiacal mathematics), Of all the tribes of Israel = plagiarism, Jewish clerics are obscurantists, not luminous. So it is about the Gallic sacred tribes, the 12 months of the Gallic calendar. (Calculate the number of months on a saitlo), 1st tribe, 12,000; 2nd tribe, 12,000; 3rd tribe, 12000 = 36000. 3 months. 4th tribe, 12,000; 5th tribe, 12,000; 6th tribe, 12,000 = 36,000. 3 months. 7th tribe, 12,000; 8th tribe, 12,000; 9th tribe, 12,000 = 36,000. 3 months. 10th tribe, 12,000; 11th tribe, 12,000; 12 th tribe, 12,000 = 36,000. 3 months. 4x3 tribe = 4 zodiacal seasons, it is well known that. Afterwards there is an incalculable crowd = 13, it is the multitude. 1: physical realm, 3: dark and spiritual realm. In front of the solar throne (the star), white robes (purification of the clouds), Palms in their hands = it is because of the heat, it is because of this that cumulonimbus appear, They shout with a loud voice = exaggeration of the text to come, -salvation is to the god (of the light of the spirit) forever- One of the old men asks the question: who are they and where do they come from (they are clouds, they inevitably come from the earth, but this part concerns the old man), He answers -my lord- (so the 24 elders would be lords- -you know- = this part belongs to the old man. Answer: these are those who come from the great tribulation = from the storm of passions, They washed their dress = calm and whiteness of the clouds And they whitened them in the blood of the lamb = when the little glowing cloud appears in the sun, (indeed it is at this time of the day that the clouds rise), -this is why they are in front of the solar altar-star, and serve it day and night- = these are the clouds surrounding the solar star and keeping its light, it is the darkness that falls. - whoever is on the throne will pitch his tent over them = very logical, Lugus the light covers the evening and morning clouds, -they will no longer be hungry, no longer thirsty, the sun will not strike them = it was a religion of light so there is no question of physical food. The solar throne never strikes the clouds that surround it, too far away. -no heat- = at night when when the sun is hidden in the clouds it is cooler, not too warm, it is calm after the passions. The glowing lamb = the little red cloud, Les paitra = when the sun reddens, it is as if it were feeding on the clouds at nightfall, He will lead them to the springs of the waters of life = in the celestial oceans, worship of the waters, And the light will wipe any tear from their eyes = it makes sense, at night the sunlight no longer ignites the clouds, they disappear. So this old man would be the one of the sadness of the evening which is falling? 24 hours a day, 24 old people? It is beautiful this satire, very poetic. To be continued. * This first part of the text concerned the first part of the year of our calendar, it is indeed Lugus who is the god of light in the physical and luminous world. The second part concerns the rest of the year, and therefore it is Tanaris where Donn (the two confused) who should be the god of light of the inner and spiritual world, dark period of the year. We'll see that. *







* Light part 2.










7th seal opened, there was in the sky a silence of half an hour = this means that the time has just been divided in two. The 7 angels of light (accuracy, reflection, fidelity, generosity, measure, realism and interest), 7 trumpets are given to them (for the second part of the time, dark period of the year, interior and spiritual) 1 eighth comes (remember that the 7 parts of the basic prism only make 6 sides, so the eighth angel cut into two temporal parts belongs to the 7th month (Samos). Holding a censer with a lot of perfumes = the smells are used for the religious side of worship, Offered on the golden altar = it must be a hearth, the spiritual, inner fire, which has the yellow color of gold. The altar is in front of the throne = this is our cosmogonic plan. The smoke of the perfumes rises from the hand of the angel before the god of spiritual, non-physical light (in the hand are the lines of the hand which form a tree resembling a lightning bolt) The angel takes the spiritual fire from the altar and throws it on the earth = human earthly world. There were voices, thunders, lightning and an earthquake (in fact it takes the story of the first six months to review) = this is the signature of Tanaris the stormy, master of the dark period of the 'year. 7 angels and 7 trumpets are preparing, On the 1st ring (correctness) there was hail, fire mixed with blood thrown on the earth = this means that it rejects physical bodies, 1/3 of the earth was burnt = this is the left side of our cosmogonic plane. He burns earthly righteousness. The 2nd sounds (the reflection), and like a great burning mountain is thrown into the sea = it turns off the reflection like that. The sea turns dark red = this part of the prism is reddish, A third of the inhabitants of the seas perish = it is an initiatory death, it is the entry into the spiritual environment of the 7th month, the entry into the cult of the oceans of the spirit. 