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(Gallic druids are not Irish druids. Irish Druids are Celts.)

Gallish Druid
Gallish Druid
Gaulish Druid, the green culture.
Druidism belongs to a unique form of intelligence.
Gallic mythology
A keen reader, has always been a publivore and a lover of the arts in general, there is
many years of that, I read a book a little particular: the revelations of St
jeans. I was not a believer and a Christian and I read this book by
 I did not take long to point out that a large number of references
directly related to Gallic culture, which I knew had almost disappeared
beginnings of Christendom under the Roman yoke.
 I began a quest for historical memory and I began to study the flanges
of this culture that had survived. I was studying at the same time
travels the various ancient cultures geographically close together as well as
the remains of the Neolithic.
These studies lasted for years, exactly nine years. At the end of this time,
I saw the thread of a logical, Cartesian history.
The results of my research are on this website,, updated regularly. Gallic mythology being of a
diversity, many themes are addressed, even an attempt
explanation of paranormal phenomena, as this is part of the game, the
druids that I was able to contact referred me and convinced me of the existence of a
some magic of this world.
The thread of legends saplings is essentially two points:
1-The world is schematized in the form of a tree-god of time and spirit
called Kernunos (Cernunos).
Separated into three main parts from top to bottom which are the trunk branches
and the leaves colored by the seasons representing the arch of the sky (the bow in
sky), part of the trunk and bark with its small inhabitants who represent the
earth, and the root part that represents the underworld and its galleries
obscure affiliates to the worlds of infernal passions.
This tree corresponds to the god Kernunos whose effigy is known sitting on his chariot
of time, the snake of history represents the road, male worship and
warrior at the base who had his feminine counterpart on the other side of the mirror, in the
world of the dead.
 Three durations are known according to a cycle of light and dark, that of
day and night first,
 that of the warm period and the cold period which is the main one: the year
, Then, that of life, represented by: birth, youth, life
of adult and death (sun, calf, face of man and eagle); from the light of the
life in the darkness of the death of the Gaulish people.
Three known cycles of the cult of the bull (the night to sleep, the winter to
to rest, the old age to die), territory of Donnotarvos.
The luminous period of birth of life being dedicated to Lugh (lugus).
2- the sap that goes up and down in the trunk of the tree over the year is
what is called by imagery, the waters of life (the waters of life time), the
branches and roots are the various paths.
 The woman is at the center of the water cult, the stellar oceans, she is
the inspiration of the path of men, to the sky or inland.
It is the life that flows from the mother goddess and her daughters the muses.
Always the time is described.
This cult of water comes from the highest European antiquity, the study I have
dolmens and various megaliths have been extensively directed towards this hypothesis.
The dolmens are all located in places having kept the imprint of the fossils
seafarers and those who contain remains have allowed us to update
necklaces of shells, in places far from the sea. References to these
animals are known even in the interior of the Gallic lands, seahorse
Parisii, sea urchin of the druids ..., it is the Atlantis of Plato so much sought after since
millennia, the waters of flamboyant lights that the philosopher had described
in a pictorial way. All dolmens are turned to a hollow caused by
flow waters, and precisely, just where the roots of a tree have dug the
rock in depth. These constructions were all covered with a tumulus of
stones, a simulated mountain like a gallery dug by the waters in the
stone, moreover, the tumulus of Gavrinis is a striking example with its
sculpted aquatic forms on the walls.
Except some dolmens were built five thousand years before our era ......... The
druidism and worship of the tree of the god-time seems to go back to the origins of
European civilization. Study of menhirs and standing stones
corroborates the same thesis. Common sculptures found in Asia attest to
the extent of this civilization and the date of its apogee ... 3000 years before our
In the Gauls, death does not exist, it's just a purification cycle at
through the passages of the waters of time, another denomination of the fire of life, because the
death and life merge.
To come to the book of revelations, I could interpret it according to a diagram
Cartesian, it is a pre-Christian work whose parallel of ideas with the
druids culture is too perfect not to reveal a plagiarism certainly
organized by the early Roman church, plagia covered and comforted by the Franks
when they arrived in Gaul, the period when the first Bible was written
It contains through its poetic drawings, the stages of the ancient initiation of
young postulants in druidism mastery as practiced in Europe, and
we refer to a good number of Gallic legends still preserved in memory
European people.
The thread of history is the flow of time of seasons and stars, idea
first of Gaulish mythology .......
This is fantastic news for all existing druidisants.
The knowledge that was thought lost was kept in the archives of those who
justly persecuted druidism for centuries. A snub of
the story because when the many researchers who are on this case
will all prove together that this text belongs to the druids of antiquity, this
will provoke a resurgence of Druidism on a global scale.
We already knew that the Christian temples had been built on the
sites of ancient Gallic places of worship, that many Christian legends
originated from Celtic and Gallic histories.
At the end of many journeys, I brought back my Grail and my destiny does not belong
that to me, it was my personal learning, destiny that one names
poetically Excalibur among the Celticizers, "destiny", which is the sword that gives the
direction of the future of one who knows how to get her out of the stone where she had been
blocked, (present on many Gallic currencies).
I hope you find yours because we all have one, it will be
always of Gallic culture.
My website is my culture, it is built like a tree, its branches
will continue to grow because its roots are strong and extend to many
legends all around the land of our ancestors.
Soon the first fruits will grow and feed the lovers of the dream passed to
reality. is composed of notes, historical cross-checks, ideas
deep and creative, I project myself under the name of Apix. I'm going a little
far in my projections sometimes, it is the nature of an artist who speaks.
 These letters are waiting for you to develloper, I pass you the baby.
I do not take myself seriously, it would spoil my pleasure and I am neither a
messiah, nor a guru, let alone a charlatan.
We all have a truth that belongs to us, mine does not cheat.
Gaulish Druid
Druid, The Spiritual Tree
Each branch goes up to a star,
And its foliage waves in waves,
Like the divine soul in the heavenly oceans,
Ideas flicker in the firmament
populated by fantastic beings,
This is where our ancestors froze the future of man and woman,
Maintaining dreams for an eternity of centuries,
Towards the thought that we all share.
Gallic Druid, spirituality.
Druid, the path of the universal tree.
"You will find on my sheets what save our culture".
site listed by the National Library of France.
 "Gallic culture accounted for one-third of cultural exchanges during
European antiquity, it has not disappeared completely "
Aristide Briand.

............ "SUSINDIÜ SEPANI" ...........
(Hello student.)
"The only sacrifices we make are spiritual and humorous"
All human peoples, regardless of the color of their skin, are respected by
the druids because they are the people of the arts.
Each druid creates
maintenance and grow the tree of its culture, at each
tribe, his god, his mythology, his philosophical precepts, all these trees-
gods belong to the same forest.
Druid Galois.
Anauos, The path of inspiration. To know what is the essence of time, he
have to travel physically and spiritually, it takes us to the "Atanauos", the
principle of advancement and change.
Druidism and Gallic culture.
The information and works contained here always concern from near or far the
ancient Gallic druidic culture and its modern lineage, all geared towards a
Very Gaulish philosophy: Thought inspired by the natural environment.
The four cosmological planes are called:
Albios: foliage of the tree that defines the world from above. Spiritual world
from Kernunos, Lug and Donn.
Bitos: ramifications of the tree that embody the paths of the soul, these are the
Dubnos: a human, physical world called the world below. This is the trunk of
the tree.
Adamos and Donnotarvos.
Anderos: infernal world that lies under the earth, these are the roots of the tree.
A world burned by human passions. The fallen serpent, aiduos and Darcos
Druidegaulois is an artist's essay based on a certain truth. he
consists of the theoretical exposition, see theosophical of ancient ideas.
"Art is always a bit of magic".
If there are mystical ideas, we always find them a phylosophical report
and so .... natural, druidism is not a true religion except for the
Pure obscurantists, the druids are far from that.
 In any case, it is a way forward because it exposes ideas that can
replace those of the perverted world in which we live.
The purpose of this site is to give the Druids the important place that will have to be
theirs at a time when ecology should become the main concern of everyone.
All existing cults and religions today are based on principles
Morals issued by philosophy.
"Druidism is a quantum spirituality".
The Christian religion borrowed a lot from the Druidic cult to settle in
Europe. The deity called Jesus Christ is a Gaulish denomination of origin,
the true name of the Christian savior is phonetically difference in Aramaic.
Esus was the Gaulish deity that was celebrated at the winter solstice, he
represented the rebirth of the sun and life. Whoever went through
the dark period of the end of the year to be reborn.
A carved tree:
"the deity of one of the Gaulish gods."
Welcome to the waters of blazing lights: the world of human vision.
Sewage stones.
Dolmens and Gallic culture.
Druids and gods
Gallic druid
Gallic God
Gallic goddess
Gaulish Deities
Medicinal plants
A white and fluffy ball like a snowflake.
More than 150 medicinal plants to study.
Floral energies.
Druid and druidism
The tree-god kernunos.
Druidic spirituality
Gallic druidism, Cernunos.
Seven churches of the philosopher.
The ancient Druids were able to steer the roads of time through their
diatribes. It was the power attributed to the Eluos, it is not very
hard to believe since any gifted artist orients the thought of those
who listen to it changes the reactions to come from these "flocks". These
artists are a bit of magicians who guide the future routes of their audience.
The world and its roads are considered the dreams of Kernunos. These roads
are the paths of inspiring muses including seven main paths of
birth of the sun, of the light of life. The seven spirits of the lamb, the baby
nascent who begins to think:
(if you want to have a little fun, replace the word "sun" and "lion" with the word
"birth" in the text of the revelations).
      Philosophically speaking, the seven churches correspond to seven states
What are these churches that profit and suffer from
 anger: the Jewish church.
The gaiety: Buddhism.
Fear: Muslims.
Interest: Shintoism.
Grief: Catholics.
Envy: Hinduism.
The seventh being that of equality from which the others flow: atheism
Cartesian, realism (and even one that accepts inexplicable phenomena)
All come from the ancient Druidic teaching.
My calendar started on 21/03/2015, the correspondence of days is:
Saturday = NtRTI
Sunday = tessi
Monday = Duri
Tuesday = Suanti
Wednesday = ïBessi
Thursday = Bari
Friday = Lãti
The seven spiritual churches that appear with the birth of life. The
seven suados.
The seven seals that surround the envelope of the nascent spirit.
These are the seven spirits of Druidic chant, Gallic music is the most
important of all the arts, his grand master is the master of all the druids
Of course these are musical bases that have evolved, taken tone and character
according to their evolution.
You can call it: the music of life.
Gaulish Druid
Druid, Paths of the Spiritual Tree
Become a Druid
"What I do not know how to do, I can learn it";
 Thus is defined the growth of the spiritual tree.
The apprentice, the pupil, is called: "Sepan" where "sépann"
(In the Bretons, they are "boars")
He is a pupil of Mother Nature first and foremost and will become the particular disciple
of a druid he will constantly follow, if he finds one who takes him under his wing
because they are little to be available all the time ..
When the student has passed the vate and ovate times, he becomes a druid and wears
the name of man or woman, free from earthly constraints, which he chose,
that is to say not the usual name he received in adolescence.
He is then responsible for growing and growing the tree of his tribal culture,
evolving and cultivating thought born of the divine, spiritual, and physical plane
Each druos has a dedicated animal and a force of nature from which he draws are
inspiration. Ex: the crow and the heat.
This tree in which everyone can live and exchange is: a tree
Druidism is the creative temple of the spirit, creator of a future and
creationist of the first ideas, it is a common house where everyone can live,
exchange and understand each other.
There are myriad druidic currents, you may have to choose one
which will suit you perfectly where to establish yours.
You will eventually have to choose the place where you will do the best, often it is rather
the place that you choose.
I am myself a druid with the pictons.
 Between druid Celts and Gallic druids should not reappear
divergences, Druidism today is the world druidism of nature,
yet we remain the Gaulish Druids, born of a thought that came from
The arts of thought have always been governed by the freedom of opinion and
expression. Keep a good spirit and if you had to debate necessarily, made
the with the smile.
No druid currently can boast of a true ancient tradition to
part can be the Irish druids and so no one should be able to judge one
other where to denigrate his neighbor. Those who do so will be rewarded with the rank of
naughty toddlers.
Each druid owns and grows his tree, his culture, each tribe his
mythology and its precepts.
All these trees are different but they are part of the same forest.
This is why there were more than 2,500 deities in the Gallic territories.
Each druid himself has the virtues and defects of a particular tree
(This is the case for everyone, even non-druidisants but do not repeat it ...).
For some it is oak but it is general, for others it changes. For
I am the chestnut for example and I carry the root symbol.
However, we must consider the fact that some branches can be proud
to come from several decades of work.
We must also accept the fact that the ancient druidisms left traces of
his precepts in many other civilizations.
for example, I chose the path of the Pythagorean philosophers, which makes
me a Cartesian theologian, a researcher of almost atheistic meaning but in the
respect for the religious.
A general principle reigns over all clearings, commitment to mother
nature and deeds led by the arts of thought.
The true bearers of the light of the spirit can be recognized without their being
need to be noticed by acts or words extremist..the druid
for example is someone real, who explains things deeply when one
ask him, that's why he is recognized in all druidisantes circles.
the Gauls, all have their way of saying and explaining the role of their
Deities, on the merits, we all agree.
The big project that we should all focus on today is rather
ecological struggle at the same time as rebuilding a reputation
true humanists.
The real enemy of Druidism being conveyed through a panel of stories
abusive practices concerning generalized sacrificial practices, gossiping
enemies of druidism since always in the public square.
Mostly relayed by religious, these words have anyway much more
of the future, breaking the seal of the book of revelations, I also broke
the anathema which enclosed Druidic phylosophy in a bottomless abyss,
this without magic where religious beliefs.
The word of the Druids will therefore be able to spread wherever possible
hence, wherever the spirit will be present.
Attacks on young Druidizers come mostly from stupid extremists,
and I advise you not to listen to them, anyway they are "morgueux"
who are attacking everyone, people who live badly when the reason
pecuniary and potent is not promised them. We can only pity them.
This kind of "cooking" does not have any future anyway.
Druidism is peaceful, it gives you time, others, you will take it,
because it is what you have most precious on earth.
Live your way holding you straight, you will be able to be proud of it, it is
"Druids" who use terms from other religions, they should, I
think, fit more clearly as representatives of these religions, in
would be happier.
A natural osmosis relationship.
Passages of life in the middle of nature with a simple baggage, this during
weeks and alone, will change your view of things. The proximity of animals
will show you how much animals can be of one of the most
respectable, in comparison to certain human characters.
The druids all pass by the way of the forest.
A spiritual commitment
The druid does, builds, creates ... spirit.
He does it through his arts and thanks to that gives a spiritual space of
grouping, a common spirit.
You will also have to choose a main deity among the Gaulish pantheon. This
act is identity and ideological, (not necessarily religious), it refers to the
practice of a chosen thought, and define the type of moral or spiritual commitment
that you will choose.
The respected secret
 The roads of Kernunos are like the roads of the spirit, the Gallic druids
protected their knowledge and their arts in a very particular way; Nothing must
to be said directly, nothing should (should be) written, and only those who are
worthy can advance in understanding and intelligence of the mind.
Hence this reputation of magnificent satirists who made their reputation during
European antiquity.
Because the satyr is the principal means of expression of the Gallic Druids since the
the most remote times.
Druidic thought.
In the light and the water, the tree of the future was born.
"He who seeks the omnipotence will never find it, whoever seeks
wisdom already has it. "
Another time is always born of the maelstrom of the past.
The green color defines the color of the spirit, the color red, that of the blood,
the look. I can say that only the greenway is a way forward for
druids, it is indeed the spiritual, believing, religious or not who leads the plot,
the path and druidic thinking. It is the preponderant color of nature.
It is an art that adapts everywhere in every moment. It's singing.
The song has the ability to guide the vital time, the one who masters
completely can change the feeling of a place at the moment when he practices his art.
This is the master discipline.
That which allows to trigger the magic of the imaginations.
No political commitment is part of pure druidism. It is the heteroclism that
builds the plurality of branches of the tree world and each druid has his tree has
Any distracting deviation demonstrates the weakness of creativity, the inability to
build a viable culture by oneself.
The Druid is the epitome of time and his morality, he represents all
ideas and their balance. It can not be a separate part of the trends
policies in vogue. He does not do politics because he's above that, it's
first a sage. However, it has decisive power if the need arises
Green medicine.
The druid heals souls and bodies.
All are full-fledged physicians and know the practices of
herbalism. This is one of Druid's fundamental practices.
The behaviour.
If I refer to historical traces, the druids were those of the road to
Do not take into account the ancient writings of the worst enemies of
Gallic druids.
The druid does not have the right to attack to shed blood, however, he has the right
to defend oneself by all means and at length if necessary.
It does not cheat and honesty, even hard in some truths is a path that
support the pace easily.
Righteousness and honesty, abnegation and strength, this could be the maxim of the druids
today and yesterday.
a religion of life.
druidism is the religion of life par excellence, no necromancer where
related can not become druid. You have to have the right spirit for that, the one
who appreciates and defends the living.
But there is a clearer expression to describe Druidic thinking
"Balance and Harmony".
A reed equals a life cycle of one year, so we can see the number of
years on the banks of the river of time.
Gaulish Druid
Druid, Paths of the Spiritual Tree
(The best recognized sense gives the best result).
"Druidism is a cult of beautiful thought".
The site that you have in front of you is a knowledge base designed for
Gallic druids but more, for all druids in general.
The path I chose is that of the defense of nature, druidism is a
particular tool is very promising in terms of message and promotion
of a common spirit that perhaps will ensure a respectful way of thinking of mother,
the earth.
Some tests.
I did some tests to see if people are receptive to this
kind of message.
And indeed, my experiences have borne fruit. So here are some
tips that will help those who have chosen this eco-friendly way.
It responds to a growing need among supporters of ecological action.
first, I used humor and irony, attacking consciences with
sometimes frank "stomps", I could mark the spirits of people. The title of
Druid is a decisive element. that's when I enroll in a type of
communication, the high frequency of my daily lines allowed me to
to federate a certain number of minds in a mutinous position vis-a-vis the time,
to create a new dynamic, divergent from the established order for 2000 years,
confluence with regard to druidism in general, without resorting to
no aggression.
Humor combined with this green-druidic stance is very unifying. Much more
that I did not expect. I sincerely believe that it is worthwhile for you
Religion and philosophy
I obviously have access to detailed results of the type of connections on my site.
Among the druidisants who consult him, many are religious, I can not
bring them all they are looking for because I am mostly a Cartesian,
and I know that other Druids are more focused on this type of spirituality. he
There is much to do and the details of the Gallic ceremonies that I will bring in the
future will be of great help, however, going beyond the Celtic divisions where
Gallic, what these people are looking for is above all an expression bias
universal. Some are consulting us from the other side of the planet.
It will probably be necessary to establish a line common to all, I rely on the clearings
in place to meet one day and do a "round table".
The ball is in your camp.
A place will have to be chosen to organize the meeting and the exchanges of point of view.
the largest clearings are used to this kind of organization as well as
the necessary experience to spare the somewhat "strong" characters of some
of us.
The carnutes site has a recent history that belongs only to celtisers and
not all druidisants, knowledge, memory is not only celtic.
Personally I believe that the site of the stones jaumattres which has a
druidic history very old, in the center of France (Creuse, 23) would be
very well located. The month of June is one of the most adventurous months for the place,
when at the exact date, I would say that around the 15th would be perfect, each
year bisextile.
There is something very interesting there, something very old
oddly the authorities did not want excavated.
I wish you all good luck, let the light illuminate your way.
White bull, druidism.
White bull, druidism.
As for the book of revelations, many of you are
You wonder why I do not deliver the interpretation in its entirety
at once ?
This is because I would not want the text content to be new
diverted, it represents a pharamacous potential for the one who knows how to use it.
Only druids can interpret it correctly, not pure obscurantists.
It is a text of Gallic origin, it does not belong to the Roman church where Jewish,
there is no Revelation.
Omniscience has advantages that can not be diverted.
And the spiritual tree is being reborn in many ways, it's my
logarithm (with an i), no one can stop his "time" anymore. My ideas have
made emulators and seeds of logarythmix sown began to grow a little
everywhere in the consciousnesses.
That's good, even if there are people who try to impose themselves first, with
conscientiously diverse ideas, they work for druidism despite everything.
The branches of all these trees will cross one day.
Won! Gallic druidism is in the spotlight.
Wild Mare
Wild Mare
The mixture of genres.
It is said that some Druids are Freemasons, other religions are close to the
druidism and folktales say that even druids are hiding within
of the Christian church. As I said before, I am not sectarian, there is
good and bad everywhere!
However, no druidisants may submit to a command from any of these
churches. Participate yes, but make druidism serve others
goals than his, that's impossible. Would only be by the respect given to the order
natural things. The osmotic philosophy only goes through mother nature.
The religions concerned are all derived from ancient Druidism and do not represent
that one part each of the old know.
European druidism is resistant, prolific and active.
"M'enfin as Lagaffe said, vichnurix where Bramanix, it is perhaps in
Asterisk and Obelisk! "
The pages on the medicinal plants advance with more details.
