Druid of energies The breath of life.


Druid of energies The breath of life. By dint of perseverance, you will learn to discern beyond what your eyes show you, to feel what is around you and ultimately to change your personal feelings as well as those outside you. These energies belong to another side of the world. Mastering them is a very long road. Shamanism of the Druids, after a Gallic currency from the north. Shamanism of the Druids, after a Gallic coin from the north. This page is a summary of what I could find on the various sources that I visited. I prefer to use the term "druid of energies" because shamanism is the bearer of a folklore which belongs to it in its own right. However, the practices are brought together. Shamanism is a view of the mind, another view of the hidden world. Everything that exists is made up of a particular resonance in this non-physical world. Trees live and observe what surrounds them, a tree smells and feels and releases an energy themselves. All beings are hotbeds of working spirits. The nights of full moons are conducive to exchanges with the other world. The energy druid mixes with the forces of his main tree and eventually manages to "send" the same kind of message. Few manage to feel all the species of trees and become receptacles of their strength, but some do. Being part of this milieu where the balance of power reigns, the druid receives communion. There is no injustice in the undergrowth. The stick is important in these moments, including bells, colored woolen balls where carved, others keep their original shape. I have owned more than one, rosehip, charm, chestnut or willow. My last is a snake stick. It is during these passages in the forest where all the energies mingle that the druudic creatures appear, their names and their form change but the feelings are the same. These spirits are fond of quiet areas and can be found in large cities as well. In this world distances are abolished and sounds are different. The forest is a living being made up of an incalculable number of spirits, the great druids manage to feel the whole world as a being in the ether as well as to commune with all that exists. In certain places the energies condense and become oppressive, it is there, in these moments there that it is necessary to know how to keep the balance of forces without flickering because this could become dangerous for the energetic integrity of the druid-shaman. We try to name the entities that cross the night but these are the words of men, imperfect for the ether they designate. The druid controls the energies and manages to make them ripen, he can change the mind of something, of someone or the mind of the whole world if he has the mastery of this cosmos apart. these people are not bad, it is thanks to this that they can mingle and converse with the forces of the history of the planet which take time away. My personal aura is very special and this evening some of you will feel my presence by their side if they have the gift. Some druids manage to do this and in this resonant world there are no limits. The exercise of mental apprehension of energies should be done every day until reaching the next level that allows the feeling and the natural interpretation, without the need for any concentration. Every evening at 9 p.m. (summer time) I go into a trance, an awakened trance and yet I manage to feel the whole world, very slowly, without burning my own energies. Me, I was born with the gift, others have learned to master it. Remember to keep your feet on the ground, I'm an artist, never forget that. However, on a modest basis, in the event that one of us will one day be able to disrupt the waves received by a radio station near him or her for example, by concentrating, I can say that it will have a very big potential in the future .... The powers of the waters The powers of the waters Prepare the sources. These sources are the emanations of the fluids that you will have to control. The flows are felt, they do not have a purely physical existence. They are "fluids" which move in the ether. To better apprehend them and to avoid bad "ways" (views), it is necessary to be well prepared, the fast is a good means for that if it does not exceed a day, moreover, the food is also important. for the rest of what some call the ritual. Avoid beef at all costs (except in cases of physical weakness) and favor white meats, fruits such as vegetables must be picked fresh or even eaten on the spot, in the kitchen, fine pickles two to three times a day. week, cucumber two to three times a week, leeks are also very suitable. The list of foods is quite long. The cControlling energies requires causing certain deficiencies (in metals), but especially not in the long term. This causes a rather distinctive physical sign: the change in color of the irises. The fruits mainly must be eaten on the tree or the bush. You will quickly realize the difference in taste and "light" of these dishes prepared by nature. Such a diet will go a long way in curing illnesses, serious or less serious. You will have to ban alcohol and other products leading to artificial paradises, if you drink a little alcohol once or twice a month I don't think that's a real problem, however: none of these things in your blood before. and during your experiments on energies, you would regret it for sure afterwards. The religious especially use objects being used to extract certain energies, it is what one calls an extractor. Most often, it is an object of art created in the culture of the initiator. Idols, paintings and songs that provoke a light or deep state of trance. Of course, most people who approach these objects are mostly unaware of the changes they cause in them. Unsuspected potential. This work of mastery of vital energies should be done at the discretion of each one. In addition, when you move in a crowd, your keen feelings will make you perceive different "auras" and some belong to people prepared by nature to precisely evolve in the world with all the energy potential that a human can have. Movements. From what emerges from the study of the movements, it is a question of moving, notably the limbs by copying the movements of the foliage of a tree in the wind. The activity should be constant, without jerking and without getting tired, it lasts at least half an hour. It's like a kind of dance that allows you to capture and mingle with the flows. Those who will practice it with talent will be surprised to see living beings approaching attracted by light. You should achieve this kind of gesture while vacating your day-to-day occupations. Metabolism. By dint of nourishing yourself with knowledge of the energetic effects of healthy food, of flourishing with this world of energies by combining your own forces with others, you will notice that your metabolism slows down. You will always heal as quickly, see a little more, but the diseases, microbial or coming from bacteria will affect you less. Less quickly, less deeply, your hair will grow back and you will be surprised to find that you do not age as quickly as those around you. Light therapy. We work on the light of the spirit, and the colors of the water. A good way to discover certain facets of your spiritual energies is to practice light therapy. For the tight-fisted, I advise you to buy one the turntables sold in the trade. These are provided with small diodes of various colors arranged around the disc which light up at different intervals. By placing a vase or a transparent container on the machine, the spring water it contains emanates from things very permeating the human brain and the understanding of the information it receives. Exhibition in the dark, about five minutes every two to three days (and especially not more than a quarter of an hour). Light and magnetism. Some would say that the true powers of the so-called magical druids would be those of the bonesetter and magnetizers. The phenomenon seriously exists. I draw attention to something more complete, what we call light, it is the energy of time, which has to do with magnetism but more commonly with the omniscience of the druid. Explicitly and for example, have you ever wondered how a nascent being would acquire the implicit knowledge which allows him to live and evolve? How can an elephant know which plants are poisoned or eaten? The mother guides him but cannot explain everything to him, he manages on instinct. This is the part of omniscience. Humans also take advantage of this miraculous potential, and the Druids use it to an even higher level.