3rd angel rings (that of fidelity), A big burning star falls, 1/3 of rivers and terrestrial sources = it is the decay of physical fidelity, The name of the star is absynth (which disturbs the mind), it changes a third of the waters into absynths (they become sour), Many people perished by the waters because they were bitter = the fall of fidelity poisons the lives of men and women. This concerned the aquatic environment for the first three. Worship of the waters of the spirit. It is the decay of correctness, of reflection and of physical fidelity which has just been mentioned, it is what provokes the bitterness of the spirit spiritually, of the wormwood. The 4th rings (generosity), 1/3 of the sun, the moon and the stars = this is the high part of our cosmogonic plane. Normally dedicated to the mastery of spirituality, of heaven. 1/3 of the sky of generosity is obscured = always left part, of animality. I looked and heard an eagle (the old age enemy) flying in the middle of the sky (part in the top middle of the plane, mastery), Who said in a loud voice (exaggeration of the text to come): woe to the inhabitants of the earth because of the 3 other trumpets to sound = this means that the next 3 texts, 3 trumpets, will speak for the eagle of the death lurking around old age. I remind you that from the 7th month, we are no longer in the physical world. Taranis acts only in the world of thought, 2nd part of the year. Nothing physical, this chapter evokes the passage against human feelings. To be continued. The following chapters concern the experience of the elderly. 5th angel (the measure) sounds, a star falls on earth, the key to the well of the abyss has been given to him = the spark falls to the ground, this is the key of the abyss that lights the spiritual fire , Open the well of the abyss = the hearth opens the period of the dark period, Smoke rises from the well = logical, the (sacred) fire is lit, The sun and the air are obscured by smoke = it must be in the evening, when the fire is lit, Smoke came out of the locusts = sparks jump everywhere, They were given the same power as with scorpions = logic, the sparks are burning on the skin, like a sting, They were told not to harm the grass, any greenery or the trees = this means that the fire is under control so as not to spread around, But only to men who did not have the seal of light = i.e. to those whose sunlight no longer touch the forehead, logical, it's evening and the men approached the fireplace to warm up, They were given to torment them for five months = the remaining 5 months of our dark period, In those days men will seek death = it is the period of dark spirituality, they asked themselves questions about death, played with it, They will want to die= it is the evocation of the Halloween party, we play while transforming by telling ghost stories, hoouuuuuu hoouuuuuuu Death will flee from them = the heat of the hearth won them, These locusts looked like armored horses = this is the appearance of shining embers, They had crowns on their heads similar to gold = the color of embers on which one blows, Their faces were like the faces of men = shining, lit by the fire in the hearth, They had hair like women = long, the flames wave like long hair (Hairy Gauls), Their teeth were like lion's teeth = it is the reflections of the fire that give this effect, Iron breastplates = always the effect of the light of the hearth, The sound of their wings resembled the sound of a chariot with several horses = very logical too, it is the bulge of the fire, the hum of the sucked air which looks like wheels turning, and the crackling sparks make a noise like the hoofs of the hitting horses, As soon as they are similar to scorpions = carbonaceous, black. And prickles = this is the look of sooty twigs. It was in their tails that the power of fire was for 5 months = they are reserves of coals for the dark period (hence its name). They had on them the angel of the abyss = the darkness, the winter cold. Name Abaddon (the bull, Donn) and Appollyon (the dark nobility) = Taranis was dark as a storm. 2 more misfortunes come, 6th angel (realism) sounds, 4 horns around a voice in front of the altar = 4 vocal ways of demonstrating in front of the fire. Saying to the 6th angel (realism) - untie the 4 angels on the water of the Euphrates (he speaks of the water of your eyes) = this is our old worship of the waters. 4 angels (the hour, the day, the month and the year) = temporality of the teachings to come. So that they kill a third of men = this is the temporal and spiritual third of our cosmogonic plane. The number of horsemen was 2 myriads of myriads = this concerns military realism. (2x2 calculation). I heard the number = it's military conversion, moral commitment, I saw horses in the vision = 4 legs, 2x2, Armored horsemen the color of fire (brilliant), Hyacinth and sulfur (it is the color of the breastplates, polished and clean) = it is military cleanliness, horses with lion heads = The lion of true eloquence, From different mouths came fire, smoke, suffering = these are cries of war and suffering, A third of men were killed by fire, smoke, sulfur (3rd repetition of these words in the text, this is the symbolic spiritual part) = cosmogonic plane, The power of the horses was in their mouths (war cries, orders ... etc) and in their tails (it alludes to the reserves of the dark nobility), Their tail (reserves) like snakes with heads = the reserves that follow behind, meandering on the roads, It was