pythagorean druid


pythagorean druid Our Druid ancestors used a geometric system to replace writing, it helped memory. They were the ones who taught Pythagoras the basics of sacred geometry and calculus. Pythagoras made it an esoteric or exoteric school as the case may be. The pupils were chosen according to their loyalty thanks to tests such as "the silence of five years". Rigorists practicing a perfect hygiene of life for the time, the Pythagoreans were secret people who lived apart from the world. Secrets like the Druids were, but they put their knowledge into practice to manage diverse societal groups. It was their special achievements that were kept secret. The Druids are famous, like Pythagoras, to have fought against blood sacrifices. Besides, the mathematician philosopher was a vegetarian. The Pythagorean school stems from megalhitic Druidism, it only includes a part of its science, sacred geometry, the collusion of figures, astronomy-astrology in part. Materials that are found first in the arrangement of megalhites. The name of this site is a tribute to Pythagoras, who taught the first basics of logarithmic calculus through music. Pythagoras who wrote the golden verses which define a way of thinking and acting without religiosity while respecting religion. The Pythagorean Druids used only 6 musical notes to define life. Only the logarithm can equalize these six sounds in mixable tendencies. I use this philosophy myself. It works well thanks to a particular axiom: procrastination, the art of doing things at the right time. Normally this time delay, time, must belong to a cycle. With only 6 notes arranged in fifths, ("circle of fourths"), only one Gallic cycle corresponds. A life, a "saitlo". This cycle is divided into 12 degrees (12 apostles) on the chromatic scale of the "rainbow". (Western Christian churches often have a twelve-sided rose window. Inside, the stained-glass windows propagate the colors). The three-dimensional projection is that of the philosopher's stone and its twelve lines of separation of the waters. The pyramids of Egypt are the representation of a rough diamond embedded in its matrix of sand. Life is defined as colorful music whose temperament is inevitably unequal; it takes temporization and measure to control the story. I call it, the X-logarrythma. A philosophical concept. The system of non-tempered fifths with the logarithm cannot form a cycle but only a spiral. The Spiral is a major symbol of Druidism. A baked clay block was found in Cyprus (to be verified) representative of the life of a warrior led in an unrolling spiral, divided into a phase of fifths. It looks like an engraved ammonite and comes from a Gallic idea. Professional researchers have yet to find which civilization it comes from or pretend not to know?