I give you here an interpretation of the revelations because it interests the
whole world.
gentlemen and ladies the druidisants .., remember the unique eye of Balor,
the unjust eye. Remember what the horns of kernunos, the spirit
he will have 7 eyes and 7 horns.
The horns are manifestations of the mind physically, they grow on the
crane and come from the spirit, so 7 manifestations of different spirits. And 7
eyes are ... 7 different ways to see things ... 7 visions
..... different transceiver.
I let you think.
But my discoveries involve a fairly precise coding of words and numbers that
transform a clear text into a ferocious, cheerful, tender satire
other of druidic origin.
I know that some druids have close relations with clerics
catholic, however, I must say that if Christians and some small priests
are clearly correct people, I can only warn and notice that the church
Catholic chased the druids for 2000 years.
That even today, some Christians designate druids as
penguins, they are clumsy and so are probably a little penguins themselves
in their affirmations ... (With some more animals, they will make us one
forest, that would be happier).
So, rapprochements with Christians yes since they are from the same culture
basic but we should be careful not to confuse benevolence and
interests. They will not give you gifts.
If I follow the ancient methods and precepts, a great change will take place
over a period of one knows and three years.
30 years we will laugh and cry.
A period that will see the spiritual fall of Catholic churches, Christianity
Gaulish design
Gaulish design
of Catholic churches, Christianity
will not disappear.
But I think it's time to open a "prophecies" page soon.
The so-called Celtic arts have all their own kind, but that is not enough.
When I read texts of so-called Celtic druids, only Celts and that
Celts (all of whom have blood mixed with travelers who came at a time when
other of their genealogical history, the Celts themselves having come from a
imigration), I find some very good, and others .... ridiculous:
"Druidism is a wholly white religion."
 with these kind of positions, I do not really feel in sync anymore.
"Druidism is an animist polytheist but monotheist ....., there you forgot
the philosophical part of the so-called teaching cult is extremely important.
And so on and so on .... if Celticism confines itself in prerogatives
abusive then it closes to the world. No more no less.
I remind you that European druidism is the result of the mixture of cultures
Ligurian, other tribes present before the arrival of the Celts
indigenous non-Indo-European) and Celtic knowledge.
That the archaeological evidence of a direct descendance of cultural genres
since -5000 years up to +52 apcc are not lacking and are not of celtic origin.
So philosophical and religious druidism yes that's for sure, Celtic or Gallic, but
spirituality has this power of sharing that can not accept any barriers
human, basely human.
Give them a very complicated culture
The cup of the spirit belongs to the world from above, immaterial, and its essence is
made of landscapes and seasons, of the "divine" journey of our personal thought.
We are at the end of 2018 of the Christian temporal, in the 4th year of the Apix calendar,
I have just visited a number of druidizing sites. Many have evolved
with serious.
We have shamans druidizing and also a number of
atheists who are primarily interested in culture and leg that we
have left our ancestors.
Very good.
I note that the formerly Celtic sites are rather today Celtic and
Gallic, that's good, we move together.
The culture I reproduce here is a mixture of Ligurian culture, Helvetic,
Nordic and Celtic, which forged the Druidic philosophy of yesteryear.
The racist sites have gone downhill and some people no longer hesitate to ban this kind of
thought publicly. Well.
The different druids continue to interpret the role of the common deities
according to their tastes and acquired but all are getting closer, little by little. Druids are
artists and as such they interpret the essences in all liberties,
it's normal.
The ancient water cult also reappears.
The site you visit today is home to several thousand annual visitors,
far more than the thousand druidisants identified 3 years ago. If I
counts the attendance of others, we are now at least
 20,000 druidisers of all kinds. It goes up, and the tree is still an immensity of
by his interest ... it's not over.
Regarding the direction in which the Trixel is running, I noted some info
on the page "Belenos", the direction of the spiral is indicated.
March 16, 2019
I have just done several tests.
It turns out that 2% of the French population is interrested by druidism,
24-35 years old. This is a normal average for spirituality.
The surprise comes from the countries of the Maghreb who are interested in us, where are still
arranged old monoliths.
Ukrainian and Slovak youth remember druids ... with respect.
Druidism conceals other centers of interests which it will be necessary to put forward.
Why not think about a customary dish, as well as other pleasures of the
life that refers to a spiritual identity?
College, druidic order and wikipedia.
We all have a problem with wikipedia because this pseudo-encyclopedia is
especially monopolized by toads of extreme right, and that drool maliciously hard on
the peaceful side of the current druidism that we would all like to highlight, if
I was paranoid, I would believe in a machination of Catholic extremists. Those who
defending themselves too strongly against this kind of stupidities present themselves the same
psycho-rigid symptoms ...
they fall into the trap of anger.
We need a single path for all this to clear.
There is currently no druidic organization that wins the majority of
universal suffrages to the vantage of benevolence .... and many are very rigid.
Colleges, internationnals, national, primordial, orders, schools .... and why
no baskets while you are there?
It's not the heteroclisme anymore, it's the bazard.
Druids will never be respected as long as an association where a character
emblematic will not give them its aura in principal .... without it ... no future.
Without any of the current Druidic glades will disappear in front of another, this
would be almost the denial of their first essence.
To that there is only one answer: to give a title of superiority to a
deserving character. Title accepted by all but not binding for
I am sure that these few lines will reflect more than one.
Do not go all running, I will not try to hit you a few
Euro ....
But the subject is worth studying because many of us are in need and
have sacrificed everything to the resurgence of druidism.
As you know, a lot of companies and other businesses are doing their homework
fat by taking on the reputation of the druids. I think these traders have
great interest in funding, helping the community they are referring to. And that their
to ask for a participation would seem fair to me.
And maybe that will help some of them.
April 21, 2019
From now on the dynamics is well launched, the fire, the light is returned.
Many of the most serious writers have appeared lately, most are
cautious in their algebra, that's good, they search, dig and find,
give back evidence.
Others, of Christian origin, post false messages, they do not have
found the statues and proofs of languages ​​known to all today,
tell us we know nothing, that druidism has died out and has nothing
reported until the 21st century. One wonders what makes them talk so much
without a doubt.
I am living proof that this tradition and its learning has come
up to us yet. I think I have proved it enough.
There is something missing to be recognized by the people who need
moreover, it's a sacred book.
Time can not be frozen by a dogmatic text, which is why I
given back the spiritual calendar but we need something else, a demonstrative that
respect the secret of the senses.
On the banner adorning this site, gold color, you will see that a story is
I do not use writing, I used symbolic forms,
drawings, just like the ancient druids.
Thanks to this kind of graphic (in more detailed), it is possible to print a
great sacred book while respecting the old traditions.
If each of you brought a page, we would soon have a real treasure
artistic to present to those who look for themselves by coming to see us. The style is
recognizable among all, this is what we need I think.
So that's simple, there is none.
We all have political inclinations, only the politics surf on the
vague, she does not control her ....
The druid represents, generates, the thought of the tribe, with all its contrasts and
its antagonistic forces. He can not therefore adhere to such or such a party in
The human can demonstrate his political tendencies, but the druid is not ...
human in the sense that it can project itself into the absolute of general ideas. Understand
the totality of the emanations, the balance of the tree.
It's like asking a dictionary to take sides, it's impossible.
There remains only one decision-making power that is viable for the future of
ecology, in all intelligence, is that of apolitical scientists in
their functioning, and they need the support of a spirituality without

Gaulish Druid
The cult.
The Cantalon
The Gauls believed in the persistence of spirit and soul after death and in
the resurrection.
To prevent the souls of the deceased from coming back to haunt them, he was asked to
druid to erect a cantalon, where Madera.
This is a stone pillar where wood, circular or quadrangular, engraved
an epitaph dedicated to the goddess, gods or the deceased. (Mimicry with the
menhirs is disturbing, these have a flattened to their fonts that served without
doubt to deposit an offering there too).
On this occasion the Druids sang the Docni, poems, and Nature, incantations,
to appease the minds of all.
It is almost certain that the cantons were erected in places reserved for
that, the Mediolanon, sacred ground, and that they also served to reconcile the good
thanks of the gods, to improve people's lives.
It seems that a fruit basket where others was placed on the pillar.
The height of this column is sufficient to make it appear with the
heavens, the kingdom above.
Each Cantalon is a church and this is where the ceremonies take place.
The presence of natural water nearby is a condition of the chosen place, in a
clearing can be.
Detail of the cantalon, it is about a basket in offering to the stars, later the
invaders replaced it with idols.
Detail of the cantalon, it is about a basket in offering to the stars, later the
invaders replaced it with idols.
These ritual pillars are offered to the philosophical divinities of the world from above
while in the cellars they are replaced by a table, always of a single
foot, which is surrounded by statuettes of deities. I conclude that worship
religion was performed in the underworld while philosophical worship
related to the stars.
Some eminences were dug to build a crypt dedicated to a
deity where a high cult personality. We found several buried
under old Christian churches, Gallic period.
Certainly dedicated to the gods from below.
The cult of the waters of light.
It is before the reflection of the stars in the water that the prophecies were revealed
written or rather enacted the next day.
Druid is a word that comes from the root "ruis", it means: the flow, the
street and the way.
You will find the page in the druidothèque.
In the spiritual oceans, the heavens, move many mythological creatures,
including fish (among others), sirhialon dedicated to the power of esus.
You will find the page in the druidothèque.
Of course, today no more human sacrifice is done. This use has a link
systematically with the acquisition of political and military power in Europe.
All over Europe people were sacrificing their old fallen potentates. eliminating
so their rivals.
The Gauls, like all the ancient peoples had recourse to it, but
obviously on a very small scale because the mass graves contain mostly
animal bones, not like the Romans where Christians.
The worship of Esus is revealed from certain writings by the sacrifice of a man,
tied in a tree, in the position of the constellation of the eagle, animal
mortuary, the Gallic cult had not sacrificed it thus at the beginning.
Druids were reluctant to human sacrifice, the engine of philosophy is
humanism, but it was allowed for someone to propose his life in exchange for
benefits for his tribes, it's not safe, we have no direct evidence
of that.
In fact the ancient writers who describe sacrifices among the Gauls, are
themselves known to appreciate this kind of practices where well beings to be deceitful
politically involved. All that is gone now. There is probably never
had generalized sacrificial rites emanating directly from the wishes of the religious
and even less druids
All recently painted images describing
druidic sacrifices come from the fantasies of disturbed people who wanted
to live a little more intensely than usual.
The best idea of ​​human sacrifice is the one we are wearing today, sacrificing
his life serving a cause, while still alive and why not, happy.
The capacity of obedience of our Gauls was obviously and in any case very
The ancient writings recount the fact that the Druids were launching a series of
sticks of wood on the moving water and interpreted the astrological signs that
were formed at random, when the sticks met ... the appearance of such
where such form of sirhialons gave the indication of a precise idea.
"Who would interpret the signs"
This is indeed about symbols in relation to the stars because the times and
animalistic types correspond to the Gallic periods. More specifically to
heights of the spiritual tree and the celestial oceans.
Many Sirhialons with Greek names correspond to their alter-egos
Kernos (where Cernos)
The kernos are special places made up of a dolmen covered with
stones arranged in a circle. To use them, you have to take a nap
inside the circle and drink at the spring flowing nearby. It's here
that appear premonitory dreams.
This place designated as pagan should not inspire rejection where fears
caused by obscurantism, it is in fact a place of peace.
Druids are also nicknamed: "those of the magic of the underworld" (from the world of
This world is the world inside the mountain, the world of thought.
"The Gallic world is a world totally dedicated to magic".
The great magic cathedral of the saplings is the Gallic people, the forest of
gods that surrounded cities and villages too, magic was everywhere.
The tablet of Chamalières.
The equites are Gallic knights.
I translated the tablet of Chamalières and surprise, it relates an enchantment
which allowed the equites to win.
It was written by a druid.
"Our wish is to reach the forest where the gods live (the forest is the
thought of the gods),
The son of the bear (forest tribe) has a good future,
We ourselves are the magic of the underworld,
The wolf (Tanaris) keeps our border forever,
To avenge the suffering inflicted by foreigners, the riders defeated
with ease,
We inflicted a lot of big losses,
This moment shines again with the strength of the oath (prayer),
A unique destiny took place vividly,
Our first quality has redressed the disloyalty inflicted,
We have seen the ultimate limit set according to the ritual ("onson")
means "by what we have done)
It will be consumed (the enemy's oath) consumed, completely consumed,
Completely consumed and consumed.
Druids were magicians from the magic of the underworld
but also that of the world of the environment and of course that of the world from above.
If druids abhor aggression on the other hand they do not hesitate to act
for the defense of their tribe.
I note a parallel with the mastery of energies that when they are bad
mastered can be consumed, the druid then loses his oath strength and that
who "wins" consumes the energies, making them his own.
Lug is the god with this magic, but you have to understand that he has 3
lands, that of the under which magic consumes and obscured, that of the environments in which it
is normally balanced, non-acting, and the world above, where the magic is
consume, there she is bright.
Something very important also transpires in this text, the gods live
a forest, and I bet you that they appear in the form of trees,
multi-centennial trees where moreover, multi-millennia, I say that because if the
gods were represented by animals in this forest, it would probably have
was specified.
Moreover Lucain speaks of a forest where the gods are represented carved in
trees (like korigénatos), a forest where the people did not have the right to
return. He reports sacrifices on these trees but the author has never been
in this forest and therefore could not testify directly because it was forbidden
by the druids, like everyone else. Any art critic will notice
that the artist takes a surrealist pose in this text, he does not describe the
reality. In fact, he writes that only the priest went to this forest and he is
well known that the druids did not deal directly with the things of the
He greatly abused his talents to denigrate the Gallic religion to this
opportunity it was politically Roman so it's a testimonial to charge that
rests on a background of truth to convey a huge lie at the moment when the
Gaulish religion had just been banned.
I can say that these trees were located on a rock and that a source where a course
of water was close to this place. Gavrinis and Labeaume may be places where they
once pushed.
My experience as an artist also allows me to say that you can carve a tree
alive, keeping it alive, and that the result evokes the first virtues of the
druidism and its divinities maintained in a relative eternity with respect to the
human life span. The result is bright human expressiveness. This part
of the cycle belongs to the druids doctors and magicians.
This same tree, once dead is transformed in the corruption of the wood in a work
to the evil hints, which then belongs to black priesthoods that I subdore
The Romans deliberately confused the two parts, vital and mortuary,
insisting on the horror of these dead trees, in order to denigrate druidism.
An example of these mortuary trees is found in the nave of Catholic churches.
Lucain was a writer, an artist who committed suicide at the age of 25, born Roman,
he traveled on the conquered Gaulish lands. It was Nero who ordered him to
to commit suicide because he had sowed discord (again) by mingling with politics.
(As soon as Gaul was conquered, the Roman Empire went into decay, due to
a bad fate no doubt, where a political imbalance of the powers of europe
The excavations testify to a true death cult.
The dead were buried in sacerdotal positions, facing east, towards the
light of a new dawn where well, in the case of cremations, lamps with tallows
systematically accompanied the ashes of the deceased to light his way on
a new road, a new life, the resurrection.
(I deduce that the prayers were done by turning to the east)
It took place in three phases belonging to the great goddess mother Morigana.
The first was death and the past consumed (Mori). The second was the memory
of the dead (Riga), through a rite. The third was that of the weaver who
was preparing the braid of a new life and the resurrection (Ana).
I think that it happened according to a precise scheme, the body is buried where burned,
it dissolves and brings its matter to a tree planted above (the spirit is
reincarnates in the tree), this tree brings food to another animal life where
human is the final reincarnation).
Nb: Did the Gauls think that trees were their own ancestors ??
Nb2: the druids were cremated.
The wedding.
It seems that the divinities of marriage were Sucellus and Nantosuelta on the
carnal plane, Teutates on the spiritual plane.
See the dedicated page.
The Warriors.
I already speak equites on other sheets of this site.
I will add here that the tombs to the tanks that have been found is the cult
fighting and advancement even after physical death. It's the chariot of time
who led by the sacred horses takes the old leaders and sometimes their
warriors around the world of the dead in an endless fight toward the light. Yes
some religions speak of paradise where harems conceded to heroes, among the
Gaulish warrior the continuous fight, the riders include this particular
continuity on the old currencies. Always the sacred horse is present and these
ghosts continue their terrible race.
We can count on the fact that these fighters of infinity came back "to embellish"
their former enemies even after their physical death.
The stone mountain.
The sea urchin of the druids.
The stone tables, the dolmens, were all covered with a tumulus
(So ​​they were not used for sacrifices), we found very few remains
in these dolmens then we can not say either that they were burials
What I think is quite simple, all the openings of these temples are
turned to a hollow where waters flow, it is a facet of water cult.
Priests entered this mountain to find divine inspiration,
to commune with the other world, to bring back new reflections. These tumuli
Circulars have things in common with time cycles.
And most of them contain remains of small marine shells in necklaces where
marine fossils also. All of this is related to the celestial oceans that
contain the memory of what was and which preserve it.
I infer that the famous Fossil Urchin of the Druids comes from those places where their
were taught the five fundamental values ​​of druidism, the five-star
branches drawn naturally on the fossil.
The five foundations of druidism could be:
Where more philosophical:
It should also be noted that the shell of this sea urchin, when it is not fossilized
shows a constellation of little stars on its dome, there between places
where were the protective peaks.
The resemblance of the animal with some crowned heads, thorny, from Europe
is not fortuitous, it is the crown of the night sky, the dome of time.
Nb: the drawing of this sea urchin, you will find it shematized in the arrangement of
stonehenge stones (five points an opening_five doors an opening).
Now we know why the fossil was so sacred to the druids, he
connected directly to the spiritual center. As further evidence, I would do the
link between the eternity of the fossil sea urchin and the 30 years of the Gallic calendar of
Coligny found in the stone circle.
The dolmens?
Given the plurality of these "mountains" I think that every officiant of
the pre-Gallic antiquity possessed a fixed one, just like the lyres
druidic, they only served one person.
Another thing, it seems that the sea urchin was deposited at the center of grounds as the
spiritual center on the occasion of incantatory ceremonies, it seems ....
The average age of dolmens is -2500 years, later an evolution of worship
turned these tumuli into royal tombs, but the inner armature was the
mostly made of wood, plus large stone slabs.
The spiritual center.
Again, we have evidence that modern druids have actually kept
a good part of ancient rituals. They still use something pretty
similar, built of petals, mosses and other colorful natural elements.
The spiritual center is a drawing composed of various colors in the center of which
was deposited the sea urchin during ceremonial.
From what I could find on the archaeological elements, it is composed
thus: three circles arranged one in the other of three different colors. The
everything is placed in the middle of a square and on each outer edge of this square are
arranged three triangles of black color, which makes twelve in all.
There were at least two kinds of prayers, the Docni, poems that spelled out the
teachings of dogma, and Litana, which are litanies, repetitive songs
to glory or to the decay of a deity (the Larzac tablet).
They were made by turning to the east, standing towards a new dawn.
This Gallic cult is very modeled on the temporality, it is even its primordial axis,
So I think that places of worship were constantly visited (day and night),
in a perpetual motion.
Given the disposition of the sanctuaries found, I can say that the Assembly
was arranged in a circle around a sacred center.
This is still the case for modern druidism, which has clearly kept
its ancient past.
Singing is the bias of privileged expression of our spirituality. With the study
of Sucellus and Nantosuelta, I learned that the couple was playing music
particular, made of sensuality, there are many probabilities for
each of the 12 main divinities were represented by music
special. And I think I know how to find the rhythm, think of the rhythms
water through the seasons and the months ....
Dating the oldest monuments: 6000 years.
Given the relationship with the water cult and some remains found,
I will tend to say: ........... 10000 years of history.
The oldest religion in the world
the age of human civilization of the oldest
It makes you dizzy.
One of the discoveries that allows me to affirm this is the presence of "wood" of
deer buried in the moat surrounding Stonehenge, recalling the worship of Adamos
(Lug on Earth) and two large skulls of Aurochs (Donn the bull) arranged at
beginning and end of the circle (giant cycle representing a "TORC").
This arrangement is found on the vase found in Denmark. The deer god
represented on the vase is Lug (and the deer: Adamos), son of Kernunos who wears them
horns of the spiritual tree. The bull is at the beginning and end of
the story told by Lugus holding the snake.
All that always comes back to the understanding of the sacred calendar which is transcribed
in the book of revelations.
10,000 years of history.
Gallic Zodiac.
You will find on this site the description of the philosopher's stone from which flow
all zodiacs, from all cultures around the world (12 apostles, 12
zodiacal signs, 12 angels, 12 sacred animals of Shintoism ... etc. .. even the
ancient pyramidal cultures of america possess these 12 divinely listed in
their 21 sacred symbols.
The Gallic zodiac does not escape the rule and is even more successful, proof that
it is the one from which the others are from, but obviously, in addition to the 12
zodiacal months, are also represented 24 principles of antagonistic animality (1
fifteen each), all of which represent a bardic, artistic expression (the
silence where expressiveness, forgetfulness or remembrance..etc) That's why a lot
animals are represented in the Gallic cult.