with them that they did evil = that they really scared, The other unkilled men did not regret anything = the bodies did not pass on the ritual plane of the cosmogonic plane, So as not to worship demons = they did not join the army, And the altars of gold, silver, brass, stone and wood = gradation of materials, they are ranks of the army, Who can neither see, nor hear, nor walk = who are no longer free, they are committed, And they don't repent of their murders = they kept a cool head, professionally, Neither their enchantments, nor for the shamelessness or their thefts = it is the evocation of the professional behavior of the Gallic soldiers, drungeos and Equites. These horses with human heads appear on Gallic coins. This eighth month seems to belong to the education of the dark nobility on the military side. It is even more beautiful than the others this druidic satire, it was a genius our ancestor. What he tells there is a chronology of the celebrations, with graduation (apparently), festivities, jokes and laughter from Samos. It should be studied more deeply, but I think it gives back part of the ancient culture, memories around the fire. To be continued. Another mighty angel who descended from a cloud = from a cloud, it is lightning, swift, anger, Above his head the rainbow = so it's a Lugus coming down to earth, His face was like the sun = that one cannot look in the face, dazzling like lightning, At his feet columns of fire = lightning sets the ground on fire In his hand a little book = lightning flashes, A right foot on the sea = on the coast, a coastal storm, A left foot on the earth = the coast, cosmogonic plane, Cried in a loud voice = thundering, As the lion roars = roaaa rooaaa rrooaaaa, the sound of thunder spreading, And the seven tonrres made their voices heard = to relate to the 7 churches of the early thought, it is the link between the stormy sky and human feelings, A voice (advice) said: -sell what they say the 7 thunders, do not write it- = druidic use, writing prohibited, The angel raises his right hand = cosmogonic plane, He swore by the sky by the strong light = eternity, the imprinted memory, By the sky, the earth, the sea = the three planes of the coastal storm, That there would be no more time = the lightning went out, On the day of the voice of the 7th angel (interest), the mystery of light would be fulfilled as he announced to the prophets = it is always the interest that serves the prophecies, except, these prophecies are stormy in we satirists The voice of heaven spoke again (advice), Go take the book of passions between sea and land = coastal storms, He goes to the storm angel and asks for the book, -take it and swallow it, it will be bitter in the bowels and it will be sweet in your mouth like honey = it becomes an inverted satire, we take angry words and we turn them into honeyed words (druidism, the cosmogonic ring turns on it even), Then we still have to prophesy = honeyed satirical texts in the form of prophecies, On peoples, nations, languages and kings = we come back to the plan of the 4 Uates, 4 related subjects to be discussed. Lugus was the god of sunlight, and Tanaris was the god of spiritual light of the dark world, stormy weather, 2nd time of year. To be continued. I was given a reed similar to a rod = seen on our coins, Get up and measure the temple, the altar and those who worship there = the reed is as high as a man, a man's life, at the level of his faces and his feelings, it is the human temple, yet another facet of worship, The court outside the temple does not measure it = just the body and its spirits, It was given to the Gallic nations = it is the archetype of the Gallic man, They will trample the city saints under foot for 42 months = 2 and a half years, it is a measure of intermediate time of our calendar, I will give to my two witnesses = physical and spiritual, The power to prophesy = to make prophetic satires, Clad in sackcloth = so from there they are hidden, dark, the morning night and the night of the evenings, this is where the shape of the Torc comes from, During 1260 days = divided by 30 average days of the month that makes 42 months, concordance with the 30 years of the Gallic calendar, it is a calculated prism, These are the two olive trees = the lines of your two hands are two trees that meet, the horns of Kernunos, And the two candlesticks = physical and spiritual, If someone wants to harm them, fire comes out of their mouths and devours their enemies = in fact they cause the fire of consuming passions through satires, If Someone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this way = it is a reversal of the 1 and chapters, it is religious passion that must kill them, They have the power to close the sky so that it does not fall rains during the two and a half years = for 1260 lines triggering the passionate heat of the spiritual sun, it is hard that during this speech it is very very hot, passionate fire, The power to turn the waters into blood and strike the earth with all kinds of plagues whenever they want = inevitably it is a fiery satire, When they have finished their testimony, the beast that ascends from the abyss will fight, defeat and kill them = the fire of their bestial passions will kill them spiritually (always), And their corpses will be in the public square