Druidism belongs to a unique form of intelligence, because it is shared between moving creation and inalienable memory.

Gallic mythology was one of the most beautiful of Antiquity and traces of it can still be found in old European cultures and elsewhere.

Addicted to reading, a publisher for a long time and lover of the arts in general, several years ago, I read a rather special book: the revelations of St John. I was not a believer and a Christian and I read this book out of curiosity.

It didn't take me long to notice the fact that a large number of references directly related to Gallic culture, which I knew had almost disappeared at the beginning of Christianity under the Roman yoke.

I embarked on a quest for historical remembrance and began to study the strains of this culture that had survived. During my travels, I also studied the various ancient cultures that were geographically close, as well as the remains of the Neolithic era.

These studies lasted for years, precisely nine years. At the end of this time, I saw the thread of a logical, Cartesian story emerging. Understanding what the old text of St. John really was.

The results of my research can be found on this website,, which is updated regularly. The Gallic mythology being of a great diversity, many topics are approached there, even an attempt to explain paranormal phenomena, because it is part of the game, the druids that I was able to contact directed me and convinced me to l existence of a certain magic of this world.

The thread of sapling legends is essentially based on two points:

1-The world is schematized in the form of a deer god, tree of time and of the spirit called Kernunos.

Separated into three main parts from top to bottom which are the trunk the branches and the leaves colored by the seasons representing the ark of the sky, the part of the trunk and the bark with its small inhabitants which represent the earth, and the root part which represents the world below and its obscure galleries affiliated with the world (s) of uncontrollable passions.

This tree corresponds to the god Kernunos whose effigy we know sitting on his chariot of time, the serpent of the story represents the instinctive and animal route, male cult and warrior at the base which had its female counterpart on the other side. of the mirror, in the world of spiritualists.
These are therefore two male and female trilogies on which all the bases of ancient Druidism are founded.

Three durations are known according to a cycle of light and dark, that of day and night first,

that of the hot period and the cold period which is the main one: the year

, Then, that of life, represented by: birth, youth, adult life and death (sun, calf, man's face and eagle); from the light of life to the darkness of the death of the Gallic peoples. Which corresponds to the two solstices and the two crossed equinoxes.

Three known cycles of the cult of the bull (night to sleep, winter to rest, old age to die), territory of Donnotarvos, which can also be described as follows: animal death, terrestrial mastery, the divine world spirit.

The period of birth of life and of the physical and luminous world being dedicated to Lugus. (Which itself has the capacity to offer a luminous face and the projection of its antagonist hombre. For Lugus has two sides.

2- the sap that rises and falls in the trunk of the tree throughout the year is what is called by imagery, the waters of life (the waters of vital time), the branches and the roots are the various paths.

The woman is at the center of the worship of the waters, of the stellar oceans, she is the inspiration of the path of men, towards the sky or towards the interior of the grounds. It is the life that flows from the mother goddess and her daughters the muses.

Always it is the weather which is described.

This cult of water comes from the highest European antiquity, the study that I have been able to make of dolmens and various megaliths tends enormously towards this synthesis.

The dolmens are all located in places that have kept the imprint of marine fossils and those which contain remains have allowed us to uncover shell necklaces, in places located far from the sea. The references to these animals are known even in the interior of the Gallic lands, the seahorse of the Parisii, the sea urchin of the druids ..., it is Plato's Atlantis so much sought after for millennia, the waters of blazing lights that the philosopher had described in a pictorial manner. All the dolmens face a hollow caused by runoff water, and precisely where the roots of a tree have dug the rock deep. These constructions were all covered with a tumulus of stones, a mountain agne simulated as a gallery dug by water into the stone, moreover, the tumulus of Gavrinis is a striking example with its aquatic forms carved on the walls.

Except certain dolmens were built five thousand years before our era ......... Druidism and the cult of the tree of the god-time seem to go back to the origins of European civilization. The study of menhirs and standing stone circles corroborates the same thesis. Common sculptures found in Asia attest to the extent of this civilization and the date of its apogee ... 3000 years before our era.

Among the Gauls, death does not exist, it is just a cycle of purification through the passages of the waters of time, another name for the fire of life, because death and life merge. The afterlife is just seen as another long way back.

To come to the book of revelations, I was able to interpret it according to a Cartesian diagram, it is a pre-Christian work whose parallel of ideas with the culture of the Druids is too perfect not to reveal a plagiarism certainly organized by the early Roman church, plagiarized and reinforced by the Franks when they arrived in Gaul, the period in which the first Christian bible was written.

It contains through its poetic diagrams, the stages of the ancient initiation of young postulants to the mastery of Druidism as it was practiced in Europe, and we refer to a good number of Gallic legends still preserved in European popular memory.

It was in Néant sur Yvel, in Brittany, that I found the last trace of the white deer in history. This famous deer who embodied purity in the world of the living.

The thread of history is the passage of time of the seasons and the stars, the first idea of ​​Gallic mythology ...

This is fantastic news for all the druidizers still in existence.

Knowledge that was believed to be lost has been preserved in the archives of those who rightly persecuted Druidism for centuries. A snub of history, because when the many researchers who are on this case all together prove that this text belongs to the druids of antiquity, it will cause a resurgence of Druidism on a global scale.

We already knew that the Christian temples had been built on the sites of the old Gallic places of worship, that many Christian legends had for origins Celtic and Gallic stories.

At the end of many travels, I brought back my Grail and my destiny belongs only to me, it was my personal learning, destiny that is poetically called Excalibur among the Celtisants, the blade of destiny, which is the sword which gives the direction and the mastery of the future of the one who knows how to get it out of the stone where it was blocked, (present on many Gallic coins).

I wish you to find yours, because we all have one, it will always be of Gallic culture.

My website is my culture, it is built like a tree, its branches will continue to grow because its roots are strong and extend to many legends all around the land of our ancestors.

Soon the first fruits will grow bigger and feed lovers of the dream come true. is composed of notes, historical cross-checks, in-depth ideas and creativity, I project myself under the name of Apix. I go a little far in my projections sometimes, it is the nature of an artist who speaks. I take a position on several stages of understanding. You would find sometimes not very successful writings, some spelling mistakes. The work of reflection being enormous it will be up to you to perfect the details of all this.

These writings are waiting for you to develop them, I'll pass the baby to you.

I do not take myself seriously, it would spoil my pleasure and I am neither a messiah, nor a guru and even less a charlatan.

We all have a truth that is ours, mine doesn't cheat.