Gaulish Druid
That's what you can do.
Five foundations appear in principal:
"Desire, happiness, freedom, justice, respect".
The dogmatic is not easily accepted by the libertarian, druidism
deals with this matter and if philosophy offers him a solid basis of reflection,
it is the vital, human aspect which defines its stature.
 Give to think with eyes closed on the necessities of the physical and visible world
only leads to one thing: religion.
If this is an understanding bias that elevates those who do not have a
direct access to knowledge, religious proves to be a way of existing, which in
its precepts, may offer a deprivation of freedom to think and exist. It is
why, even if we need a dogma, it must never be completely
possessor of the natural environment in which he devotes himself, he is
it is a tool that, in my opinion, must denounce the hegemonism of the human character.
How to propose a dogma that respects the entire living domain when
the humanity of those who advocate it pushes them to this hegemonism naturally
This is a thorny question, this unity on the divine side of lived spirituality
not being physical and yet desiring to order the physical world of
everything that is alive.
"Life is not just about the world of thought".
The dogmatic must lead without firmness, offer ways but not order.
The nature of the vital principle itself offers the rest of evolutionary activity.
This is the definition of a prolix way respectful of the existence and the
religious freedom where not everyone.
"Dogma is unacceptable when it becomes liberticide".
The philosopher himself having very often rejected religion in excess
of authoritarianism, all guided by a primary elitism and say so too, because
an ill-placed pride is human and it was half-bad.
After these considerations, we have only one way of doing business.
that incarnates the philosophagy that has belonged to druidism since
A state, a way of being, which is between the human and the divine.
May be on top of that, for this philosophality can not be confused with it
with the temporal aspect of evolution that manages the living?
In Gallic language, it is the "ANAUOS".
Dream and reality
The five points of dogma usually flow from the perception of what
surrounds, and thus from what one has learned to discern.
The mind, when it is badly carved, formatted, becomes something inhuman.
And whoever has had to learn without having a personal choice
outside of any natural attitude. This can cause real problems.
It is in a commonly learned order of thought that are brought about
disasters all over the planet, an ordination that could also save her if
she was more accomplished.
So the question is first of all that of education, of the good learning of the
and outs, it's vital.
For example, we do not need expensive and polluting objects to be
happy, we need the efficiency of useful objects.
Of course there is the dream, and who does not need to dream?
I'm always accusing the biodiversity destroyers of using this need to dream
anarchically implemented.
The arts should have been banned from sales methods and reserved for the needs
of human spirituality, it would have changed the destiny of humanity. What I
mean by that is that discernment between dream and reality should have
to be the primary axis of mass education.
Many of you will tell me that religion should have been used to
Yes, but religious are human, religion is imperfect because
than human, she does not see very far, does not necessarily care about the rest of the
earthly life, itself a victim of its abuses.
There is only Druidism that completely embraces respect for all forms
of life in his precepts without lying.
If the human spirit has developed imperfectly, it is because of an education
It remains to give him, give him back (yes yes, give back), words, a
understanding that would allow him to perfect himself and why not to flee him
even at the same time as the world around him.
That's the work of mythology that can allow it. Declaming ideals
Realistic, perennial, through the dream.
The role of religion.
Religion has a role in the druidic milieu which is a little different from the one
that we could find elsewhere, 2,500 years ago it was secondary,
secondary but useful.
In other religious associations, the whole dogma is carried out by the
religious. In druidism, the religious is one of the parts of the dogma.
Religion is especially used to transcribe, preserve and propagate knowledge
It clearly represents the memory of philanthropic worship, it is she
guardian of traditions, this is the power of the noble bull, the deified part
of the evolving cycle of spirituality, accepting the inexplicable without seeking to
Religion preserves memory and that is what the philosophical calendar serves.
These cultic ways emanate and are created by another large part of the
Druidic clearing, that of artists, creators, that of Lugus and the world
Creativity and memory are embodied in two twins almost totally
antagonists who are warring in the minds of humans. Shared that we
sum all by creating things that erase some of the timeless memory,
the one that gave us a seat that we could not do without.
So the mind invents, transforms the memory that defends itself as it can, Lug
invents too insurmountably for Donn who retains the best by rejecting the
A fraternal fight that must make stability in the evolutionary, two dragons who
fight each other and who can not do without each other yet. This is the law of
Today the druids are according to their religious tastes or historians of the sacred.
Their differences are appreciated and in every way is mutual respect
which binds them.
I think this role of religion in druidism, is not the main one and
it's very good as well.
The religious is spiritual memory, the memory does not evolve and does not allow the
renewal necessary for the perenniality of worship alone, it needs the
artists, totally free-spirited people, even if some of us are insensitive,
creativity is sacred among the druids.
 Any serious mistakes that have occurred in the past have occurred because of
from this, because of too great a firmness preserving the spiritual memory,
mémnorielle. This is why the cult needs creators, to "move",
to be a living cult.
This ancient concept recognized in Druids and Greeks only could have
impose easily if some religious had not imposed their power
hegemonic by arms.
Believers believe for the most part, have always believed, because they are
victims first and foremost
the dark priesthoods of the past have benefited.
That is why we must never give full powers to the religious,
would it be necessary to protect their waters,
it is one of the greatest druidic precepts:
"He who believes must do it by opening his eyes to the world, not by
closing on itself "
Freedom is above all a sensation, that of creating one's own path.
Yet this feeling is something that lies between the illusion and the good
want to.
Physically, we are subject to our needs and our environment, this is
not exactly what is defined as an entire and idealistic freedom.
In fact, only the freedom to think provokes in us an entire sensation.
The freedom physically felt is most often caused by the choice
to acquire tools that make life easier but it is an illusory freedom because
on this physical plane, it is the only existence of the body and the care that one
take that comes freedom.
Of course, we should be able to be certain of a good earthly future to
no longer be slaves of our conservation instincts.
To evolve freely, the body needs to fight.
"Does the human body still need to evolve in the 21 st century?"
The spirit, yes, the body, no where only in case of new need.
 Does humanity still have the right to enlarge its population to the detriment of the world
who gave birth to it?
Since this increase in population is leading to its loss, I think that
no. The dogma of freedom must first propose to protect the physical body in
by limiting abuses.
The point I want to make is that if the body is well maintained, the character
instinctive ceases to conquer, it is a natural phenomenon. From there
it comes in osmosis with its environment, on the part of the divine consideration,
it's true for the individual as much as for the group.
The only acceptable struggle now becomes that of medicine. One of
pillars of the druidic act.
"The real feeling of freedom comes only from good health."
Humanity does not control its desires and devours without ever being able to feed itself
completely, insatiable in his desire to control the future. What's left
impossible to the intestines which impose themselves blindly.
Unapproachable desire and growing because it is not worse hungry whoever
remembers too well his meager passages, which he is most often
The story, generally, showed us what bad memories we
remind that they participate in gregarious instincts, hoping to conjure
wasted time. Those who are too well nourished find there a ready made excuse and
continue to devour as cancer invades the body.
These uncontrolled cravings do not lead to more enjoyment
emotional, just in the habit.
Uncontrollable desire is incarnated in interference, destruction.
The only wise way of possibility is that of osmotic desire, of wanting
appreciate and love instead of wanting to invade without sharing.
What deprivation triggers, the certainty of the acquired can stop it.
All that exists, exists by complementarity, is the lesson of the forest, the
enjoyment of a given moment confirms destiny.
The osmotic desire drives the perennial destinies, in Gaulish, the term "suanto"
refers to this very natural mechanism.
The burning passions are warmed and the natural returns to its prolific form,
that of true enjoyment and true reward.
If passion is not part of a thoughtful job, the results are
monstrous. If, on the contrary, she participates in thoughtful work, she becomes a
tool that brings refinement, and refinement more enjoyment still in
the promise of a better way.
It is a very real concept (the desire drives the luminous act) that can be applied
to all acts.
Concept that can be explained more simply as follows:
"the desire for refinement and the desire to build gives the enlightened reward".
"The desire to take everything without understanding leads to the inhumanity of the act".
One of the mechanisms of the druidic school, says that one can not hold the truth about
all things, that it remains an abusive gesture and therefore destructive. We can
then agree to do better because the refinement does not really have any limits and the
desire to build better gives us a role on this earth
it's the desire in
Desire and refinement are therefore inseparable in dogma, nature itself,
which we are part of, is not it the example of a very great refinement?
The respect.
Respect in the field of spirituality is always the instrument of time.

Gaulish Druid
Philosophale stone
Philosophale stone
philosophical calendar.
The druids had a moon-shaped vouge, which was used to cut
the Gallic spiritual tree. To make it a balanced crop, they used
then of the "cut" of time.
The remains of the calendar found at Coligny include eight columns multiplied
by two, it is the bushels of the two wheels of the chariot of time that we find
on stone engravings.
The eight rays are used to write each verse.
The Gallic calendar dedicated to Belenos was obviously beginning at the equinox of
spring while the Celtic calendar dedicated to Donn at the autumnal equinox.
It would seem logical to think that the general calendar, that of Kernunos and
the spiritual tree begins and ends on the night of December 24 to 25, at
beginning of time and for the so-called feast of the universe tree, where does the
fir Adorned with stars and planets.
This is the one I describe below.
(It is quite possible that a 4 rd calendar has existed, starting for the feast of
summer, the day when the sun is highest in the sky and belonged to a
another tribe, neither Celtic nor Gallic but being part of the tribes possessing the same
culture, maybe the Rems, .... possible and logical, then it would be the one of
druidesses rather, dedicated to the 3 Mattres, Lug where the 4 .... it's the best
provision that I found in the year, without certainty, anyway it's
that of Kernunos which is the most important).
This calendar serves to annotate the good and bad times as well as rising and
descendants over a period of thirty years.
The thousands of worms whose druids were known to learn them all are
drawn from this teaching.
Then the calendar starts from scratch and we can predict what will happen
thanks to past teachings.
I specify that each Druid takes care of a specific place on which he establishes
its timing, these omens are really worth only for each given place.
So, a place, a calendar, a druid where druidess.
The general meeting of Druids during the year allows exchanges and to know
what are the good times when harmful to the general plan of all
places marked with this culture physically. That is to say to realize
when during the year the periods described correspond everywhere.
Remember this: "the imperishable when he gives his name is no longer
The worms must not be written anywhere on the ground plane, or they will lose
their authenticity.
Serve the stars to remember them. Where to use the style
satirical or fantastic to "cover up" the real text. None of the worms
must show a normality all terrestrial.
The inscription on the spiral willow wood that goes up around a trunk seems to me
a good idea. In relief.
The end result is a bardic poetry whose profound philosophical sense must
to be preserved.
 You will then have a text with magical potentialities nicknamed: "the rainbow".
It's up to you to prepare this cauldron wherever water is present.
When you would have produced the more than 11000 verses, you should give back to the text
the shape of the Coligny calendar to reinforce its prismic effect, you would have
then in hand one of the sacred books.
The Apix calendar.
The ancient philosophical calendar of the Gallic Druids is a little more complicated than
the one I present here. The Apix calendar still works very well,
to try it is to adopt it. When you create a comparison lexicon
synonymic where certain words replace those already present, the text effects,
parabolic, become very beautiful and recreate the Gaulish satire. This serves
during prayers for those interested.
 Kernunos is the main deity, I give you here a first view of his
You all know where you heard about Eda, the Tao Te King, the
bible, the quran, the Buddhist book and all the other works that contributed
to put in place human thought as we know it
Well, know
that all these books are encrypted, check the number of stories, paragraphs,
of verse, characters, words repeated in the text ..etc and cross these
information, you will see for yourself the results.
The philosophical calendar of the Druids works a little like a week-long
every day his story and a way of seeing things differently. We have
very few legends purely Gaulic ancient who have arrived until us in
going through the times but it does not matter we are druids and we can
recreate them, rethink them, thinking about what this tree of life will bring to the
future generations.
It is not me who invented it, it is at least 2000 years old (2500 ... maybe).
Each story is timed by this calendar, you will find the seven days of
the week on the first page are the seven churches of the philosopher. represented
by the seven celestial objects of the inner orbital belt of our galaxy.
Do not use Roman titles, they are from another time.
(The Romans, .... bof.)
Dates belong to a value system that you will find in the
Druidothèque, heading numbers.
Ex: 11 = uniqueness-uniqueness
By combining dates, days, fortnights, months, seasons, half
seasons and years, you will have the treme and the precise tendencies of every
The Grail, the cup of eternal life is in your hands today.
This calendar is used to build a Gaulish satire where more exactly a text
magical, each day corresponds to a name where a word gallicized. To see in the
druidothèque the page "satire Gauloise".
Some numbers first.
A sidereal year makes 365.6 units.
A tropical year makes 365.2 units.
The lunar calendar that gives their names to the months begins with the night and ends
by night.
A lunar year is therefore 366 nights, one of which is hinged and double counted
A Saitlo does: 360 months (not 168).
One month is 30 or 31 days, it is divided into two light and dark parts of 15
where16 days each. It's been two weeks of 7 nights, 7 male nights and 7
Femininity nights, swapped from one day to another.
Average of 30.5 nights / month.
In the center of each month (and you too) are moments dedicated to Lug
(animality), Kernunos (the human deity) and Donn (spirituality
4 lunar phases that keep the temple of life, all dedicated to .... Leïa la
full moon, Etunia the day moon, Nemetunia the moon at night and Morgana, the moon
black. (Which has its place here)
A chandelier is five years old and a Saitlo is 30 years old (one cycle).
A zodiac Saitlo is 10968 units.
A solar Saitlo is 10956 units.
A Lunar Saitlo is 10985 units.
We must add a month every 30 years to rebalance the Moon-Sun cycles.
This is the month of Ciallos, dedicated to Kernunos.
After 30 days we erase this month and the calendar is set.
There are two big half-seasons.
Land of Lug the first heavenly dragon in heaven that is no other
that Adam the white deer on earth.
Donn territory, the second heavenly dragon in heaven which is none other than the
noble bull, Donotarvos on earth.
These are the two Ovates.
There are 12 lunar months of departure and the Gallic year begins the next day
the spring equinox.
Giamonos (the young)
Simivis (the sower of life)
Equos (the Entente)
Elembivis (the protected place of life)
Edrinis (the warm)
Cantlos (innocence preserved)
Samonos (moral discernment)
Licoran (learning about life)
Riuros (the right)
Anagantios (the frozen calm)
Ogronios (childbirth)
Cutios (rebirth).
Each of these lunar months is divided into a bright period and a period
dark, that's 24 periods.
They are represented by the 24 bardic arts.
I only changed the name of Licoran, formerly Damonios, month of the cow
nourishing, but that Catholics have denominated it: Demonios..I leave them these
demons there. It is worth noting that in the ancient world, "Damon" meant "angel"
and Damona the nurse of the angels. We have been lying a lot to believers for 2000 years.
I keep the names of the old seasons and I bring some elements. The old
sun is associated with a plant, the vélar. It must have been the same for
other seasons, Giamos had to join the dandelion
because of the round shape
he takes before flying away.
1 (Cintus): Giamos. The rising sun
Start right after the spring equinox. A season of big jobs.
2 (allos): Uisonna. The sun flying.
A season of maintenance.
3 (titros): Samos. The old sun.
A harvest season.
4 (Petuaris): Cengiamos. The sun that sits.
In addition to the well-known solstice and equinox festivals, one must remember the
from Ganor, around the 15th of Equos.
It is the feast of Gaïana, the young mother earth that gives the first shoots.
That of Ciallos, every thirty years.
Marriages clearly took place in the months of Edrinis and Cantlos (between
lion and the virgin), this corresponds to the births for the month of Ogronios, the
Gaulish Druid
stone of the philosopher.
Philosopher's stone or philosopher's stone is an abstract idea of ​​the reflex
cognitive and the colors of time that pass through the feelings.
It is the stone of life and the human senses, physical and psychic, the throne of
Feelings are called AMAN among the Gauls.
The energies of time
Any real druid can take you to atmospheric places
particular and instill you notions of apprehension of Aman energies
(Gaulish pronunciation: amane).
Some will teach you to use your eight senses for that (the human has
eight spiritual senses of recognition of which only five are recognized
currently organic).
The smell
The touched
Flation (or change of temperature). Gauls: tedi.
The hearing
Rhythm (linear is the meaning of numbers). Gauls: latö. Without this one
would have no notion of diversity.
Weighting (overall). Gauls: Gussi.
Each of these senses is unique but can become complementary to others.
The octagon is the symbol.
This is also called:
 the fountain of time.
Gauls: Risanon (the destiny).
(Secret of the rose of the marine winds).
An octahedral crystal (eight faces) is a Platonic solid.
For the druid, it is the diamond, seat of the rainbow and colors of the soul.
The "Acaunon", an eight-sided corner stone, is the seat of
the "ämnen" (intelligence).
It is the stone of the philosopher (or philosopher's stone). The more the stone is cut,
the more it has facets and the more the colors of the soul are complicated and
intertwine in different understandings.
The waters of the crystal enclose the soul and feelings, the lines represent
mind and their entanglement the "calculations" of a thought made of letters of
numbers and words.
The lines of separation of waters that evokes 12 ways of thinking are divided into
two complementary parties from one point to another.
The crystal is the primordial seed of any spirit that will develop.
(The fossil sea urchin of the ancient Druids shows a five-pointed star,
incarnation of the five organic human senses. He looks like a heart).
This stone has the eight sides of the physical senses, the six sides of the feelings
of bases plus a central, 7 churches, the 12 lines of water separations, 12
ways of thinking, 12 outer gods (divided into two complementary parts
each, 24, plus 6 inner lines which are the six primordial deities.
How to change the lead in gold through the philosopher's stone?
Manipulation of the senses of external perception:
The facets of sight and smell must be closed (lead has an odor and
color that distinguishes it), then use the touch (perception of the metallic), the
flation (temperature) and weight (weight). Use hearing for
to bring light, understanding, into the stone and say: this is of
The stone of the mind gives information to the brain that corresponds to
The philosopher's stone is the receptacle of the external senses of perception and its
reflections. It can also be called: the stone of the spirit.
Each of the transparencies of the stone is called a water.
We return to considerations on the waters of life.
All this geometric demonstration brings us to another side of druidism.
That of the Pythagorean Druids.
Druidic writing
The design of the ancient Greek letters was modeled on the lines of the
stone, the druids knew the secrets.
The pyramids that were built all around the planet came from
ideas that the crystal carries.
The star of David known to the Hebrews is also from the crystal
Nordic runes are also modeled on the shapes of the stone but
more complicated way.
The Acaunon is the cornerstone that allowed the construction of all major
philosophical religions and I sincerely believe that it was developed in Europe it
Thousands of years ago, it comes from the civilization of the waters.
Gaulish Druid
Druidic wisdom of yesterday and today.
Druidism, the philosophy of the heron.
We are on the paths of light, waters of the spirit, why not
add some good words that people will remember when thinking about druids.
And in terms of words druids philosophers arise there. Each of these druos have
an animal of which he draws a spirituality, like the heron comtemplatif.
Some jets so that could be noted in a great book of stories and
"Whatever the name, whatever the body, what matters is the spirit that is
moves ".
The imperishable when he gives his name is already nothing .....
What is the wisdom?
Some waters of light to water you.
In the morning, illuminate the luminaries before the trunk, at the beginning the spirit awakens before
corp. You must not impose your ideas, just bring their reflections. In the
reflections comes the depth.
We can speak with the sky only through the mirror of the soul, that of the waters of
When a tree gives too much fruit, is not it to feed all its people to
He who nourishes only his body without nourishing his mind is still an animal.
Women do not like wise people but they like their words, children love
the wise because they can annoy them, and the men who think themselves wise there
never succeed completely ... For he is a thinker of the day and a thinker
by night ... the thinker still sleeps ... And his thought remains hidden in his night
Starry. We must know how to forget ourselves in order to advance towards our elsewhere. Do something
something we've been taught to do is also a way to do nothing, so
forget and move on.
We are nothing that has decided for us but only what we
have chosen as a trip, the feeling guides happiness, whatever the
events..being the best is also the worst because the balance is there. It is
people who feed only on love and others who hate because the balance
of the world of the common anima the request. Do not believe that blindness is
stupid because he will have a lot to think about in his future where he will disappear.
What will happen will happen whatever the paths taken, it may
to arrive differently but it will happen anyway.
If a god existed, his name would be the journey of life. Who stopped evolving because
too much is preparing his shroud himself.
Life is journey, and time is a spiritual tree. There is what we see with
the eyes, there is what we see with the heart and there is what we see with
the mind.
Building a spiritual tree is only possible by lighting up one's branches.
So we see with his personal time and so that's what we need to protect before
the rest.
If it rains in the morning, wait until the sun lights your way.
If you plan your fruit in time, they will look like you because it is there
they will grow. It is to know what one can not do, to advance all the same
to succeed one day.
You have to see your world change, do not hide your face, appreciate its balances
moving in the dance of his branches.
And conjugate.