called Sodom and Egypt = animalized passion and spiritualized passion, Men from among peoples, tribes, nations, languages = 4 societal sides, Will see their corpses for 3 and a half days = (they sleep during this period, it is spiritual night, No sepulchres = this means that they are not really dead, only spiritually because they gave everything with their satirical spirit, Because of them the inhabitants of the earth will be in joy, they will send each other gifts because the two prophets will have tormented the inhabitants of the earth = in fact they yelled at each other, satirized for 1260 lines , after that it's the feast of reason, of course, After 3 and a half days, a spirit of life entered them, they stood on their feet = until then they were covered by the night, that changes, And a great fear inspired those who saw them, = fear replaces joy, people no longer want to be admonished and satirized, normal, day gives way to night, it is the interior and exterior side human, From the sky a voice calls them - go up here- = until there on the earthly plane, we pass on the spiritual planemastery of the mind, cosmogonic plane of the rouelle, And they ascended to heaven in the cloud and their enemies saw them = the shadow and the light of the cloud scrolls, in the middle is true light, spiritual mastery, At that hour there was a great earthquake = resumption of the 1st chapters, the earth turns, night-day, The tenth of the city fell = it was used 10 hours during Antiquity, I guess it's a tenth of the night, 7000 men were killed = 7 churches, 3rd woe, The 7th angel rang (interest in the dark times), Loud voices in the sky, the kingdom of the world is returned to the light of the sun and the glowing cloud ahead = it is the dawn of a new luminous period, And he will reign forever and ever = remembrance, And the 24 seated old men will prostrate themselves on their faces and worship the light = spiritual, their face, their faces, they each have a part of the luminous prism of the human and divine soul, it is a resumption of the 1st interiorized chapters, By saying - thanks to the Lord - (present, past) that you have seized your great power and taken possession of your reign, = it is the advent of a new human, more luminous, more spiritualized, The nations got angry and anger came, and the time has come to judge the dead = dead inside of their too inflamed passions, the extremists, To reward your servants the prophets, the saints who fear your name, the small and the great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth = the name of the divine light of the physical world: Lugus, And the temple was open in the sky = the clouds move away, it is still a resumption of the 1st chapters of the beginning but in reverse, And the Ark of his covenant appeared in the sky = Cabalist-Roman Catholic plagiarism, it is our lingual and temporal prism, Gallic, we have been betrayed, And there were lightning, voices, thunders, an earthquake, a strong hail = recovery of the texts of the 1st chapters backwards, The two halves of the shaft, of the Torc, are inscribed with the lines of your two hands, Here it is the cult of the luminous spiritualized human that appears, the temporal spirit, The light is in the middle of the two prophets, it is the mastery of the Kernunos, The first six months of the light of the physical world were taken upside down with the light of the internalized dark world, , It was the 11 th chapter, half of the whole text, that of the spiritual death of fools. So we should soon see the other part of the cult appear, that of the moon and the luminous and dark woman, To be continued













Part 3




A sign appeared in the sky = a light, A woman enveloped in the sun, the moon under her feet = she is the goddess of the moon, covered by her cloak of solar light, And a crown of 12 stars on the head = cabalist plagiarism, with us there are 12 moon lights, 6 dark side and 6 light side, She was pregnant = a big fat full moon, She cried = the crying light of the full moons, Being at work and in labor pains = blushing, limpid, sweaty, oily with sweat, Another sign appeared it was a big red dragon = Tanaris the storm at dawn, Having 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 diadems = 24, these are the ten digits of our demonstrative mathematical system. 7 heads and 7 tiaras corresponds to the feminine thought system, 7 bright and 7 dark. As I explained above, the hexagonal system includes only 6 ways of thinking, the 7 em is an intermediary. What makes us 6x6 = 36, 36x10 = 360, the 360 months of our calendar, Its tail carried a third of the stars = cosmogonic plane, And threw them on the earth = on the horizon, it is the precession of the stars, The dragon stood before the woman = the storm was in front of the light of the moon, (this dragon is that of the stormy Tanaris but it is above all that of harmful, extremist religious passions). In order to devour her child when she would have given birth = to intercept the light descending towards the earth, She gave birth to a son who must graze the nation with an iron rod = secret of the worship of waters, light bounces off matter, And his child was taken to Lugus (since he is the main Gallic god since Antiquity) and his solar throne, And the woman fled into the desert = that is to say