If you are too lonely you are like dead and if you are no longer alone
relive in the common spirit. And if you leave a little trace in the mind
common is that you have become a little eternal, if your whole mind stays in
the common memory is that you became a deity because your mind is
become immortal.
So some people say that you have to let time, not cure ailments,
that would be behavior in accordance with nature. I say that all facts
is a pleasure, we can even see that some take pleasure in
their misfortunes. Because it makes them live, it makes them go on their way
staff. We must respect because the more the common spirit is big and colorful, the more
Feeling differences are many. Whoever has never known what the
loss will never know what success is.
Even and especially the druid remains a student all his life. An enlightened contemplative who
see things in common time.
No body on earth is really free, yet your mind is. And
that's why he's hidden. On these paths you can travel to
the other end of the universe if you wish.
But we can not live alone and we must consider the existence of others.
The ships that take you are very disparate so that each individual can
decide to take the same course for everyone.
Some people sail on the ship "Celticism", other on the boat "
Christianity ", still others on the boat" ecologist "where still on the
big barge "republic" .......
Yet we can build other sailboats, in the space of thought
How many different ships would it take for the voyage on the waters of time
and finally be unaware of a common light that can draw them all to the path of
Gaulish Druid
Star science
The tree time
The constellations belonged to Gaulish deities, many inscriptions
votives have been found which deal with offerings and cantons.
Each sirhialon designates an ideological group, all the bars that are the links
between stars designate branches, all these branches form the foliage of
the Gallic spiritual tree, these are the "hundred paths".
The trunk of the tree: it's you.
And the deep roots of your thought are your past on earth.
There were many different tribes, many kings, so much thought
diversified, then to acquire a state unit of Gaul, the druids
each possessed his deities certe, but they all had the same references
ideological, grouped together above each tribe ... in the same night sky for
all, where was the time of the sihalons and the legends, because yes, the druids
did not write their dogma engraved in the stone where the metal, their symbols are
above ... the druids were writing in the starry sky.
Both ancient druids and new ones were engaged in the heavenly sciences.
The time that was master over all druidic philosophy takes its divine source
in the stars, in the period of giamonos and Samainos. The beginning of the cycles.
They were calculated at the half-unit near, which is accurate but we can
to do better today.
Modern astrology is copied on the ancient science of stars from the
Ancient Greece, where was invented at the base by the Druids (example of
Stonehenge), and is based on zodiac signs. Gallic Druidic Astrology
was a bit removed from that, these are trees, or rather the representation
crystalline of their branches which were considered as signs of
births, pertaining to lunar periods crisscrossed crystalline patterns
drawn on lines joining each middle star of a period.
So it was the moon that decided destiny among the Gauls, not the sun as
in Greek astrology.
The mark of the great mother goddess.
These patterns are close to the Viking runes and were the object of a game of divination or
small pieces of wood were thrown on the moving water to reveal
an omen, a destiny. The drawings formed by the sticks approached
the layout of those who impressed themselves in the sky with constellations
which gave a character that could be properly interpreted.
The sum of all the constellations that joined in a crystalline pattern
gathering at the crisscross of branches of the tree is the Kernunos estate,
his crown of the omnipotent main god.
So, Kernunos, master of the night of times is the spirit that encompasses all
Gallic constellations, all the stars. His deer horns are the branches
of the universe spirit. He has two, to figure the two ambivalent sides
which involve the time of spiritual reflection.
The king tree that is revered in the middle of the clearings is the embodiment of Kernunos,
the god has universal thought.
If he is alone at this place, it is so that we see the stars above
of its foliage.
The sacred mistletoe is the representation of a small cluster of stars in the universe tree
from Kernunos. A way to divinely interpret a tribal grouping around the world
Legend has it that we cut Guy's pile in one go, for
keep the order of its stars (white balls) and its fruits.
The Sirialons.
On this coin we can see the importance of the stars in Gallic culture.
A comet, a spirit sun, a moon and a necklace of lunar pearls in
The constellations, called "sihalon", "sirialons" where "sidialon" are
star glades, in Druidism, the cosmic tree of the time wants to be called
these houses nests.
These nests are receptacles of numbers of creatures represented in the tree and
inspiring a way of seeing and feeling earthly things differently. We
There are also creatures belonging to the three levels of the spiritual tree.
The crown of stars.
I did some research work lately and it shows a way of
quite clear operation which corresponds without any doubts to what was.
First, kernunos is alone in the immensity of heaven and he travels through
One day he meets Gaïa (gaïma?) The earth and falls in love with the blue planet.
(A meteorite had just met the earth, the lias fail)
He began to think and he separated the two dragons that gnawed his mind at this
moment there. His two sons had just been born, the first heavenly dragon was named Lug
and he was a receptacle of animality and physical life. The second dragon
heavenly dragon was named Donn and had him powers over death and the
During this great anger, a giant wolf separated the twins.
Gaia she had three daughters at that time, it was the three Mattres represented
by the triskel. One represented the past consumed and the end of animality,
the other most important, represented the rest of the dead and the divinity of souls
and the third had the task of reviving the soul by preparing a
new life.
Another girl born on earth was Etunia the green goddess daytime gardens
of the spirit and Nemetunia, its nocturnal principle, they were a lunar principle
and no doubt girls of Leïa, the moon.
On Earth a legendary closer to our area has a relationship with time
human, this one is arranged in square or in cross and represents the birth, the
youth, maturity and death of the spiritual life.
So, if you followed me well, there are two bars that represent the two
dragons (well known in England) the triangle of the three Martres (triskel), the
square (cross) which is the representations of the four spiritual phases of life,
the whole is surrounded by a circle, the Kernunos star corona, arranged in
12 sirialons. 12 clearings of the spirit.
It is a first figure of the throne of Kernunos.
Another circle completes the astrological calendar:
Then in the Gallic calendar, comes an account of 62 lunar months that we
relies on the first 3 phases of life but not for the one of death. It is
a lunar chandelier of five years that is 1831 nights.
Etunia and Nemetunia make the difference between daytime lunar weather, and
lunar, night.
The astrological predictions are therefore on two sides, a luminous and a
dark, which doubles the number of Sirialons.
For example, for the same moment there are oracles for dark salmon (the
fish of Esus) and on the other side of the circle, the luminous virgin (the virgin
Belisama). 12 sirialons of stars is equal to 24 possibilities.
18 deities for life, 6 deities for death.
On the Gallic calendar, a solar chandelier is five years, 1826 days delimited
by 7 remarkable celestial objects.
Sing with the stars.
It is said that the druid speaks with the stars, it would be more accurate to say that he
sings with the stars. The satirical poetry of the Druids was sung, it is even
Master druidic art if I can express myself like this.
I discovered that the divine characters, subjects of the ancient discourse, were
incarnated at night by the stars. Stellar movements were used even for
to build a tale where a given story, according to the moment, the place of each
divinities in the sky, we can build a whole enchanted story. This
practice was present about 2000 years ago on the European territories,
Greece included.
The information contained on the site is there to serve as a basis for any work
and sites that concern Gallic druidism.
it will take all this site to set up a real
druidic spirituality.
I want to make it clear that I am neither a guru nor a messiah nor anything
else that has to do with a sectarian thought. I am almost atheist and especially
a researcher of the future.
What I do with this site has everything to do with historical research, art, and
a strong ecologist-futuristic leaning activist. I think, I project myself and I
reconstructed, it is a work of researcher, artist and theologian.
(save all the pages of this site to protect it, the druidism was
persecuted for centuries by the Roman Catholic Church, the Gallic religion
was banned in the year 38 of Christian time. I canceled the spell by giving back the
details of this ancient and future spiritual path).
ancient legends
To make a donation is to participate in a work.
* Druid, the cult of a natural and balanced world like oak. *
Gallic druidism.
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Gaulish Druid
Druid, hierope and vate.
Most of the Gallic Druidic ceremonies take place at night in the light of
moon in the clearings.
Druids and druidesses, hierops (ovates) and Bards (vates) are present.
The druid
Kernunos is the god of the creation of the ramifications of the psychic spirit; the
demonstration of ideas that evolve over time that alone can do anything and
to imagine everything. The druid is the moral incarnation.
universal tree
The world is composed of creative energy, translation of the common thought of
the deepest minds.
All around us is the energy of time forged by the arts of thought.
The hair of the sea urchin protects the laughing spirit.
  We find a simpler etymology in some places: Druas, Ruis and Ruas.
The amadryades are the nymphs of the oak and the dryads the nymphs of the ash, for
Greek mythology related to Gallic mythology. Dryads ..... druids, the
creators of eternity whose tree is oak in Central Gaul and Ash more
North. Druids are magi artists who draw their powers from the muses.
It is almost certain that almost all Druidic knowledge was lost in the heart
last two thousand years. There is little folklore left
really from antiquity.
The secret of knowledge transmission was that druids
expressed themselves in pictures at the assemblies, it was forbidden to give the knowledge
directly (very famous for their lyric poems), so that only
The smartest, most able students understand. This is the explanation of
all the legendary poetic verve that has come down to us to the son of
centuries. The writing was forbidden.
References and the complete osmosis with nature and the philosophical world in
general are systematic.
The class of ruis are those of the wise men, sages, doctors and artists
teachers but can also belong to the military caste and even to the
kings. They meet in the year in assembly to exchange their new
acquired knowledge and also to compete through the arts and elect the great
druid (Archidruide) the best of luminous artists, doctors and sages
who in Gaul has decision-making power over the entire class of mages. Their word
is the power that within the tribe is from that which even the king must
Before becoming a druid, there are three passages in the acquisition of knowledge:
The vates, where hieros, ovates and all down, the young boars (or sepan).
 Sepanis are children who learn through stories and trials
The vates or hierops, are two in number that help the druid. They are falling
black. It is the bards and doctors, various artists who become masters of
their particular arts.
These hierops (only ovates) are already very advanced spirits, they participate
and help with ceremonies. Learn again to finally become masters in the
philosophy of druios. These are ... magi trainees.
In the past our druids were pursued by those who could not defeat
the spirit of the saplings and through them, the common strength, of the spirit of a people.
Our scholars were secret characters, eminent artists and chosen for
their sciences of mind and body
I found in valleys almost
lost, at the end of roads hardly driveable, some of their rites and facts.
Some words of old language too, many Gaulish words are indeed still
preserved in the local patois, this up to the middle of the Italian Alps,
cradle of the Ligurian civilization, tribe very similar to the Gauls.
There is one, who still survives in various places, it is the one of the contest
In the streets of villages, the guardians of tradition, measure and
fought wearing colorful garments expressive of the vigor of their soul, at the
strength of the best words of their languages ​​(I found this use in various countries
formerly Celto-Gaules); Some wear the sword.
The verve of their language must publicly demonstrate the height of erudition and
the control of the strongest ideas through this game where clash with
minus two characters. Like two cocks that jiggle and challenge each other, attack,
dodge and decide the part of the most beautiful truth.
Today is the graceful part that is made to folklore but I think that
At the time, the most serious subjects were decided that way, it was the law of the
more erudite and smarter (not the one of the more liar like today)
thus the bodily injuries were avoided thanks to the absence of physical blow,
it is Ogmios' share of the eloquent.
Part of the culture that kept the peace.
The druids were then the initiators of these fighters of the spirit.
For medicine, herbal medicine was of course the most important asset,
the use of surgery also existed.
Mistletoe ceremonies, powerful psychotropic is one of the proofs that our artists
handled the doses very often and precisely, under pain of catastrophe for the
health, the medicine of spirits already existed.
Today druidism brings together several currents of thought, more or less
conservative and more or less obscurantist, for having met some
of them, I can say that they are colorful characters, all
very intelligent who advocate something particular to all currents, the
druidism is a science of the future focused on osmotic exchange with the world of
the nature where it is the respect which leads the act before any other consideration,
evolving in a clearly futuristic philosophy.
We still have to be very careful about a number of people who have
attributed the druid's function in a totally unjustified way and who say to themselves
at the moment they are called direct heirs of our old druios, those
practice a cult sometimes flouting the exchange and osmosis with their
natural environment. It's always the profit that drives them, they cross our
precepts with other religions when it suits them. (A lot of religion carries
still traces of ancient druidism, but have nothing to do with it).
Being a shaman is not enough to take the title of druid, it is an apprenticeship
which lasts for years, whoever takes this path can never return to
back because it's the investment of a lifetime. The entire panel of achievements in
medicine, philosophy, study of beliefs, mastery of the arts..etc..etc ... is
really huge and certain say that it takes on average twenty years of study to
to become a druid. The real druids in my opinion are easily recognized by the fact
that they live physically with their "tribal" group in an environment
purely natural. There are a few still. These are the recipients of
all the knowledge affiliated with the master of all arts, Lug, and his brother master of
destinies, Donotarvos. Followers of kernunnos.
Miraculous healers
It is referred to the eternity of the soul and the miraculous healings in
all the druidic currents and some inexplicable things so
Cartesian occurred in our campaigns where the druids reside, where they
save people from evil spells where incurable diseases, it seems that they even
have to suffer a curse. They take it upon themselves when they remove it from
other. Many have paid with their lives for the healthy path they offered to their
patients. Miraculous healers but the martyrs of a fight against evil.
If one day you are dealing with one of them to heal you, pay the right because
he risks his life with every "sanitation" operation.
A representation, carved in stone, of an ancient druid has reached us,
recognizable by his long-handled bill, he wears a tight tunic at the waist
by what appears to be a big belt of stylized leather and, surprise, a bow. The
serp used to cut the verbal arrows that our eminent artists sent
throughout their poetic diatribes, in the hearts of people, not for
to hurt but to strengthen them because the arrows of the druid are made of light.
Metaphysical considerations were embodied in this way, always made
extrapolations, exaggerations driven by the need to convince
to understand.
Of all the religions of the world, only one comes directly from druidism
Gallic: Christianity.
All information that is described in the pages of this site will allow
those who will want to correctly interpret the book called "revelations".
This book largely uses the satirical style dear to the ancient druids, by
the saturation in the exaggeration, the texts prevent the neophyte to understand
the hidden ideas inside. He confines himself to believing without understanding.
It was by this technique that candidates for the master's degree were screened. We
became druid by merit not by learning (where by the help of a little bit of
"piston") Even today, our druios come to this level not because
that they were brought there, but because their individual path led them there
alone. Individual merit, just individual merit and a well-inspired path.
What does not clear the fact of having to be interested in all matters
which it is possible to drink.

Gaulish art
Gaulish art
Magic Animals
Animals serve as references through the imagery language of the tales. It is
likely that the Gauls had a seasonal calendar corresponding per cycle to
animals, just like the Greeks a zodiac. Everyone belongs to a universe
particular of understanding and philosophical reflection.
The bull :
The will of the noble bull
Bull sacrifices had a general cultural dimension on all
territories is the representation of the darkness of the soul, the secret and the
will of one who can go too far, heaviness and stupidity, when he is
not mastered, he takes those who follow his path in a trajectory
intractable, obscure and destructive if it is not inner, spiritual.
Yet the myth of Esus confirms that the bull is not necessarily a destroyer
but can also be one who lends his immense strength to the construction as well
that who decides the fate of men and all that is alive is
the presiding animal at the end and beginning of every cycle.
They represent the trip and migration dates that announce the change
climate, more generally time, very useful for Gallic.
They are represented by three with the bull, or alone with three eggs of
snakes. Symbol of the three heads of history We can associate them with the three
Mattres, three muses who know the right directions. One for the past, one
for the present is the most important and a third for the future in
preparation. The time of each action among the Gauls is always divided into
three parties, the central part being preponderant, it is the present.
It is the vector of action, it refers to the ability to move forward, it is attached to
the image of the Gallic horse men, centaurs and king-gods, but also in the image
of Epona, the cavalier goddess who carries the future life. The Unicorn of legends.
He is represented winged, with an eagle, a hippocampus, the serpent, three-headed
a human head, with snake eggs, a sword, signs and names of
powerful characters, always with precise points that define its contours
on currencies. Maybe constellations.
It is the center of all the royal powers of the time (action and wealth) and the
representing links of travel, history and uniqueness of the tribes
Gallic. The power of kings.
The hippocampus:
It is the flying horse, parallel between the child under construction in the belly of
the mother. So this is the divine sign of one who finds the road to his
construction where the future elect
affiliated with the water cult, it is the symbol of
sailors and travelers so.
Symbol of ovate musicians in particular, it is one of the druidic secrets, a
a song that soothes souls and announces spring.
The wolf:
This is the sign of the northern tribes too, it is the guardian of the borders. The wolf
roaring is the animal of Tanaris, the Gauls who lived in adequacy with the
nature had probably tamed puppies to serve as their dogs. The
Gallic women were compared to moats that protect their young, the
She was probably the one who owns the land, the cottage. The image of the mother
defensive in a matriarchal society of the village.
(One could say that only one Gallic woman was able to shoot down ten soldiers
Romans by the way).
The crows:
Catu-boduo, they were connected to relationships in the sacrificial animal enclosure
(the human sacrifice is probably a legend) among the Celts, we say
often, to argue like two crows the end of fat .......... so these are
scavengers. But not always, they symbolize discussions
animated women who argue and break the ears to everyone. So
as the sentries who alert the villagers in case of attack. Those are the
animals of nervous discussion.
The boar:
It is the symbol of Teutates, the divine power of the universe of the oak and the
balanced justice; It represents the prodigality of the offspring, (the kings
had probably right to several women), The prodigality of food, and
also the force of justice, that of a crazy racing car charging the enemy.
It is above all the spirit of cover and defense that emerges from his study.
a titanic animal by its physical strength and character.
The snake:
Serpent the paths of life. It's the symbol of life that is making its way
in the branches of the universal labyrinth; very important in philosophy
Druidic. Some clearings are transmitted a twisted speech stick as a
snake at the moment of speaking,
He is the animal that comes closest to the water cult.
It's more specifically in my opinion the green snake or the big
European, yellow and black snake with blue underside (view of old
mosaics), very familiar and it is a direct link with the waters of the history of
life, muses.
The Eagle:
Symbol of power, it is often represented in the presence of the Horse, it is a
royal symbol. And also the sign of accession to heaven, the eagle is the symbol of
Kingdom of the dead, it must be a female red eagle.
The lion and the rooster:
It is believed to see on some currencies the configuration of a stylized lion, I believe
rather than it's about our rooster fighter, all scaled form with his collar
feather and his Crete. The lion is the sacred symbol of the birth of life.
The deer:
It is the divine animal of Kernunnos and lug (which also bears the ramifications, and yes),
the bream, the presence, the branched horns that foreshadow the tree-universe. It is
therefore the god of woods and Druidic glades but also cities. The
holder of knowledge and civilization. Emblem of descent and love,
which belongs to the shamanic world of woods, imagery of the universality of forests.
There are still many animals that were affiliated with the World of Mythology
Gaulish, all have a descriptive role of a particular universe of understanding
in a cultural system almost of post-shamanic type but where science had
an importance.
12. The signs, writings and symbols Gallic
Only one symbol is present recurrently in all civilizations
ancient Europeans: the swirl where spiral.
There are two main ones, one is Toutatis's stylized boar, in
gold. The other, double is a succession of rounds decorated with feathers, three of
each side, representing the cycles of time, the three cranes (indissociable from
bull) and therefore the teachings of the traveling scholars, and the second the sun
reunited with the moon and other feathers, symbol of Lug and Etunia, the creator of
evolution, then of Nemetunia, the relative lunar goddess with Kernunos. A
character holds both sticks. This is the sign that there were at least two
allied powers within the nemeton. The famous golden billhook is very close to these
two sticks. One represents the search for one who clears his clearing
and the way, the power of Esus and the other the totality of acquired knowledge, the leg
cultural attached to Lug.
We must also count the weapons, shields and helmets decorated with special motifs.
The only Gallic texts that have survived are written in Greek lettering
old, with a ogamic system in the Channel Islands but I found
also a system of glyphs on currencies. There was no Gallic writing
proper but a proliferation of important symbols. On the other hand, he
There was a divinatory game of throwing small sticks on the water and
interpret the signs thus formed. So no signs but forms
symbolically very precise, which would have been formed of straight lines like
those of the runic type where Greek and considered magical. The Oghams discovered
in England are composed of straight lines arranged imitating trees and
defining letters and numbers only belong to the culture
Celtic ?????? Not, in my opinion, it must come from elsewhere.
The Gauls initiated in the arts had a descriptive system of many elements
of understanding based on a symbolism built of arranged bars too,
can be the same as their nearest neighbors. Why this hypothesis
never was retained many studies conducted on this culture ??? The
obscurantists have unfortunately done their job and drowned the "fish", that's the
reply. There is not much obedience that could have done so. Again
today, the elements of Gallic culture are kept under the "horizon".
Here in France, a country of culture and research, it seems weird that
Gaulish antiquity and before is "forgotten" voluntarily.
7. Mounds, pyramids and dolmens
Does the civilization of Gallic tumuli and dolmens represent pyramids?
enclosing the soul of the dead? A mummified statuette was found at the sources of the
The day and the night are defined by the god Amon in Egypt. Aman is precisely the
word for time among the Gauls, the exchanges, even the twenty were
A parallel that is likely because these constructions rarely contain
bodies of our ancestors, yet these are buildings that relate to the worship of
dead or in transit with the other world in an almost certain way. Unless there is
a relationship with the tunnels that open up to other worlds described in
many legends. Both hypotheses can complement each other.
On the territory of the municipality of Labeaume in Ardèche is the largest
concentration of dolmens from Europe. Outside this limestone plateau is full of cavities
forged by runoff waters, it is still an influence of the cult of
waters where death would be precisely the foreshadowing of the waters of life that pass
under the earth, the Aïdubno, the world below is therefore that of the dead can be
Hell ?.
The tunnel is the path that leads to the other world, few skeletons were there
found, did they manage to cross ......
Gaulish Druid
Animals and Gallic druidism.
To put on the wall in postcard format, it's very good.
I should have used a style close to heraldry (cousin of the Gaulish) for
animals but I'm looking for something acceptable everywhere.
(I have not touched it yet but it's still very nice, it's a study
All these images have a common background that comes from the philosophy of the Druids.
I do not use Odin braids and knots from Nordic culture.
These are incompatible with the expression of movement and the figure that defines
Gallic pictorial art. It moves, it follows, the colors are bright, the paintings
they themselves are complementary.
Each animal presents a way of understanding the world by philosophical way
and each of them is a king where a queen in his midst. (Did you know that all
large societal human organisms can represent themselves by the animal they
are inspired). The magic symbols are of Gaulish origin, a frame like these
it easily changes the mood of a place.
The real painting includes all the frames, the numerology enters a part
important of all Gallic arts.
How do you know if you are reaching an effective number? It's simple, someone where
Something will try to disturb you at that moment. The sacred artists
know the phenomenon well. Get in a quiet place if you
want to finish your job.
The frames, measures and their arrangement are also important.
 Druid dog and wolf.
 Druid spider.
 Druid Heron.
 Druid eel.
 Druid lion.
 Druid fish.
 Druid owl.
 Druid, apparition.
 Druid, lizard.
 druid seashell.
 Seahorse Druid
 The buff druid.
According to the old graphics studied, I can say that the Gallic style arts
rather adapted to the woodcut, hence the distinction of motifs.
Spheres alone where in necklace represent moons or suns (one day).
Each time they signal a passage through a prism of life.
The pictographic series below or on the side are representations of the
light that reigns in the territory of each animal. Light passing through
the foliage of the trees, in maritime, mountainous environments. Light, light ...
It's Gaulish inspired, more than 2500 years old.
I did not do the work of hombreering but from what I found, the
light comes from the ground, tribal territories, not from the sky as we were
right to expect it.
It is the principle of the elected soil, sacred, of the national territory.
Strong alcohol is poured on the land of the ancestors during ceremonies in
a lot of cultures, some quite close to druidism.
You have a massive construction weapon there, yes, I did say construction.
Every image has a story:
"I met the chamois king Did you know I was climbing a mountain slope, a
true climbing in search of my grail. When I was almost at the top,
tired and tired I still had about 200m of cliff when I heard a
snapping nails on the stone. I hardly had time to turn back when
a maroon lightning crossed my field of vision. Another snap was
hear and turn to that, I saw the buff king flying in the air,
the sky embraced him entirely, the jump he made that day exceeded the
twenty meters. Then he disappeared in the precipice, we were very high. I did not have
not a moment to be scared when another dry snap went back up
me, the head of the chamois king exceeded a quarter of a second of the rocks adjoining
the abyss then disappeared, I heard again its clicks went away. He ... not
had not passed more than two seconds..adrenaline exploded in my veins, I
I finished my ascent quickly, the monarch gave me his strength ... "
I really experienced that.
NB: I was able to test the finished tables properly with the opinion of several
people, it works very well.
Gaulish Druid
Creatures and Myths.
Druidic creature.
The creatures in the druidic world are numerous, as numerous as he is
exists of words.
All correspond to a specific metaphorical allegory.
In fact everything in us is inhuman, not primary, can be translated as
such creature. And it is the druids "magicians" who created them during
Werewolves are creatures, charming princes too, but also
prophets, saints and demons.
We can think that these are childish things, yet these creatures
always belong to a particular culture. The names remain in the
memory of people and this allows the scalability of the common intellectual heritage. The
most of the words you utter by speaking come from the name where of his
declinations, of a creature, belief where synonym imaged of an act or reflex.
Below are some quick examples that I created myself.
I take a word in my Gaulish dictionary, I catch a piece of paper.
It's going fast, an abstract declination of the subject and the creatures emerge at the big
day in a fun way.
 This is the Duiros, actually this creature was a man, on the way
druidic that he had chosen, he enjoyed the spiritual tree so much that he
had studied that he began to eat the green leaves.
His long braid took root behind him without him being careful.
Since they took roots the Duiros can not move ....
Of course, the legends exploit real facts and it is the storyteller who goes there
his theatrical tone and that mixes the words in a skillful manner so that the
myth remains.
Below the giant ambiobatos.
It was a primordial giant who one day decided to devour the whole earth.
Thinking in advance of all the delights he would soon savor, he closed the
eyes, he fell asleep with his mouth open.
And it's been thousands of years since he slept. From time to time, the giant snores,
that's what makes the earth tremble.
These are traces of Curicos, they come at night through the dry canals,
watch the sleepers and campers.
From the traces, it can be said that the curicos must be high on the leg, and a
weight of 80kg at least.
Nobody has ever seen them, just the tracks they left on the bank at
rainy morning. It must be very curious creatures.
Traces of Curicos.
These prints are 30 cm on average.
We saw some in Gard, South of France.
This is a Lucosit below.
Very discreet usually, this tiny leprechaun does not support that we walk on
his territory. He rushes on shoe laces and defeated them with a single
gesture, then he returns to hide to see if the walker will fall.
A Uimpi, travelers meet them often, they are female spirits who
come to haunt sailors on the high seas.
Spiritual values
Each creature describes a complicated mind where not and that's what memory
checked in.
 It must be remembered that there are 3 plans of existence for each creature.
The first and most important is the mind in terms of potential, intelligent,
stupid, common ... etc
The second is that of the vital force, weak, strong, fluctuating ... etc
And the third is what is called the role, the soul where the job, ie
the type of exchange with history and its environment.
For example: The frog.
The frog does not look smart (1st), his body is small and weak (2em),
when his role in the world of men, he is reduced ... (3em).
That's what the unconscious will retain.
When you use this kind of creature, you have to oppose it to some
something very different.
This is the story of the frog and the bull, the prince transformed into
frog ... Etc ...
An important thing of the Gallic druidic cult that masters through
parallels with nature is the enhancement of animal life or plant life
in a legendary form.
Thus, the dwarves who populate the mountain, great workers pickers of
treasures, find their original story in the life of the Fourmies, fierce
fighters, rich and hardworking, living between her..etc
There is a way to create his creature, quite used and proven on
the imaginary.
The head, the body and the legs must come from existing but different beings.
For example: a bird's head, a lion's body and taupe's legs
will give a kind of creature more effective on the imaginary than a lot
The world of the dead.
The Gauls were forbidden to visit the deep forests, in fact
this is where the secrets of the world of the dead are.
I often went camping where I wander through the forests of nights and I can
to say without doubts that this is where the world of the Gallic dead lies.
The darkness of the trees and the lack of moon maintain a very
specific. You will find in these places, during the night, all the matter
necessary to write the legends of ghosts and other monsters that haunts
the imagination of the man.
Deer rushes to your side, hitting the spell, producing
sound effects very impressive of friends, him, does that to make you run away
because you had entered the territory where he raised his cubs, but
you'll imagine a thousand fantastic things. Boar screams in the woods
a terrifying lament for those who do not recognize his cries.
The wolf comes rumbling at your side to get a piece of ham or other.
Even the hedgehog leads an eventful zizanie in the bushes that surround you.
Obviously, these animals will certainly never attack you. But the atmosphere
serviced in this darkness is truly incredible, and you'll have many
opportunities to create your fantastic stories in these places.
Among the best known, there are birds singing in the night and we have
called angels of the spiritual tree.
To appease the spirits of the dead.
The Gauls believed in the persistence of the spirit after death, then in the
Death is a great misfortune and to prevent the spirits of the deceased from
come back to haunt them, it was asked the druids to erect a cantalon where a
Madera. It is a small stone altar where wood, engraved with an inscription to the
memory of the deceased. A paid service.
This altar can also be erected to correct the evils of the soul in general. And an

Sadness, a disappointment, can also be the reason for setting up the "Madera".
Gaulish culture
Gaulish culture

It is dedicated to the deity who is most concerned with the evil to fight where by
the healing of it.
NB: you will find in the page "maxims and other good words" part of the
philosophical matter necessary to write tales.
The gods.
The gods offer the opportunity to see things big.
Druidism is not really a religion, where only half. The gods
are the general consideration of spiritual entities, often related to the need for
Define an order of action or occupation, such as agriculture, medicine, etc.
These represented entities are actually minds, ways of thinking.
For example, I would say that the American spirit is a god, the spirit of the trees
also, they are spiritual constructions.
To laugh a little, we could have fun of the god Panous, it is the god of the tribe
liars, when asked who is the fault, they answer you
all: "it's panous".
Let's laugh in, because this common spirit exists, it represents the tribe but still the great
Evil god Panous who would be the god of liars.
Another deity: Myrdh
We know that it has something to do with Marten and a medicinal plant. With death
Vase with emblematic spiral of druidism and two pre-Christian crosses, Europe -
3000 to -5000 years.
   It is of Gaul that the myth of Jesus Christ (IESUS) arises, through the
ancient cult of the god Aesus, divinity of the rebirth of blood and guardian of life
after death.
 Here are some arguments:
In the ancient Gaulish language, the name "Esus", the salmon, meant "the gift of the
life. "The servant.
It is a cult that has its source in the zodiac layout.
The fish is located nine months before the winter solstice, a gestation that
ends on the first day of rising sun in the annual cycle, so this is the
cult of gestation (mortuary?), then renaissance-ressurection of the sun.
the clergy, in the fourth century, would have decided to fix the date of birth of Jesus at
December 25, grafting on a pagan festival.
The fish was the sign of recognition of the first Christians, it is also
the animal that symbolizes rebirth in the waters of the time of the god Salmon, Esus
among the Gauls. (Esos).
The baptism ceremony which is that of purification and renaissance
also comes from the cult of water present in Gaul.
To say that the first Christians took refuge in the catacombs of Rome is
already a stupidity, I never heard that the mouse takes refuge in the
belly of the cat.
The Gallic bull, Donnotarvos is still represented in and outside the
Christian churches, bull that symbolizes the genetic nobility of the races, this
from the beginning. This one is at the end of time, the guardian of life after the
death, rebirth through filiation by the blood, power of which Esus is
become the representative after cutting the tree of eternal life to make it
his house.
The eternity promised by the Christian god is also a parallel with the worship
Gaulish of the eternal waters of time.
The creation and temporal god of light, Lug, is also part of
Christian beliefs through Lucifer, the angel of light that begot: the time
on earth.
The Gallic cantalon is a pillar above which is placed a basket of
fruit offered to the stars, it is a place of ritual songs. Catholics have
kept the pillar but installed a cross over it. We still find them
often at the crossroads, they still served at the beginning of the last century of
place of worship where the songs were heard.
We know today that most Christian churches were built
exactly on sites belonging to Druidic worship
The pillar of the nautes was found under the church "our lady", the nauts being
mariners, Esus, the ax god is therefore a carpenter.
But one thing in particular proves the druidic filiation to Christian, these are
the words reported from the son of god.
Example: "you will not die because you will live forever in me".
Esus is indeed the god who embodies eternal time (kernunos) in
which rebirth allows immortality.
The position of Jesus Christ during his sacrifice and crown of thorns resembles
by many aspects to the tree-god Kernunos. Gallic God of time. But the
The most striking resemblance is that of the sacrifice practiced during ceremonies
dedicated to the god Esus.
On the Gaulish vase currently exhibited in Denmark we can see a woman (mori,
death, which also means the sea where all waters end and begin,
it is one of the expressions of the worship of the waters of time, Druidic) which holds in its
arm a dead man.
There is exactly the same image among Christians who call her Mary, the mother.
The correct interpretation of the book of revelations will convince you, the
Christian religion was born 2000 years ago on the ashes of the Gallic cult, it
took most of his dogma. An ancient writer pretty well describes the
worship of the god Esus, during ceremonies, a bloody corpse is exposed in a
tree, exactly the same kind of practices that Christ represents on his cross.
A sacred birth in the death of a human being.
Moreover, this concern for the immortality of the human belongs to the people
Gallic, for these, the death of the soul does not exist, it is just another way
among others on the paths of time, we do not really die, we imprint
a different road-story that takes you to another place, that's all.
Repeating the thread of Greek legend, Zeus is the son of Chronos, so
at the same time, Esus would be the son of Kernunos and Jesus that of the temporal God
described in the book of revelations. The reflection is very Cartesian, these
very sustainable probability.
On this Gaulish currency anterior to Christianity, a cross. Each end
refers to birth, youth, man's life, and death. One of them
is planted in Christian places of worship.
On this Gaulish currency anterior to Christianity, a cross. Each end
refers to birth, youth, man's life, and death. One of them
is planted in Christian places of worship.
    There are dozens of signs of the parentage of the two religions that
became enemies. One of these parallels lies in the denomination of "ewes"
Christian flock, it is necessary to know that the ram (male leader of the flock) does
part of the sacred Gallic animals, it is even precisely he who lends his horns
to the creationist snake that breeds history. Snake also belonging to
Christian beliefs ...............
The Roman church persecuted in particular the Druids accused of sacrifices, she who
caused several million deaths since the beginning, the lensonge and the violence
Christian contrast with his dogma but has always existed.
The pillar of the natives representing Aesus was found under the cathedral Notre Dame.
The other name of the Christian God is Jehovah, which means "the journey of life",
in other words, the temporal journey of life, Kernunos is also the temporal god of
snaking way of each one's vital story.
The Christian church punctuates the works and other human occupations since
2000 years thanks to the hour provided by the steeples. It's also one of the faces of
worship of Kernunos-Chronos.
Kernunos is the tree-god of time which is represented in the form of a tree
spiritual, church architecture mimic the arches formed by
the intertwining of the trunks and branches which sheltered the Gallic ceremonies.
The plant friezes adorning the entrances are of ancient origin, see the
Gallic coins.
The niches that house statuettes exist in the Druidic trees, it
this is abstract art.
Despite what it seems, this site is not anti-Christian, it defends the
The god kernunos is noble for the Gauls. He was called "dis pater", the one
who transmits his blood. His representative animal on earth is the bull in a
But we find Kernunos carved in the first Christian churches.
His divine presence in the kingdom of heaven is reflected in the constellations.
It is undeniable that Gallic philosophers are at the origin of Christian worship.
Why believe in Jewish filiation that has nothing to do with this philosophy
 It seems likely that Celtic or Masonic priests were accomplices of this
orientation of the cult of Aesus. Moreover, only the Celtic druids were not
chased by the Romans, at least those who made themselves interested friends.
Another of these Christian orientations is that Kernunos was
replaced as principal god by Donn.
Donn in the world from above, Donnotarvos on the middle world, Aiduos in the
world from below. The Dis Pater.
Moreover, in matters of particular spirit, another thing is denoted:
the very pious spirit that reigns in Christian churches offers a parallel
complete with that denoted by the votive inscriptions left by the Gauls.
 Christian holidays are held precisely on the same dates as the old cults
The brutal censorship practiced by Christians for all that concerns culture
Gallic is sufficiently warlike not to see the fear of seeing
resurrect the truth of Christian origins. Some even deny
the existence of Vercingetorix ........... it is serious doctor!
There is a link between the twelve apostles and the rainbow, it is the rose window that
adorns many churches. It is an interpretation of the circle of quads that
was used by the druids.
(see the chapter of the Pythagorean Druids).
Me what convinced me is this sentence inscribed in the stone in Gallic there
at 2300 years old: "Aesus, let me spit!"
Spitting and spitting is a method still present in the Middle Ages for
to rid oneself of one's moods, which one believed to be responsible for diseases ...
Aesus was therefore a healer and a woodcutter and therefore a carpenter ....
remind you someone?
I do not seek any recognition from Christians,
people only believe what suits them and this has always been the case.
How can we believe that obscurantism can move in sharpness,
honesty, only mysticism, maybe bright, she only, I made this
difference by experience.
How can we believe that by closing our eyes we can see further ?? How
can we believe that in a horrible and unbearable death, we can acquire
the eternity of the mind, the soul and the body, other than by refusing the truth, if
disturbing be it.
Can Christians defeat their dragon, their devil, fight all
sore souls as they feed on the meanest of them?
Only druidism can do that.
Nb: Christians have been swearing for 2000 years that he will join those who will interpret
the book of revelations correctly, it is noted black and white in the book, the
druids are the only ones who can do it but they are not part of the church
Catholic and that will never be the case, druids who are the only ones who can
install a spirituality of nature that could change the future of the
planet. And yet, 2000 years of promises will not be held because of
Gaulish Druid
An energetic tree
Druid of energies
Shamanism of the Druids
This page is a summary of what I could find on various sources that
I visited.
I prefer to use the term "energy druid" because shamanism is a carrier
of a folklore that belongs to him. However, practices are
close together.
Shamanism is a view of the mind, another view of the hidden world.
All that exists consists of a particular resonance in this world not
Trees live and observe what surrounds them, a tree smells and feels and
release themselves an energy.
All beings are hotbeds of acting spirits.
The nights of full moons are conducive to exchanges with the other world.
The druid of energies mixes with the forces of his main tree and ends with
get to "emit" the same kind of message.
Few can feel all the tree species and become a receptacle of their
force but some people do it.
Being part of this environment where the equilibrium of forces reigns the druide communie.
There is no injustice in the undergrowth.
The baton is important in these moments, including bells, lights of
colorful wool where carved, others keep their original shape.
I have owned more than one, rosehip, charm, chestnut or willow. My
last is a snake baton.
It is during these passages in the forest where all the energies mingle
that the druic creatures appear, their names and their form change but
the feelings are the same. These spirits are fond of quiet areas and can
to be in big cities too.
In this world the distances are abolished and the sounds different.
The forest is a living being made of countless spirits, the great
druids get to feel the whole world as a being in the ether as well as
to commune with all that exists.
In some places the energies condense and become oppressive, that's it,
in these moments that we must know how to keep the balance of forces without scilling
because it could become dangerous for the energy-energetic druid-shaman.
We try to name the entities that go through the night but they are words
of men, imperfect for the ether they designate.
The druid controls the energies and manages to ripen them, it can change
the spirit of something, of someone where the spirit of the whole world if he has the
mastery of this cosmos apart.
these people are not bad, it is thanks to that that they can mingle and converse
with the forces of the history of the planet that take the time.
My personal aura is very special and tonight some of you
will feel my presence beside them if they have the gift.
Some druids manage to do that and in this resonant world there is no
The exercise of the mental apprehension of the energies should be done every day
up to the next level which allows the feeling and the interpretation
natural, without the need for any concentration.
Every evening at 9 pm (summer time) I go into a trance, a waking trance and
yet I can feel the whole world, very slowly, without burning my
own energies.
I was born with the gift, others learned to master it.
Do not forget to keep your feet on the ground, I'm an artist, never forget
However, modestly, in case one of us can one day disturb the
waves received by a radio near him or her, for example, by
I can say that he will have a great potential in the future ....
The powers of the waters
The powers of the waters
Prepare the sources.
These sources are the emanations of fluids that you will have to master.
The flows are felt, they do not have a purely physical existence. Those are
"fluids" that move in the ether.
To better apprehend them and avoid bad "ways" (views), you have to
prepare, fasting is a good way for that if it does not exceed a day,
besides, food also has its importance for the following of what certain
name the ritual.
Avoid beef at all costs (except in case of physical weakness) and
prefer white meat, fruits like legumes must be
picked fresh or even consumed on the spot, in the kitchen,
fine pickles two to three times a week, cucumber two to three times per
week, leeks are also indicated. The list of foods is enough
The control of energies requires to provoke certain deficiencies (in metals),
but especially not in the long run. This causes a physical sign enough
distinctive: the color change of the iris.
The fruits mainly should be consumed on the tree where the bush.
 You will quickly realize the difference of taste and "light" of these
dishes prepared by nature.
Such a diet will help a lot to cure diseases, serious or less serious.
You will have to ban alcohol and other products leading to artificial paradises,
if you consume a little alcohol, one where twice a month I do not think that's
be a real problem, however: none of these things in the blood before and during
your experiences on energies
you will regret it with certainty by the
Religious especially use objects used to extract certain energies,
this is called an extractor.
Most often, it is an object of art created in the culture of the one who
Idols, paintings and songs that causes a state of trance light or deep.
Of course, most people who approach these objects are unaware of the
most of the changes they cause in them.
Unsuspected potentials.
This work of mastering the vital energies should be done at the discretion of
Moreover, when you move in a crowd, your feelings sharpened you
will make perceive different "auras" and some belong to people
prepared by nature for precisely evolved in the world with all the potential
energy that a human can have.