in the sunny sky, daytime moon, So that she was nourished there for 1260 days = by texts, it is still a resumption of the previous chapters but under the lunar and feminine light, There was a war in the sky = the storm, Michel and his angels fought against the dragon = plagiarism, no Michel at home. These angels are the seven spirits of the luminous period from the beginning, very Gallic at the beginning, And the dragon and his angels fought = the seven spirits dark period Tanaris, But they were not the strongest and their place was no longer found in the sky = it is the clear passage to a luminous period without shadows, the storm has subsided, And he was thrown down the great dragon, the ancient serpent = the serpent of primary instincts that we know among us, Called the devil and satan the one who seduces the whole earth, sent to earth with his angels = cabalist plagiarism, no devil or satan with us, philosophy takes precedence over religion. In fact what he says is that the serpents of primary instincts have gained a foothold on the terrestrial world, cosmogonic level, it is above all the decline of uncontrollable religious passions, And I heard in a loud voice = exaggeration of the text to come, Salvation has arrived and the power and reign of our god (Lugus among the Gauls), For he threw down the accuser of our brothers = the enraged storm, Who accused them day and night = always the reference to passionate religious storms that do not know how to stop, They defeated him because of the blood of the lamb = the small glowing clouds of the dawn cool the atmospheric inputs that trigger the thunderstorms, it is also the synonym of sweetness, They did not love their life to the point of fearing their death = idem, this means that they did not become passionate and did not become stormy extremists, Therefore rejoice heavens and inhabitants of the heavens = all stars and clouds, Woe to the land and the sea = resumption of the previous chapters under the effect of the prism which advances, Because the devil has come down to you animated with great anger = so there is the storm on the earthly physical plane, The dragon pursues the woman = the storm rises towards the daytime moon, And the two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman = either two black clouds on each side of the light of the moon, of the star, (see cauldron of Gundestrup), So that she flew to the desert = in the sunny sky, where there are no other stars except the sun, Where it is nourished 1 time, times and half of a time = a way of counting in half a unit as in Gallic Antiquity, Far from the face of the snake = it must count the cold head, far from the primary instincts which would trouble it, Logic, And from his mouth the snake threw water like a river in order to carry it by the river = it is an image, we speak of torrential rain which can carry light, And the earth opened up and swallowed up the river = the earth sucks in torrents of water from stormy showers, And the dragon was angry with the woman andwent to make war on the rest of his offspring = the storm still rumbles and comes down to the ground, And to those who keep the commandments = plagiarism, we call them philosophical foundations, this means that the religious storm has hit the earth from where the obscurantism which fights the luminous philosophy. We learn here that the religious female cult is separate from the dark male cult, but that the system of numbers and numerology is shared. In this story, the moon prefers to follow the sun in the light period at the beginning of the year. It is the evocation of the separation of the masculine-feminine religion. This goddess who follows the god of light we know well, it is Etunia, Eithne. We also learn that the dragon of religious passions is Tanaris (they will not be happy with the Odinists) and that it is therefore the Gallic druidic cult that has remained hidden in the book of revelations. The one that was practiced in Lugdunum and everywhere with us. The light of the sun and the light of the moon give birth to the morning of the luminous period the first glowing gleams of life, of the dawn of life. And he stood on the sand of the sea = resumption of previous chapters, the wheel has turned again, Then I saw a beast rising from the sea with 10 horns, 7 heads and 10 diadems = 10 + 10 numerology values + 7 churches of the spirit, mathematics. It is the symbol of the coastal storm, The leopard-like beast, bear claws and lion's mouth = it appears on the cauldron of Gundestrup. These are three symbols of bestiality, human wickedness, insanity, The dragon gave him great authority, his power, his throne = that is to say the spiritual and especially religious power of Tanaris, that of imposing himself through fear and religious subjugation, And I saw one of the heads as wounded to death = the power to give people fear of death, But his mortal wound was healed = religious lie, mad belief, And all the earth was in admiration before the beast = before the reborn bestiality, And they worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast = they worshiped the storm, its angry character which gave false power to religious bestiality, And they were given to him a mouth with arrogant words and blasphemies = complacency, arrogance and religious lies in anger and