What emerges from the study of the movements is to move, noticeably the
limbs by mimicking the movements of the foliage of a tree in the wind.
The activity must be constant, without saccade and without getting tired, it lasts at
less than half an hour.
It's like a kind of dance that captures and mingle with the flow.
Those who will practice it with talent will be surprised to see
living beings attracted by light.
You should arrive at this kind of gesture by vacating your usual occupations.
By dint of feeding in knowledge of the energy effects of healthy food,
to blossom with this world of energies by combining its own strengths with
others, you will find that your metabolism slows down.
You will always heal as fast, see a little more, but diseases,
microbial where from bacteria you will reach less.
Slower, less deeply, your hair will grow back and you will have the surprise
to see that you do not live as fast as your entourage.
Light Therapy.
We work the light of the spirit, and the colors of the water.
A good way to discover some facets of your spiritual energies is to
to practice light therapy.
For the stingy, I advise you to buy a turntables sold in
trade. These are provided with small diodes of various colors arranged
around the disc that light up at different intervals.
By placing a vase where a transparent container on the craft, the spring water it
contains emanates very impregnating things from the human brain and understanding
information he receives.
Expo in the dim light, about five minutes every two-three days (and especially
no more than 15 minutes).
Light and magnetism.
Some will say that the true powers of druids, called magic, would be those
bones and magnetisers.
The phenomenon exists seriously.
I draw attention to something more complete, so-called
light is the energy of time, which has to do with magnetism but more
commonly with the druid's omniscience.
Explicitly and for example, you have already wondered how a being
nascent acquiring the implicit knowledge that allows him to live and evolve?
How can an elephant know which plants are poisoned where
The mother guides him but can not explain everything to him, he is acting instinctively.
It is the part of omniscience.
Humans also benefit from this miraculous potential and the druids
use it at a higher level yet.
Gaulish Druid
Defeat the dragon
Nothing stops life.
So how to defeat the dragon?
The animal is considered eternal, invincible, and has seven heads that can not be
fight together.
Moreover, he never shows his true face and it is the absolute vice which animates him ...
But if you can not fight it that way, it's mostly because he never gave
his name, otherwise you could recognize him and master him.
Churches of all times have given it certain characters to designate it,
off I can tell you that everything was wrong and actually protected it.
The Catholic Church designated it as the sum of all bestialities
animal ..... it's wrong. I know wiser animals than humans, they do not
do not destroy their natural environment, they are part of it and that's the
In addition some have decked it with physical terrestrial characters.
that's also
a wager, where rather it is the work of some artists so talented they
have been taken seriously. Especially if you see a dragon crossing your
garden ... call your doctor (no police-help otherwise it's you who will go
to embark, it is a clever dragon) as soon as possible and consult the heading
"insomnia and somnanbulism" in the book of medicinal plants.
Well, this famous dragon has no physical existence of its own,
so it's a spiritual entity ....
The legends say he has seven heads, actually, like the septs
the spirits of the agniau, the dragon also possesses seven particular spirits.
Christians are also dressed in seven deadly sins that would be his
faces ... still missed.
It is said that he is master of temptation and triggers passions.
not exactly right .... personally I believe that a life without temptation and without
attractions it's not a life.
If I were prevented from eating a chocolate cake when I meet one I would be
very unhappy and the dragon has still spread its evil.
No, the real evil is the abuse, the unequal excesses of the human character, because the
it belongs to the spirit of man only.
So here is his true face, the one that is central to the other six, the one he
will have to overcome: "inequality".
(For the seven spirits of agniau, the central spirit is equality).
Around the inequality we find two other opposites but devastating of
lives .... the extreme and gratuitous aggressiveness as well as the extreme spite that provokes
Here are two more of the seven heads of the dragon: aggression and sluggishness.
Then come two other opposing minds that keep people from exchanging and
to evolve: shame, which Catholics and other extremist churches have a lot
worn, and its opposite ... disdain, which never brings luck to the one who uses it.
Two other heads of the dragon.
It is also said that this dragon is a liar, but the lie can be good or bad.
(To make a lie to do good is not bad, but to lie to
self is the assurance of never rising).
In fact, the basis of all these evils is blindness and its opposite, the
fascination, these are the other two heads.
You now know the names of the seven heads of the dragon.
I speak in the revelation leaf of the dragon book, and the ancient satire that
was the spirit.
The seven spirits of the lamb
But this dragon also has 10 horns, these ones evoke a system of value
antique which I show an example sweetened in my sheets figures.
One of these ancient values ​​was "bliss".
How is it that this deified beneficence belongs to the dragon?
I am going to explain to you, it is mentioned three worlds of the living, the first is
that of the physical, the second is that of the soul and feelings, the third is
that of the spirit, deified.
The happiness of the body is very good, nothing to say.
The bliss of the soul is rather benevolent too.
The happiness of the spirit, on the other hand, is not good at all for anyone.
Because it induces inaction and therefore spiritual sluggishness ...
The dragon does not bear his legend for nothing, it is the animality that is incarnated in
reflective mind, by words and phrases especially but it can happen
with other memory senses
So, above all, never stop thinking, believing yourself to be too happy.
Serenity of mind is a good thing, not the bliss that is a shot
Gaulish Druid
On hundreds of deities whose Gallic peoples left us traces,
I was able to group all the trends into 24 main divinities.
I established these trends through the philosopher's stone. Keeping
the balance between the cognitive differences necessary for human reflection.
The physical needs are represented in parallel.
They are 24 old men, because each of the Druids represents a precise deity. And
this divinity itself is a philosophical incarnation of defining ideas a
human tendency.
I do not give all the keys on this site because these secrets do not belong
only to initiates who have persevered.
The Gaulish culture has left us 2500 names of gods on all its
a renewal of knowledge of this particular subject that is mythology
The great god of rebirth and light in the night of spirits
his name was Lug, still known today as "moonlight". He was there
divinity of the creative and luminous reflection of the life-history of each. It is
Lug who is recognized as reigning on the earthly world. It is confused with
Taranis but the latter is actually Donn's warlike incarnation when this
last took the head of the pantheon instead of Kernunos, precipitating the
creative Lugus in oblivion.
the three masters, past, present and future.
Stonehenge, temple of time
You are many, much more than I thought you would hope for the rebirth of
gods and practicing paganism, these various cults into several deities poses
questions for the neophyte to whom I will answer, me the Cartesian.
Are there really many gods?
Yes.There are reflective entities in the ether that can act on the
physical world without having a body.
The knowledge of the energies will bring the proven signs to those who
will train.
Is there an omnipotent deity?
Not in the ether, it's a balanced, sharing world.
Can one through a cult establish contacts with these deities?
Yes, under certain conditions.
Magico-religious phenomena, can they occur, caused by these
Yes, I call it distortions of time, of history. And when the gods
tell your story there are inevitably very paranormal things where
rather: not very normal. I can not hide that I witnessed
many times.
The Druid Where Druid Can He Get to a Divine State?
Yes, but that would be the end of his humanity, and his philosophy, it's a price to
pay that is very heavy. But there is also the possibility for those who have
acquired enough knowledge, to diverge, change their own way of time in
along a virgin path.
So they where they create their own world, that's what makes them gods.
How to practice an effective worship?
Through the arts, certainly, but is it a true cult?
The name of the divine druids
If you did a little tour of this site, you understood that each deity
has its cultural tree, its assigned matter.
There are more than 2500 denominations of gods and goddesses Gallic.
We also know that the Druids were deified as gods.
So I asked myself this question: we only know one Druid name (this
which is perfectly impossible) ancient, Diviciacos, friend of the Romans. Given
their divine renown, is that by chance (where not), these other 2500 divine names
do not belong to the druids who cultivated all these trees, all these
different cultures ???
Grannos for example was he a druid before becoming a god ???
Interesting! But let's push the thought further: each deity is she
emanation, one of Kernunos' horns and hence one of the facets of the spirit
of the druid, of those represent the spirit of Kernunos?
Look at the diadem found in Vix, in my opinion it was the tomb of a
goddess, where more exactly a scientist.
It was not found true idols of Gallic origin, only lows
reliefs referring to the pictorial philosophy of the Druids.
A single statuary representing the Tarascan holding two heads corresponds in
truth to the fact that idolatry is pure horror among the tribes involved.
Remember Brennus who scoffed romantically at Roman ideals.
Moreover, we must accept the fact that the only ideals that were found were
were decapitated in Gallic times. It can not be a coincidence,
idolatry was forbidden because it was a practice too obscurantist, too
dangerous for balancing a shared spirituality in all tribes.
Any representation that refers to a cult is actually the pictorial expression of the
philosophy of these peoples. There are no real gods, just ideas
artistically put in values. The god-trees themselves are not real
gods, it is the expression of nascondes but existing spiritual powers,
clearly established
Druids were the first culture
 and the idols the counterculture that came up with the Roman idols mingled with
Gallo-Roman dogma ..
I do not deny, however, that there are still things that the world does not know where
and must not explain. You do not know what these black forces are, they do not
should not be used even if they exist.
Believers still have good days ahead of them, and even
certainly ... indefinitely.
As far as we are concerned, it must be understood that druidism is a science
with a big S. A science of spiritual forces.
(A lesser comparison would be that made with mentalism, an ability
more where less clearly explained, troubling, but who has proven its existence. And
however, no deism is not necessary).
Alpha and Omega.
The ancient priests, especially the druids, thought that life came from
alpha and omega combined. the light of the sun but also of the moon,
associated with the waters of time.
The big book and the little book of time were also nicknamed the big wheel
(moon) and the little wheel (sun) of the chariot of time.
The Gallic calendar counts 366 nights per year, the first and the last are
two half-nights.
We can easily conclude that Kernunos, the god of time, embodies the Alpha and
the Omega, the beginning and the end of the times for a druidic year.
At that time, the officiants sacrificed the bull to symbolize the
destruction of obscurantism.
It was the culture of the light of the spirit.
The European bullfights are the cultural result that has come down to us.
Taurus who was named Ades, Aiduos, Donn's and that Christians in their darkness
named Dios. The god of the dead whose paths are unfathomable. Most of
Druids have also chosen the dark ways of religion, leaving aside
the luminous philosophy of the Alpha.
And so among the Gauls, god ... has established itself underground.
Water and light (fire) is the physical representation of the god's thoughts
The Ark of Heaven, the colors of the soul and the colors of human eyes that
appear for the Samainos period.
The Ark of Heaven, the colors of the soul and the colors of human eyes that
appear for the Samainos period.
on this piece of trunk, waves represent the waters of time.
The course of water is the mirror of thoughts.
The course of water is the mirror of thoughts.
The reflection of the water where is the path of the fishermen kings.
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10. The universe tree is the universal tree.
 Some druids bury themselves completely in the middle of a forest for
simulate the tree and the roots of the spirit (they let out only the
The tree is at the center of druidic spirituality, in general it is the oak that
is erected as a pedestal of the accomplishment of justice within the tribe but
another place is made for other tree species that are frequently mentioned
in present and ancient Druidism, each one being the epitome of a spirit
different (If is the tree of the gods traditionally of eternity;
that of the justice of the physical world, the willow, the tree of women and the passage
of life through death), there is also reference to a grove, a
sacred forest.
Kernunos the tree god seems to incarnate in a big universal tree.
The intertwining of the branches is the demonstration of the interconnectivity of all
what exists in this world. The rhythm of the seasons, the fructifications, the nests
birds are houses, more or less obscure foliage, thorns,
resistance, the beauty of the essences, everything is connected to one side of life and the
Gaulish thought. The Gauls live in the world-tree of their tribe, moreover
their houses are made of wood and each branch seems to be a road. It is
always osmosis with the surrounding nature, the tree is the representation of the
natural construction of a balanced mind that grows in the light.
The oak is also the symbol of Teutates protection against aggression
weather of Tanaris the devastating.
Teutates embodying the defense, two complementary warlike parts and
antagonists depending on the situation.
One important thing is almost certain lies in the fact that Teutates is
a deity of wooded countryside and villages, not big cities. The
oak is his obligatory residence, his imaged universe.
The tree god is metaphorical of a master tree, centenary, powerful, graceful,
balanced, rooted in a thousand-year-old people and culture.
NB: Some of you who aspire to free mastery will be confronted with
protesting moods from other druidisers. Aggressiveness never
is part of the philosopher's mind of the Druids, actually if you were confronted
to this kind of stupidity, you will have to accept the fact that if someone tries to
you "counter", it is a natural phenomenon.
And the higher your spiritual energy, the more aggressive your vis-Ã -vis.
This is part of the balance of the universal tree, and in case you stop
activities, your "enemy brothers" will also disappear. It's up to you to accept this fact
it is you who create these fractures and who are responsible for the future of your
belligerents. The tree is world, the infinite spirit.
Spirit of the tree.
The human body is known as the metaphysical image of the spiritual tree.
His veins contain the sap and blood of the wild cherry tree, his
branches and roots, his leaves listen to the divine light with diligence.
The books, the paintings are our flesh and our blood, the songs are our
skin, the sculptures are our eyes.
the Gauls and especially kings and queens were known to sport
complicated hairstyles. It's actually part of the cult of the spiritual tree, the
demonstration of a tidy mind.
The feet are recognized as the roots of the tree, the body and the arms are
assimilated to the trunk and branches. The skull houses the spirit and its connections while
that the hair, the hairstyle, are considered the sky, the visible part of the
Ancient coins representing monarchs demonstrate hairstyles
complicated, having regard to the education they had acquired and shown. Hence the
nickname Gallic haired.
One of these coins perfectly shows the presence of a snake coming out of the forehead.
The snake is symbolic of history, of thought in motion.
This snake of history.
The foliage of the year takes the various colors of the soul at the time of
samainos, at this point is how much the spiritual tree learned from colorful during
this annual cycle. It's the secret of the rainbow and the colors of the soul.
That's why the beginning and the end of the Gallic year coincide with this period
annual samainos affiliated to spirituality.
plane tree
Glowing roots of a willow, like veins sinking into the body of the
Glowing roots of a willow, like veins sinking into the body of the
The Gallic spiritual tree.
The sacred tree is looming in all directions, enlarging its branches as much
In the center of these branches, at the start of the branches and above the trunk, is a
hollow which is called the heart, the deity of one of the Gaulish gods.
I only remembered six philosopher's trees and one said magician.
The oak (Cassanos, tree of the kings), the ash tree (Onno, tree of the queens), the island
tree of the gods), the being (Bagos, tree of the old people), the job (Betua, tree
men), the willow (Salica, tree of women) and the hazel (Coslo, tree of
However all other species have a special character too.
Willow is the tree of rebirth. If you cut a branch, it will push back
easily as soon as he finds a wet memory land.
"Lega" means silt in Gaulish, any loamy earth is a memorial leg of the
past, of what has happened in the temporal water.
The sacred tree is at the beginning and at the end of all cycles, ancient philosophy
said: "the tree gives birth to all beings, the most evolved feed on
smaller, then they go back to feed the tree themselves. "
The oak grove surrounds a clearing called "Ercuialon", the place of men
strong and balanced.
The oak grove surrounds a clearing called "Ercuialon", the place of men
strong and balanced.
Leaf of hazel
Leaf of hazel
Willow, ash and oak combined.
Willow, ash and oak combined.
Egg, flower and fruit
Egg, flower and fruit
The willow is confused with the olive tree because if its general shape and its fruits are
different, the foliage and the antlers that carries it are very similar
visually. Willow is presented as the tree of eternal life (which repels
in the waters of time) while the olive tree is considered the tree of the dead.
Its skeletal forms are worth this name.
NB: some trees would have lived up to 9000 years, the age of the first scientists.
Celts where Gallic?
During Antiquity, the Celtic tribes had not spread over all
territories of Western Europe, yet they shared a fairly
close with the neighboring tribes.
Gallic being a general term attributed to everyone seems it.
Some Celtic Druidizers today boast of their pride
and ... stupidity but not all, the most educated know their tribes well.
At the time, there were Gallic Druids, Celts, Ligurians, from Belgium,
Aquitaine, Armorica, Algeria, Ireland ... etc. and so on. All these tribes
respected each other
Among all the names of divinities found (2500+), many are
untranslatable in ancient Celtic.
The Gaulish language regained everywhere has not been translated by the
Celtisants and for good reason, it is not a Celtic language.
Big differences of worship also appear, especially for the worship of
In modern times, many of those who claim to be Celtic live even
not on the ancient Celtic territories, but hey, culture has no borders,
the one in which they are inscribed is that of a contemporary world.
By reading the articles wikipedia (the Mac Donald dictionaries) one realizes
that the Celtic invaders of the 21st century all claim the word of Caesar
(oops) who as we know very well, has cheated, lied and betrayed his entire career.
He was assassinated by his close political friends, to tell you if he was
The writings of this Caesar are not worth much in fact. Did you know that
Godichon wrote Gauls, who lived in huts in the depths of the woods?
In fact, he has never seen any of the great cities of ancient Gaul without
doubt? He was wrong way and had invaded Africa!
Druidic figures
We know very little, and yet our ancient Druids were Pythagoreans.
Below is a value system that should look a lot like the old one
The number zero is the figure of immobility,
The number one is the number of uniqueness.
The number two is the number of the duality,
The number three is the number of the multitude.
Four is the complementarity figure.
Five is the number of integrity.
Six is ​​the number of the acquired and the discernment.
Seven is the figure of spiritual wholeness.
Eight is the number of divinity.
Nine is the figure of renewal and creativity, it is that of the soul, nemetos
in Gallic.
This system is mine, the old system only includes 7 digits in others
dogmas, it works for a short time yet and is present on the symbolism of
Gallic sculptures already 2500 years before our days. He still serves all around
the land and the indhou use it as a chacra system, the Jews claim
its origin but it is present in cultures well before theirs.
For the numerologies this spiritual system makes it possible to evoke the tendencies dice the
birth, if you are born, a seventeen for example, you are under the sign 1
of uniqueness and 7 of spiritual wholeness, so certainly a scholar.
My 9-digit system works pretty well, see better because the old calculations
had only 7 digits maximum, with 9, we agree more with the
calculations of solar, lunar, zodiac and terrestrial cycles.
By the way I want you to remember that the old calculations
were returned to the half-unit near, so accurate but not enough, the cycle of the
moon was calculated on 29.5 rotations.
a talking example: 666
It should not be forgotten that this figure is that of bestiality and
the horror ... among the obscurantists and especially among the Catholics, that wants
probably say that for druids, this number is that of brightness and
science then .... let's study it.
It seems that the base of the accounts was based on the numbers 6,
6x6 = 36
36 columns to Doric, Ionic and Corentine temples frequented by
Gallic druids, but more. The spiral, symbol of druis is the result
of a logarythmus representing time.
Count as well, 1st column 1 + 2 = 3
2nd column + 3 = 6
3rd column + 4 = 10
This up to the 36 columns of the temple and then accumulate all the results and you
will get the figure of 666!
This is the number of temples, sacred houses that housed the sciences
antique ....
666 the worst figure for obscurantists and the most beautiful because forming a
great for scientists!
666 is the figure that represents the spirit and the physique, it is the figure of
the man.
This number indicated by the columns also reminds us how many years were
necessary in ancient times to become a druid, only half of each
column is illuminated (that's why they are crenellated), the other part
in the hombre. 36 columns divided by 2 equals 18 .......... 18 years of study, 18
passage of grades.
18 columns of light, 3x6 .... 6,6,6.
You understood that I had just put in your hands the system
ancient mathematics that the druids used and that even the Freemasons
did not know themselves until today ... of 2017.
I talk too much! I should have kept this secret there too! Too bad and think about that
we can do it because still today .....
Now dig your head and try to transpose this system to volumes
said perfect (whose opposite sides are equal) of equilateral triangle type and
square, have fun with a curve too.
You will be amazed at the result, and you will perhaps understand the uses to which
this system served, and also that our ancient druids were true
because the resulting mathematical system is at least as
resulted than the one we use today.
So this figure 666 is the link that encompasses the big whole: the sacred and the human.
Reflection to postpone with the book of time, the revelations.
Another figure of the book 144
6x24 = 144 to relate to the calculation of time, a calendar.
I call the mirror of the waters, the difference and the cumulation between the sacred world of
the spirit and the world of the animal human.
The spirit world is always bigger than the physical world.
36x12 = 432
Remember the figures of the phylosopher's stone ...
432 (spirit) in the mirror of the waters gives 234 (body).
432 + 234 = 666.
These are the time figures remember, I do not give all the
explanations in detail here, only clues because it will be too long. And
I want you to find for yourself, those who understand are people
In particular, repeat all the figures of the "revelations", and compare them with
calendars and cycles of the mind, especially those of the moon and the sun ...
I would be unforgivable not to teach you the golden ratio.
In fact this one was used to define the natural ratio of a logarythmus
between the center of the calendar, throne of Kernunos and its lunar environment.
(This figure of 1.6 is often found in floral increments, but each
history is the time of a flower that blossoms is not it?
Take again the figures of the philosophical calendar.
2x3x4x24 = x
X: 360 = 1.6
It is the demonstrative report of the number of natural increase of time.
Regarding the relationship with the book of revelations, he says in the report
with the number 144.
X = 4 faces of the temple multiplied 144
The 36 columns of the time of which I speak above are 10 units in height. Is
360 ... lunar months.
It's old all that. At least 2500 years back ..... well before the "area"
Another thing of importance, I realized that the number of lines of the texts
Gaulish poets who came to us, always corresponded to the
numbers of the philosophical calendar, 4 for the seasons, 15 or 16 for the half
month ... etc. (Watch out for duplicate months that count double or not at all.
* Druid, the cult of a natural and balanced world like oak. *
Gallic druidism.
Gallic cosmology.
Gallic cosmology is defined as a cross symbolizing a spiritual tree of the
time. (Rather a cross that corresponds to the cleavage lines of Christal
philosopher's, but this schema is more complicated and I will not trouble you in
adding a little more complication).
Each deity has a physical principle where a psychic principle, like
Teutates and Kernunos for example. Lug is also Belenos and Etunia is Epona.
The Gauls thought that we all had a human side and a divine side.
It is divided into three worlds, that of above, Albios, that of the middle
the one from below, Aidubno.
The cycle is represented in light (day) and in darkness (night).
I was able to define another world that explains how the
Gallic mythology. It's an abstract world, the best qualification being
that of an inner world. Kingdom of six children of Kernunos. Inside
crystal waters we find the three masters and three fathers: Etunia the virgin,
Epona maturing, morgana the culmination; then Lug the creator of light,
Esus the way of time and Aiduos plunged it into darkness.
Belenos is found in the Albios.
Kernunos is the male time, on earth he finds himself in Lug (and his alter ego
destructive Tanaris whose wife is Morgana) and Donnotarvos (whose wife is
Damona and her earthly entity: Esus). Bright and dark periods.
Under the earth he is incarnated in Aiduos and Sucellus.
The cross presents a central point which also belongs to a specific god, the one
which brings together all the privileges, the basis of all beliefs: Teutates and his
alter ego Sylvanos who are the incarnation of Kernunos on earth.
The wife of Teutates must be Brigania. That of Sylvanos could be Belèm'na.
Etunia is the great primordial goddess of the world from above (the Moon), she
represents the feminine time. Always in bright, dark (lunar) periods.
the very essence of the green goddess.
The druidic discipline develops the arts of thought in parallel with the spirit
that releases mother nature.
The goddess has a name: EDEN (Etunia the primordial goddess of the green planet and
It is prolific only thanks to light and water.Alpha and Omega.
We are all his children.
She is the Matter of the present, the middle one, the day and the night
(See ancient sculptures).
Gallic horsemen venerated her under the surname "Epona" the day on the world
from the middle, wife of Lug and "Nemetona" at night, wife of Esus.
In the underground world, it is Nantosuelta, "wife" of Sucellus (in
quotation marks because it is about hidden love.
Aiduos must be the husband of Andartaë.
His star is the moon.
Each side of the tree is represented in the form of many deities, each
is the seat of a double face, the first contains love and creativity, the
second is the face of destructiveness ..
Divine couples:
Male Female
Dualities of spirit:
An obscure light-a.
The schema of this kind of training could be represented in symbolic form
branching mistletoe. This plant is indeed the one that defines the world
sacred that transmits on the branches of time. The fruits are assimilated to
stars and leaves to muses.
This paragraph defines quite well the functioning mode of the Gallic mythology,
however, it is possible that I still make some adjustments, some
deities will eventually change their distribution, but very little.
Druidic worship of the waters of light
The waters are the time, and their lights the color of our souls. "By Teutates!
heaven will fall on our heads! "cried the Gallic ones, because at their place, the sky
is an ocean and when it's raining too much, it's like divine punishment.
The waters are the time, and their lights the color of our souls. "By Teutates!
heaven will fall on our heads! "cried the Gallic ones, because at their place, the sky
is an ocean and when it's raining too much, it's like divine punishment.
The night sky is an ocean while the daytime sky is considered a
This cult had a particular aspect in the Gallic hairstyles, each wick
appearing to be a tidy part of the waving thought of the Gauls because the worship
of the light of the waters is a cult of flamboyant reflection, of the beautiful
It is done at night and the moon and stars play an important role in the
reflection of the waves. Those who are going to experience must remember that it does not
do not drink too much from the sources of life, they might lose
to lose their energy forces. No more than 5 minutes of exposure, 30
seconds should suffice.
The experience takes place under a tree where a shelter because you must never look
the stars directly.
"Happy who like the river can follow his course without leaving his bed" paraded
the rebellious student.
And a little philosopher.
The moving waters are like a moving river, time goes by with its
fluidity, innate.
It is of course thanks to the water that life is born and spreads, and it is with its
characters transmitted by his feelings. Fast, flat, cheerful and laughing
when they do not become angry, every living being owes its nature
A speech river.
It seems that this cult of the waters of time comes from the European Neolithic, the
Ornate caves are not hoses carved by the time that contain the
memories in paintings of our ancestors?
What I know deeply is that water is the vector of our sun
internal which makes our physical and psychic vitality.
Belenos was the deity who best expressed that.
The basins of the site of the yellow stones are a particular remains but
the worship of the waters was rendered also elsewhere.
"The earth supports her,
 the air carries it,
The fire warms it,
This is the power of water "
 druid woman.
The ancient druidic cult gave them an important place through worship
The first masters represent the past, it is covered with a lunar headdress, the
second represents the present and his hairstyle is visible as we can see the
present, the third represents the future and is also covered by a
lunar headdress, because the future is not yet visible.
Through the worship of the eternity of the soul, the Druid woman still represents a
trilogy, mortuary this one. Because it is the women who took care of the dead
in ancient times.
The first evokes the past consumed, the second represents the rest and the memory
of the dead, the third symbolizes rebirth and the preparation of the next
life of the dead. For this cult of death, the eagle of the black moon is an emblem. She
fought against evil forces and witches.
Today, these druidesses mingle with men through a common worship,
emancipated from their past roles.
Many are active and are initiated, others self-druidized and
often seek a new dogma.
In any case, the cult of the baans is based on the lunar phases, astrology,
the cult of Ana, that of the waters that give life.
Most modern druidesses are feminists and are looking for their place in
equal potentiality of man.
The Matters and especially their definition of mistresses in the world of the dead are
precisely cultural emanations that are egalitarian parallel to the trio
NB: perhaps the study of Greek dryads will tell us more about cults
ancient female druidics.
Druidism and Freemasonry
Freemasonry is indeed a branch of ancient Druidism but a
bastard branch, I found many symbolisms belonging to the culture
Gallic whose masons have been used and even before taking this
called Freemasonry.
It can go up to 6000 years back and the establishment of sepulchres
cross-shaped, in Ireland. For me that's where the masons appeared.
But if the Freemasons find their origins here, their evolution to
through the centuries have led them to really move away from druidic customs
ancient, and today they claim to be all religions of the world
which they have borrowed so much.
Some compulsory masonic temple ceremonies refer completely to the
Hebrew worship for example, nothing to do with the druids of yesterdays and today.
The masons are good witches.
The bad languages ​​make them worshipers of lucifer, in fact these are the
dark obscurantists because masons especially admire the light of
arts and sciences, a devilry for the christian church of yesteryear and
today. I must admit that they admire the dark magic of a little too much
Freemasons have been trying to create their own church for centuries without
to reach, they remain at the rank of secret society, comdamnés au obscur for
various reasons and especially because it allows them to build relationships
obscure in all modern societies.
Their very great presence in politics does not provoke the confidence of the people. he
just type "Freemasonry" in the search engines to get
report on the scale of the disaster. We know that the GORSSED has gone under
masonic power recently.
According to the approximations that I could operate the masons were part of
followers of the bull, cult of which I speak in other pages of this site.
Since they are trying to reach the light but it is not their essence.
One of the particular things that is blamed on these people is the fact that they
block any possibility of gaining access to a higher position in society to
capable people, very capable even, but not masons, this is a way of doing things
which many secret societies use.
 The reputation of the temple is that of gathering people who in the name of a god
omnipotent, reserve rights without respecting natural selection.
They have the reputation of privileging personal enrichment, it is not enough
spiritual and that is why they can not accede to the respect of the population
in his generalities, religiously and philosophically.
Masons are hiding to avoid persecution according to them, how many people
owe their woes to Freemasonry?
I can not personally defend them even though I know that among them there
are truly admirable people in all their humanity.
So I know a lot of Masonic secrets, and I know by the way their
future, the druidism gentlemen-ladies conceals something that the temple seeks
since always but that he will never know, and if I dared to say even,
that he will never recognize.
To those who join the druidic ranks, however, I wish good thought,
because we are going to need everyone and even some betrayals
are sometimes carriers of a welcome protection ....
You will never do it gentlemen masons because you only work for
you and yet these are all the basics of druidism that you will help in
digging your galleries by building the roots of your tree, the willow,
so welcome to those whom the ancient Druids called "those of the world of
below, "who call themselves today:" the seekers of light ", those
Christians denominate "temple merchants" who created the church
catholic of Rome and who were betrayed by Rome.
Above Freemasonry exists a species of secret consortium whose
most Masons do not know about it. One of their rallying sign is a
hand pointed two fingers forward at the ends, you will find it on many
pictures of the most senior leaders on the planet, it is an insulting sign where
sorcerer according to the advice, and this is the sign of the secret sect of ..... Taurus of
the underworld, Aiduos, master of obscurantists and black energies ...
Conspiracy theory? No, but this secret society really exists ...
There I can tell you that it's black, black and black.
From what I know she was only firmly established 1940 years ago, mixed
Persian, Hebrew and Gallic cult.
On the more purely Gaulish level, a representation of an attacking rider,
posted at the beginning of the snake of life, under the aegis of the white deer god, incarnation
from Lug on Earth was found.
Rushing and going to fight the Donnotarvos, master of the dead and the dark
passage, like the light that wants to conquer the dark period in an adventure
But this fight has no other use than that of the story that gives back
hope because the Donnotarvos must remain in place to perpetuate the order and
the balance of this Gallic world, death being only the obligatory passage at the end of
all life, all history, to be reborn
We can say that those who forget their past Freemason will be allowed to
to leave the hombre which surround them for two thousand years.
Personally I do not think they get there, the cabalist culture is in
effect too much impregnating. The obscurantism surrounding "the brothers" is too
In addition, the trade and exchange that Freemasonry forces its followers to
practice among them first and foremost must be a common way between
druidisants only, but we do not need to hide, the preference
is always that of the heart.
The fortune of the francs
Masons come from the fact that they hide, infiltrate then
between them economic sectors, like Scientologists and
other sects.
They learned to do this at the Templar times, Templars who learned this use
with the Hebrew authorities, it is their only real power on this earth.
God, faith, all this is an excuse.
The symbols masons, pyramids, dots, masks..etc (the piramide with one eye on
dollar banknotes designated currency to use first), serve to spot
companies and products to buy in priority, and if someone, not mason, no
Jewish wanted to make a fortune quickly, it would be enough to affix them on his
own products.
The evils and all the diabolical reputation of this sect, serve to prevent the
the vast majority of people to approach, to be too closely interested in them, and
to prevent the spill of accumulated wealth to the vast majority of the
population, which would be fatal to Masonic worship.
A few beliefs:
How to recognize them? Ask yourself why the media are calling some
people of the "master of the clocks" where well why certain circles
distribute small hourglasses ..
Read this site well.
These hourglasses are normally calibrated accurately according to special figures.
As far as I know, the masons do not have the Gaulish stallion, the one who proceeds
from the front, so they can not use it. And that's one of the causes
takes away all control of the great history of the world, so they continue to
to hide. They can try to find the perfect numbers without going through
their second death, the one that is definitive, it would hasten their end
spiritual according to their beliefs.
The perpetual clock, the endless story, does not exist, it's just a dream
 And rebirth even less for them.
Masons do not control time, except that of their illusions.
This page is not really compliant to Freemasonry, to them of
understand that they must recognize their responsibilities, if this organization
is very different boxes is to keep a certain stability vis a
vis other "churches" to the point of unique views.
I say that Freemasons themselves are manipulated and that their multiplicity serves
other people, and therefore are not fully responsible for a
so-called conspiracy theory that is put on their back arbitrarily.
On the other hand, I invite them to check themselves who pulls the strings by
on it like puppets.
(A striking example would be to highlight the people who proposed
recently to replace the European populations by others of origin
African, at the UN, the masons refused but some of theirs and not just
who signed the document).
NB: in case some of you ask yourself the question, I would like to point out that
I have never been part of Masonic lodges, and would never adhere to them. All
the knowledge described here comes from other sources, it is not
There are secrets of Punchinello. Already known by thousands of people.
Pythagorean Druid
Our Druid ancestors used a geometric system to replace writing,
it helped the memory. They were the ones who taught Pythagoras the basics of
sacred geometry and calculus.
The name of this site is a tribute to Pythagoras, who taught the first basics of
logarithmic calculation through music.
Pythagoras who wrote the golden verses that define a way of thinking and acting
without religiosity while respecting the religious.
The Pythagorean Druids used only 6 musical notes to define life.
Only the logarithm allows to equalize these six sounds in mixable trends.
I am using this philosophy myself. It works well thanks to an axiom
particular: the delay, the art of doing things at the right time.
Normally this timer, the time, must belong to a cycle.
With only 6 notes arranged in fifths ("circle of quads"), a single cycle
Gaulish corresponds. A life, a "saitlo".
This cycle is divided into 12 degrees (12 apostles) on the chromatic scale of the arc in
sky. "(Christian churches in the West often wear a rosette with twelve sides.
Inside, the stained glass windows spread the colors). Three-dimensional projection
is that of the philosopher's stone and its twelve lines of separation of
The pyramids of Egypt are the representation of a rough diamond enshrined in its
gangue of sand.
Life is defined as a colorful music whose temperament is necessarily
unequal.There is need for timing and measurement to control the story.
I call this, logarithm X.
A philosopher's concept.
The system of unmeasured fifths with logarithmic 

can not form a cycle
but only a spiral.
The Spiral is a major symbol of druidism.
It was found a block of clay cooked in Cyprus (to be verified) representative of the
life of a warrior driven in a spiral that unfolds, divided into phase of
fifths. It looks like an engraved ammonite and comes from a Gaulish idea.
Professional researchers have not yet found out which civilization she
comes or pretends not to know?
The spirit and the body
In the Druid, it is established that there are two lives, one for the physical body and one
another for the spirit.
The connection between matter and thought is constituted by abstraction.
Indeed, for the druid, the thought and all its links are not at all the same.
thing as physical matter in all its generalities.
Usually, it is said that matter obeys thought. In the Gallic druid,
mind and matter are related yes, but not constantly.
One could say that he has one foot in our world and the second in another.
There can only be one body in a given world, and this one is tributary
of this environment.
However, the mind can belong to another body, in one or more
other worlds.
This spirit, has several types of exchanges with all its other physical links.
Then you will say: impossible of course.
Yet on a phylosophical level it is quite understandable.
Always, these exchanges are done thanks to the abstraction.
all these exchanges are made at the same time.
For example, cunning is an animal and human character in general while the
Abusive lie is essentially human. Have not you ever wondered if a
lying was not a way to communicate more clearly on another plane,
that is, a lie down here could be an abstract truth in
the unconscious where ....... On another physical plane?
I obviously do not praise the lie (there may be good and bad
lies as well as good and bad truths), I took this example
because it's the most blatant of all primary communication bias
abstract, this, only in humans.
The four dimensions.
There are four dimensions.
The first embraces the horizon and shows us stability.
The second gives us the various orders of magnitude.
The third defines what is far away where not.
These are the three dimensions of the drawing too.
The fourth allows us to appreciate the other three, to gauge them, while
that it itself designates the spiritual infinity. Without this nonphysical freedom, we
do not see things as they are on the physical plane.
The practice of truth belongs only to the directly physical world.
I will take an example directly related to druidic thought: the arts
and human inventions are the source of an unknown action in the mind.
It is also a form of thinking that does not derive essentially from the physical
this is an erroneous evolution of a reflection on the physical world. By mis
all these imaginative reflections, some adapt to our physical world
in the form of ingenuity.
But where do these mistaken and yet viable ways of thinking come from?
Philosophy philosophy ....... yes .... but .... it comes from somewhere else
spiritual that some name god and that the druid also interprets as the link
with another somewhere else.
We would be divided between the human physical world, the spirit world
conscious, that of the unconscious mind and therefore of another reality.
The dream world when we sleep is not part of the physical world. I want
to come to the fact that the physical world, human, terrestrial, may not be the
early world if there was one. Our physical world would be a solid result of
abstract thinking too.
That is, the planet earth is a world that is perhaps only the result
of a thought where of several thoughts.
One of the most amazing human abilities is that of inducing a thought in a
another subject, without having the other physical body with which
spiritual exchange.
One of the things I learned from interpreting the book of revelation is that
we all have the vital scheme of the seven churches of the spirit.
These communicating exchanges inducing a change of thought in others are the
result of a parallel between the thinking of the two protagonists of the exchange, as
a tonnal and sentimental coding: a parallel between the two musics of life
that reason in the heads of two different individuals.
Now I'm going to ask you one thing: where does this light come from?
differently colored according to the tones of the spirit, which captivates the human senses but
animals also, where does this artistic music come from that we can
transpose through physical objects?
Of a temporal rhythm?
Remember that the ancient Gaulish Druids spoke through the satyr
sung, so an abstract message using the music of the rainbow ....
NB on the metempsychosis: the weight of the words hang in the cultural temporal,
a specific memory. Another language reminds you where does it relate to
other lived?
The types of divine spirits of the temporal tree Kernunos.
The Gauls had idealized by words three types of principal spirits;
the creeping spirit of the snake, secret of what is made of past experience acquired
(roots of the tree); the galloping spirit of the fast horse and advancing directly
is that of the present which supports the cadence (the trunk); the flying spirit of
the bird is the one who is educated and can project ideas of the future, it is
access to heaven (high up the tree).
There are also many references to the badger that nests under the roots and
goes out at night and to the bear who can stand up and show his strength, dwell on the
earth with the trunk and climb to the tree on the branches, these two there remain
external animals while the first three belong to the essence of the tree.
Gallic ancient history.
All Gallic male has chosen the muse who will trace his way of life, that's what we
call the divine vessel.
 Tièdi ulacno celicnu.
Hold the beautiful vase.
Around 2000 years ago, invaders led by a badly arrived politician and
away from home by his own classmates, began a war against
the Gallic tribes.
During this war and well after, Gallic artists, druids, bards,
old men and women responsible for teaching new generations, were
pursued under pain of extinction of the great Gallic civilization that had
so much brought in past centuries to these same invaders. The hunt was such
that some of our ancestors, when asked if they were Gallic,
replied that they were Celts, and it is true that some were original
Celtic, it is the Gaulish culture that was attacked.Other still say
today that this same Gallic name was attributed by the intruder armies and that
this country did not exist before. Outside we are sure that Galatians from
Gaules settled in the Asian plains in eastern Europe in the vicinity
300 BC, that the name of Galicia in present-day Spain is very old, of
same as the Welsh, in England. So Gaul existed well before
the invader and that the Celts arrived about 1000 years before our era in
several waves mingled more than they destroyed, to civilizations
already in place.
The study of mythology brings out an important fact, the thought system
Gaulish was very complicated and very deep, the philosophy was customary, alone
a very ancient civilization could have resulted in so many achievements, moreover, the
Gallic lands were so prolific that they could accommodate many
newcomers. Ancient Gaul was like France today, a land
welcome for any constructive population, even from afar. All him
bringing bricks of cultures This book represents only the philosophy of
our ancient artists, art was indeed the main bias of all expression
ideological and sacred. The expression of ideas through a mythology. In Gaulish,
the word ELLUAU is translated as: "first prince", I would say simply: "
luminous elements ", physical or abstract. This is the case of our deities. our
ancient artists had the same logic of the philosophical construction of
ideas and minds of the nation that the Greeks or the Egyptians, this through the
sacred, easy way to impose a line of general intellection to a people all
To find the trace of Gaul thought, I analyzed the number of deities and
their social functions, following the track generally preferred by
current researchers and historians.
I do not claim that I am 100 percent right for all my allegations,
however the parallel that is made between Greek mythology and Gaulish culture
is too perfect not to be revealing and not random but you're going
can you judge the seriousness of my studies? Any contribution of reasoning
supplementary or corrigendum will be appreciated if it is considered serious. Anyway
it is mostly an artist's essay to find a lost civilization. Not
certainties, only elements of Cartesian reflections.
Through this book emerges an ideology, as it concerns the deification of
ideas through mythological characters and deified heads one can
understand that at that time the druids had to use artifice for those who
did not possess the intrinsic logic sufficient to understand and accept
easily new and fluctuating thought due to the evolution of thought
growing civilizer, can admit it through divinizations of
ideas and natural phenomena or fear and envy were the two engines the
more alive. In our time still there are ancient tribes at the bottom of roads to
hardly explored that deify objects from our "more mature" cultures.
It is an engine of the evolution of the minds which gives more ease to understand
and integrate.