bestiality, And he was given the power to act for 42 months = either to use the double satire of 1260 lines, very powerful for the religious because it impresses the naive, And she opened her mouth to blaspheme against the light, her name (light, Lugus), her tabernacle and the luminous stars = the obscurantist lie, And it was given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them = by anger, bestiality, lies and fear, And he was given authority over all tribes, peoples, languages, nations = it is the advent of obscurantist religious power, And all the inhabitants of the earth will adore him those whose name has not been written in the book of life since the foundation of the world = that is to say those who do not resemble the 7 churches at the beginning, If someone has ears that he hears = noises, hearing, the sacred Gallic language, If someone leads into captivity he will go into captivity, if someone uses the sword he must be killed by the sword = with us it is the sword of destiny, these are laws stated in Gallic sacred language, justice and truth in language, Then I saw another beast rising from the earth with 2 horns, like a lamb but who spoke like a dragon = the duality of the sweet lying diatribes, the inverted satires of the dark period of Tanaris, She exercised all the authority of the first beast = religious authority, always obscurantist lie, provoked naivety, In her presence she made the earth and its inhabitants worship the 1st beast whose wound had been healed = people always prefer nice lies rather than hurtful truths, She worked great wonders, even to the point of making fire descend on the earth in the sight of men = always a resumption of the 1st chapters on fire, the star which falls from the sky and ignites the coal hearth, that means that it is the satires of hallowen which are used, the satirical spectacle becomes religious, And she seduced the inhabitants of the earth by the miracles which had been given to her to operate in the presence of the beast = it is the religious spectacle, the obscurantist lie, Telling the inhabitants to make a picture of the beast that had the wound of the sword and that lived = the representation of the sword of destiny, Excalibur, And it was given to him to animate the image of the beast to speak = puppet of fiery bestiality, a Gallic religious spectacle, And who didthat all those who did not worship the image of the beast be killed = religious manipulation kills its opponents, always. But in terms of spectacle it means that they have been sleeping rather than watching, And it made that everyone, big and small, rich and poor, free and slaves = the differences, Receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead = marking dark and light differences, day and night, lights, And that no one could buy or sell without having the mark = the power of money, a physical light side and a spiritual side, advent of religious money, The name of the beast where the number of its name = in fact it is the totality of the prism, figures included, Wisdom, intelligence calculate the number of the beast because it is a number of men, 666 = this comes down to the arrangement of the cosmological prism, it is a calculation of numerology on the phases of birth, youth and maturity. You will need the whole flat diagram to do this, With this satire, we learn that women in bright times not only had the power of life and death, but in addition they had the power to denounce lies and religious bestiality uttered in anger thanks to a kind of spectacle of puppets where light and shadow. It is above all the evocation of mathematics, of the luminescence of the melting of metal and the advent of money. It was to demonstrate and fight religious insanity and human follies, cheating, dusios. This using our sacred language of course and the power of money. So they were the ones who managed the currencies. To be continued. I looked and behold, the lamb stood on the mountain of Zion = cabalist plagiarism, With him 144,000 people = final numerology calculation, the mountain here is that of calculations composed of 24, 4, 6, 12, 5, Who had his name = his color, his soft light, And his father's name on the forehead = the light, And I heard a voice like the sound of great waters (a fall), with a great thunder, and the voice that I heard was like that of harp players = bards, it is sung satire occurs like the drops of rain falling, one by one, And they sang a new song in front of the throne, the 4 living beings and the old men = it is the syllabic song of the old language which returns, And no one could learn the song except them, = the secret of the Druidic tongue, They are those who have not defiled themselves with women because they are virgin, they follow the lamb everywhere = they are children, They were redeemed from among men, = reincarnations, As the first fruits for Lugus and the son (reincarnation) = the 1 st reincarnations caused by the sacred language, And in their mouths no lies = innocent people, I saw another angel who was flying in the middle of heaven with an everlasting gospel for the inhabitants of the earth, nations, tribes, tongues and peoples = all groups, He said worship the light, give glory, the hour of his judgment has come and worship him who made the sky, the earth, the sea, and the springs of water = the vision, the light, A second angel followed saying -she fell Babylon the great who watered the nations with the wine of the fury of her fornication = wine, dark period, that means that the dark period was over, the liquids belong to the feminine cult, logic, And a third angel saying with a loud voice = authority, If someone worships the beast and his image (religious insanity) and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand (money), He too will drink the wine of luminous fury = this will cause his madness, Poured unadulterated into the cup of anger = Tanaris, this is truly the demonstration of the intoxicating inclination towards angry obscurantism. Dementia caused by money, And he will be tormented by fire and suffer it = having sacrificed money to the physical world, And the smoke of their torment forever and ever, = taken from previous chapters, he who bought worship will not be redeemed by him, I looked and saw white smoke, on the cloud someone sitting like a son of man (youth) and on his head a golden crown (of light), and in his hand a sharp sickle = a luminous young druid , their heir, And another angel came out of the temple (smoke) crying, Throw away your sickle and harvest because the harvest hour has come, because the harvest of the earth is ripe = that is to say to recover all the past work, And he threw from the sky his sickle on the earth, harvested = return to the texts of the beginning, the clear or dark grains, the past, And a new angel came out of the temple with a sickle = another area, And another angel came with authority over the fire = passions, He spoke to the bearer of the sickle - throw your sickle and harvest the vine becausethe (dark) clusters are ripe = the oil and the wine belong to the feminine cult, liquid, He (she) threw the sickle, harvest, throws the harvest into the vat of anger = passions that ferment jealousy? And the vat was trodden outside the city (far) from the blood that came out of the vat until the horses (height), over an area of 1600 stadia (plan) = lateral calculations, It is still a druidic satire but someone manipulated the text into a diatribe against women, at first it was a part of the all-female cult. The mysoginie from the Orient. It is still feminine worship and that is why it is about children. The male text from the beginning has been taken over but from a male point of view, What we also learn is that the 24 old men are used in the constitution of the first names. All Gallic first names are made up in this syllabic way, numerology seems to have been used as a reincarnation method, To be continued. In the sky another great and admirable sign = a beautiful light, 7 angels who held 7 plagues, the last = last part of the rainbow, I live like a sea of glass mixed with fire = prism of passions, And those who had conquered the beast = those without bestiality, And his image = the fearless, And the number of his name = birth 6, youth 6, maturity 6, that is to say those who have passed through the ages, Standing on the sea of glass, having harps = music of drops of water, worship of waters, And they sing the canticle of Moise = cabalist plagiarism, the Jews themselves deny any participation in this book, The servant and the song of the lamb = this means that the guide has taken the kindness of the lamb, he has grown old, By saying - your works are great and admirable, your ways are just and true, king of nations = that is to say luminous, philosophically speaking. NB: it is Lugus who is nicknamed the winner of the nations with us. Who would not fear and glorify your name because only you are clear = like rock water. Clear reference to a great spiritual guide. And all the nations will come and bow down before you because your judgments have been manifested = that is to say, he has manifested his enlightenment, Afterwards I looked and the temple of the tabernacle (cloudy spiritually and physically) of the testimony was opened in heaven = leaving an opening, a deeper, memorial view, And the 7 angels who held the 7 plagues came out of the temple clothed in shining pure linen and having gold belts around the chest = reflection of the rays on the cloudy outfits, (female worship?), And one of the 4 living beings (old age) gave to the 7 angels 7 golden cups, full of the anger of the god who lives in the century of the centuries = the god of time, the great guide, the Kernunos, And the temple was filled with smoke (darkened) because of the glory and the power = the clouds close over the light, And no one could enter the temple (darkens) until the 7 plagues of the 7 angels were fulfilled = therefore the 7 plagues are those of old age. The female black eagle with us (Gundestrup cauldron), It was the 15th chapter, it brings together the 3 previous periods, luminous masculine, dark masculine, luminous feminine (birth, youth and maturity), 3x5 = 15 with us the number 5 belonged to the sea urchin spiritual guides, the druids and druidesses. It is the 5-pointed star of mastery. It is a cup in the book, here we are talking about where the great spiritual guide. Note: 95% of this book is of Druidic origin, the 6 month hexagonal wheel, the emerald, is found on the cauldron of Gundestrup. The other wheel of 8 branches is obviously used for worship over 30 years. It's the same kind of practice.