This complicated Gaulish ideology gave a lot of
invaders, and that's why these occupants destroyed the arts and chased them
professors. Druids were artists worshiped by their people,
guarantors of the integrity of tribal thought. The Gauls have no fear of
death or evil thanks to the strength of their ideological conception and their
character. The bodies died but the Gallic spirit remained invincible.
The invader then destroyed the ideas and their carriers.
3. Celts or Gauls
The celtisants today we used to recover all the ideas and legends
ancient and from the various successive cultures that settled on the
Gaulish territories. There are fundamental differences between the two
languages, as well as in the styling of the works found, a real
schism. The two cultures mingled with more or less depths following
the places and the tribes, it is certain, but the multitude of Gallic tribes
largely proves that this is not an implementation subsequent to the
Celtic implantations. It is impossible for a civilization to have arrived en masse
from outside without finding any evidence of it. So the
Celts arrived after the installation of the Gallic tribes. As for
the attribution of legends and myths, I also do not think that tribes
Gaulish fraternities have completely copied their culture to that of the newcomers.
There are further notable differences in the cults of the sacrifices practiced
and in the worship of the dead. These two civilizations mingled but not in one
complete osmosis. The Celts settled rather north-west of
Europe, it is in England, Scotland and Ireland that they remained the most
deeply in the memories. the Gauls having kept their territories of the center-
west of Europe, settling even to present-day Turkey. The Gauls have
existed until the sixth century of our era, we must not forget, the cultures
these are already more effaced in the first century.
In fact, through the mythological study, it transpires that the Gauls and the
Nordic tribes have a common past at least as important as with the Celts and
the Greeks.
Another important fact is the difference in eloquence, the Gauls are
famous for their verve and their asides, not the Celts.
Another thing, the Gallic language is not a Celtic language, some words are
common but Greece
Egypt and the Iberians also brought their batches of
lingual creations. The clearest difference would be in the fact that the
Celts hung decaying human corpses at their doors while the
Gallic druids mingled with Greek phylosophers, the truth is that there was
sacrifices no doubt, but far from being generalized.
The centaur knights
A civilization several thousand years old?
A poetic philosophy
15. Extrapolations
Answers and questions
If we take into account the canonical age of the Stonehenge Temple which is a
circular stone calendar, is it possible to think that the menhirs of the
continent are megaliths that served as landmarks in time, temple of
Kernunos among the Gauls, Cronos among the Greeks, and what is the real age of
this ancient European civilization, its name? We can no longer ignore in all
the cases that there really existed a great ancient civilization in Central Europe and
from the west based on osmosis with nature and its cyclical environment.
Some archaeologists date the first stone circles to -10000 years, small
Stonhenge that date from the first agricultural facilities. So that's the
knowledge of the coming time that allowed modern civilization to
settle, the memory of the seasons and more generally that of cycles
cosmological. Then came the deification of craftsmanship and their transmission,
abstraction and realism of elementary ideas are complementary to the
building a general spirit and particular to any nation.
Good reflection and good research to all Graal researchers, which contains
the water of a clear thought, an inspiring muse of the common construction. The water
of a lake containing a pure wave that sends us back Excalibur, the reflection of a
ray of sunshine, the thread of intelligent thought: The alliance of riders who
build a world, because that's what Lug's study tells us
passage from animal to divine, the cult of learning, the cult of artists
creators in osmosis with the nature of the world.
These knights were Gauls and gods, they called themselves centaurs. Only one
was elected king-god above other kings, this is the example of Vercingetorix. The
the round table of our legends is it that of a circular stone temple,
Stonehenge no doubt, temple of time governed by two main periods, a
bright and a dark, cycle of the year but also cycle of human lives. A
relative peace reigned among all the tribes thanks to their strong ideology of
many experiences and the always pressing contribution of druids, magi artists
A complicated philosophy modeled on the natural phenomena of time that allowed
the deification of the chiefs.
Still today, the legend says that King Artur will return from his island of Avallon,
will pass the door that opens on our world. Not far from Vallon Pont d'Arc, on the
plateau of Labeaume, surrounded by the waves, are dolmens that seem
to be the recipients of the eternal soul of our past, small kings
pyramids crossing the times. Belief in the eternity of the soul. The emanation of
life being constantly described as eternal water in a worship that was
spread to the borders of the Mediterranean, that of the great goddess mother.
Druidic cults in general define a controlled evolution of our
human tendencies that move the human species to a higher stage of this
evolution, construction of a universe tree that is renewed on the humus of its
dead leaves thanks to the waters inspiring novelty. Druidism is a
poetic philosophy that carries the reflection very far, always inspired by
surrounding natural phenomena.
6. Some elements of understanding
The vase of Gundestrup
This vase found in Denmark is of a completely Gaulish expression and demonstrates
that these cultures had spread far north. It features effigies of
main Gaulish gods and representation of legends. The study of these
effigies reveals some aspects and differences in vogue in the saplings saplings of
cold lands.
The god who holds two very similar characters must be Kernunos and the
twins are therefore Lug and Donotarvos, the clear and the dark who seems to want to
beat together with fantastic animals that look like wolves. A dog
advance to one of the twins and a winged horse goes to the other. As if Kernunos
separated the two belligerents into two ideological entities.
These two look-alike characters appear as the children of the great goddess whose
a statuary was found in the south of France.
Then, same kind of portrait appears but these are two separate dragons
by the central god and a two-headed wolf kills two twin characters. Two parts
This is the representation of the great three-headed god found everywhere in
Gallic excavations in France. Kernunos and the duality of two twin brothers in
only one character. One with a dog (fearless animosity), the other with the
winged horse (the daring divine). It's the representation of the human.
Another portrait shows a great goddess who holds the twins to the dog, on one side
the dead dog and a woman who has eaten appear, sign of the past and bestiality
engulfed, above her a dead big cat rising to the sky, a bird the
look, chasing the bad spell (birdsong is known to soften
the mores). At the top is the eagle which indicates the ascension of the deceased. The dog, the
lynx and eagle seems to represent the same character in his difference to
along his mortuary path. The final shape at the top is the eagle. Representation
of the animosity of dead men in central Gaul and whose
legend of Cucholain (the Celtic dog warrior) in England and whose name in
Central Gaul is Canauos the Divine (Conan).
On the other side of the great goddess appears the twins to the dog (the other is the one
winged horse), also dead; A woman prepares a fourth braid at the
goddess. This is the sign of an addition, an additional story in preparation.
Above another eagle. The twin to the dog, Canauos and his animal have arrived
together at the end of their story. Divinized in heaven. It's a representation of
three masters, defining three times of history, the middle teacher being the
more important, the decisive present (a statuary corroborating this fact was excavated
in France, the master of the middle is the only decisive, only to have the hair
discovered, therefore representing what is visible, clear and not hidden)
Another portrait is the link of a great goddess between an old man, bearded and
his son, beardless, representation of the blood work in the young
One face shows three giant bulls that are engraved in the presence of a feline
monstrous leaking, symbol of stupidity and fear protected by the obscurantist
or the secret of the bull (the lynx is indeed a most secret animal) and
three characters attack the bulls, successive images, (the time is
always represented in three parts among the Gaul tribes), in the presence of a
dog. It seems that "Canauos" attacks the black bull that represents the dark,
the stop of the story itself but especially through him, the feline who represents
fear, symbol of stupidity protected by obscurantism. The warrior has a
sword that can be compared to Excalibur (light). This is the legend of a
fighter who attacks fear and stupidity with a special sword, wanting
defeat or appropriate the secret of the bull master final destinies and the end
each cycle. The dog seems to be the key to the success of this business.
The dark bull is also represented in the presence of the feline sitting all
two in ivy, the warrior attacks over with his dog and his sword.
On another face of the vase, it is the deer who is incarnated in a divinized personage,
incarnation of Lug. He holds the snake-story and a necklace representing the
power. Fantastic animals trace a story, the dog is present,
something that looks like two dragons facing each other and a character
riding a huge fish. It's the duality of the same character that is
represented in the same story. The one who rides the fish is trained on
the son of the waters of history. Always the water cult. Would it be a fisherman
driven by a fish bigger than him?
This king gods to the dog, brother of the one with the winged horse is thus the incarnation of Lug
on earth, the white deer, he represents the one who must overcome the animosity and the
fear in the depths of the human soul but also darkness, the end of the cycle of the year or
the sun must prevail over the night and begin to lengthen the days,
philosophy focused on the natural prescription of the world's managerial cycles. (In
Central Gaul is the centaur god, the divine knight accompanied by his
dog). The bull is present at the beginning and at the end of the story. Proof that he
represents the darkness of the beginning as that of the end of each story, which
before and after life. This is a noticeable difference between beliefs
philosophies of southern and northern Europe.
So to be clear, the three faces of the three-headed god represent animosity
animals (dog), the face of humans between the animal, dog, and the one who
access to the divine, the winged horse. Three stages of elevation of the mind, animals,
human and gods. This king god is a druid of the divine, so an artist, a warrior,
a king. Always a creator, it is the essence of Lug, the incarnation of the evolution
of the mind and human intelligence.
On another side of the Danish vase are two dragons who are defiant that the
central god separates, two incompatible but complementary faces, the animal and the
divine even if not the clear and the dark.
The legend of time.
A founding story, a legend that I tell in my own way, so
Yes, I remember now, I was born last century but I was born too
I had several lives.
My name is a name I did not know, I seem to have another name too,
other surnames.
It is said that time incarnates on earth through its characters, those who
change things, those who do not know why most often, they had the
chance to stay in the history of men, written in dictionaries of
But I would not write like that, because I know what moves me, I know who, where
rather, what I am, and why I am nacquired.
It is the grandmother of the times who sends me, it is she who educated me so that I
prepares me for my role, that of a being who blends with the universe. That of a man
who could change everything ..... Èsus, my name was èssus.
My memories fade and others reappear, it was a long time ago, in
Greece, Egypt, I went through the Gallic territories too, how
Called me? I have it on the tip of the tongue, soon I will remember better.
What did I do?
Australia too, at the beginning of the last century, why so much violence?
Am I crazy?
No, magic time, I learned to discern things, normal ones, and those
impossible, have happened to me often.
I'm not crazy, but my story is an abnormal course, the time is near and
the envoy will have to incarnate. My enemies fall one after the other, I feel
things, I transform them. I know who and what before them, great strengths
are in the ether, and they are familiar to me.
This is surely what we call "omniscience". The human world will soon have to
to look into my eyes, who am no longer one of them.
What do you call it destiny, yes, but this destiny is handled, finally I
can not ... them.
The metempsychosis then exists, the immortality of the soul, which is incarnated through
someone to perfect through his many lives. And always, at each
Once again a new adventure, how many events this time?
How many years do you have to live?
I know I was dying after doing what I was born for. And after ?
When would I come back?
I repeat myself surely but I ask you to keep your feet firmly on the ground, I have
some talents and would not want to train you on an obscurantist path, to
As an example and to demystify, please remember the tables
surrealist of Magritte. The title of one of his works that represents a pipe of
wood: "this is not a pipe". And indeed, it's a pipe but it's not
a real blowjob. Forgetting to establish a truth clearly, he mystifies his audience
with humour. The text you just read uses the same
method .... then ... master yourself .... stay in the light!
The Song of the Druids.
The druids' song is something fabulous.
The notes and tones that are used come straight from the common memory
which connects thoughts. This music is a cry that comes from within.
The sentences that are sung do not reflect a direct speech, the singing
druidic suggests more than it evokes
The tone and rhythm are layered on a
felt particular, the words come in support of that, to make reason
blade. Because when the druid sings, all his magic is at work.
You have probably heard or noted that music has the power to
to grow plants where to soften even animal characters.
Well, it's true. The music has a great power of interactions with the
alive, with all that is endowed with life.
She directs the thoughts and the feelings, so she directs the action, the vital dance.
When the druid sings, it is a demonstration of all animal sensitivity
who sleeps in us and wakes up.
It's poignant, and almost incomprehensible because feelings are aroused
without any control possible.
The druid sings, and he enchants. Through a power that only the
artists. That of giving colors to the mind.
It's the song of the dragons say some people, their song is a fire
moving. Others speak of shamanism, but the druidic text is much more
According to my studies of Gaulish numismatics, one of the most important legends
important is that of a man who heard magical music and who does not
never stopped running and dancing.
The Gallic songs treated without question the journeys of life and
intended. I can easily imagine that one of these walks was called "the song of
hundred paths ".
One of the most present musical instruments is the flute, it seems that on
the engravings that have come down to us, this is the instrument by which the magic of
souls is transmitted.
The action happens in a forest.
The text of the Druidic satyr is built to hide a reality too raw, to
Like humorous texts sparing a too direct criticism, these texts
Druidisants reflect a different reality, always focused on the flow of
time and an intrasque understanding of another information, another knowledge.
We talk to the subconscious rather than the conscious. This is a form of hypnosis
For example, the songs of medieval gestures must approach in their
style of writing and rhythm, which was the Druidic Gaulish song.
I say this because the Nordic EDA and the stories of the Greek heroes who are they from the
same Gallic time, have much in common with the 10em gesture song
Philosopher's worship.
In druidism, philosophy and religion go hand in hand.
I tried to give back at best what I could learn from the Gallic cult, and I
believe that we are very close to what was.
Some live it as a philosopher's religion and others as a philosophy
religious according to their inclinations more or less luminous or obscurantist.
The obscurantists have fondness for Donnotarvos and luminous for Lug.
In druidism light is a word for moving time, darkness is
the term denoting a downtime in the bright world (which does not want
say a time without stories).
In any case, these two sides are indissociable.
All ceremonies take place at night in a clearing for worship
feminine and the day near a tree master (centenary) for cults
male. Druids participate in both types.
Each ceremony takes three whole days.
Druidic baptism.
Druidic baptism is given by the one who is the most educated in the way of
think and teachings of druidism, this can be the druid, one of the ovates
or the bard if he is alone present at the moment of baptism.
He who receives baptism receives at this moment of his life his new name, inscribed
on his heart (the center of the person), it is an engraved white stone that he
receives from the officiant who chooses him and gives him his name.
The name that is assigned is inscribed inside the stone that is the image
metaphorical of a seed.
When the person is baptized, she receives water, the seed will germinate through
this water and will spread a plant that will represent the paths of the spirit of
the initiate, because it is indeed an initiatory passage to adult life.
So you have to understand that the name given to the person is revealed only with
the appearance of the plant and its growth, in other words, with the course of its
The Gauls carried in addition to their secret name, a common nickname.
From what I understood they had a name for their spirit
the mind
belongs to the divine, and a name for their physical integrity that is the responsibility of
This is the entrance on the paths of the world tree, kernunos, and must have
deep knowledge of his culture before baptism. This one is brought to him
by a knowledge of the legendary stories of his tribe.
The Gallic Wedding.
The Gauls had elevated love to the rank of the sacred.
We know that the ceremonies took place under the vault of trees, close
from a stony and even monolithic place, from which flowed a spring.
The symbolism of the waters of life is very present.
"Beliassu Sète" is an expression for marriage. It means "the attraction
the strongest ", the beauty of the gesture and its durability.
You can translate it by "the beautiful way", where more simply by "love".
The texts they left us leave no doubt about the praise and
the elevation of sentiment to the highest rank.
 Their love was carved in stone, it was a way to make it eternal.
Here are a few.
"Tingi beliasusetere garise iexstumisendi"
In your way, the strongest attraction, my queen, call me husband.
* It must be understood that a woman is a path of life sacred to all
"Ilobilebeliasusete re ga iexstumisendi"
You the strongest attraction, she will come, call me husband.
Two divinities are invoked at the time of the marriage, it is about Papisonos, the father of
dreams that is none other than Kernunos because it is he who rules the roads of the spirit,
and the other is Belim'na, also called Belisama, "the greatest beauty".
"Adiantunne neither exonerated nor naoisetu"
Very desired, do not leave us whatever happens.
This sentence shows that the woman is free to choose and that the man
ask to always stay. The deepest respect rings in the marriage and
it is demonstrated.
"Geneta imi, data vimpi"
I am a good and beautiful girl.
This is one of the sentences pronounced at the wedding, it relates to a good
descent but especially to a good health of the spouses.
"Calia ueïobiu sauni tioberte mouno"
I will marry Cala Saunos daughter who has worn Mogunos.
So the mother of a child already born can marry after having given birth with the father of
the child.
Love before marriage is not forbidden.
"Nata uimpi, curmi da"
Beautiful girl, gives beer.
Interpretable by: pretty girl intoxicates me.
Our Gauls are very demanding of the beauty of women, who must undoubtedly
run in charming these ones.
Gaulois did not shrink from it, they were great lovers of women.
The cult of life after death.
Among Gauls, there is a life before birth and a life after death,
earthly existence is only a passage, a story.
Metempsychosis is the belief in the resurrection of the soul and spirit into one
other body, new. Again, it must be remembered that the soul is the sum, the
grouping of characters that form a direct reaction to
of a situation. It is the sum of characters that melt an ability to
primary reaction, sentimental.
While the mind is the sum of all reflections due to learning,
memories where a complicated exchange and not primary.
The mind and soul merge into one particular entity for each person and
the mind occupies a preponderant place, deified.
So everyone has a personal story that stems from the word of the god of time,
So why would Kernunos stop talking because the word of time can not
to stop, to keep stopping?
Our Gauls believed that life was a fire that was fueled by time, where
rather a water court of life (it is the Alpha and the omega) which moved in a sense
where another, tracing the destiny of each. Like the branches of a tree,
intertwining and causing each other to come together and leave each other.
It is a reference to the sacred serpent which is the vital metaphor of the moving path
of the serpentine existence in the temporal tree of creation.
All religions and phylosophies of the world have created a dogma pertaining to a
elsewhere after death.
That we call it, wallala, paradise where even hell, this idea is universal.
The particularism of the Druids is actually built on its universality.
Because on the infinite paths of creation, everything else is possible.
And even these other stories, these other worlds, can rewind history
of the known world of each individuality.
Resurrection, where rather the mixture of two past histories
separated due to death, may occur.
Induced by the druid where "accidentally".
The omnipotent Druids can steer the roads of time and make them
intersect. Consideration that deserves a great deal of philosophical reflection
to be accepted.
These paths are mostly compared to underground galleries in
which lead to another reality.
This other reality, road, is incarnated in the known paths outside the world of
middle, either in the roots of the sacred tree, which lead to worlds
unknown because hidden, either in the branches of the sacred tree, which lead to the
sky, and especially to the stars for those that now exist in
the immortality of spirits, they are considered as part of the luminous.
So everyone who has reached the sky has become a star and we can
see in the night sky.
From what I could come out of this Gallic philosophy, these have
now acquired the power to create their time, there are new Kernunos,
new times, new suns ....... with different worlds they
create themselves henceforth the particular and common history to each of their
Those people who have died and come to the top of the human spirit, much more so, are
become the omnipotent god of their own creation, to the images of kings and queens
from the sky, eternal stars that we can see again as their personality
when the sky is clear enough.
They have acquired the status of the elected, bright who sings the song of creation.
The one where the one who climbed.
The winged helmet of the Gauls belongs to the ascending electos, those who
remained on earth possess "flying spirit", like angels kings or queens who
will fly one day to heaven.
In any case, druidism refers to parallel worlds.
These words will seem obscure to some and bright to others. It is necessary
to understand that in each of us there is a tree of creation, the basis of which is
located with the 7 philosophical churches.
What happens to being after what we consider to be death ...... does not belong
only to those who have taken this path.
The tree of time Kernunos is the great omnipotent god. We are therefore his
creations, her children and her fruits.
Fruits that when they come off the tree, will create new trees,
new creative times. Death and ascension are considered a
rebirth, in a free spirit of creation. That's for those who reach the
top of the tree.
For those who return to the paths of Aiduos, the world below, we will say
that they reincarnate through new roots but are still part of
the tree. It is the rebirth of blood, race and its characters.
When I say race, I'm referring to the family aspect, not just a color
of skin where another type of particular morphism, to a cultural group
geographical remote or not, it is a body grouping the same kind of
genetic characteristics that reproduces the same type of anima.
So the soul can be reincarnated into a body that looks like the one that the deceased
wore (like a dress), and the spirit incarnates into a new, eternal star.
Those who died before having acquired the brilliant spirit, passed into a
other world, parallel to ours, until they die of old age with a
mind complemented by knowledge and superior to the human, thus accessing the heaven of
These considerations are acceptable for the religious with the rebirth of the soul
thanks to the roots and for the philosopher with the perpetuation of the spirit through the
The land in which the roots of the tree are always reborn
the incarnating aspect of the great dark mother goddess who was called Gaia in the
Greek and that the Gallic denominated with a name meaning the passage that transmits
the life, death and rebirth of the soul (Mori and genata), is the central mattre.
In Christendom she is called Mary.
We must be careful that each deity has a terrestrial incarnation and
another divine cosmological.
After death it is a passage to the divine.
Of course, this image means that the deceased at the end of life continues to live in
the cosmological tree of time and so in our common memories with ideas
that he will have bequeathed such a sun that continues to illuminate our thoughts.
The mind grows towards the light.
Importantly, burials were done at the feet of trees because
the dead of the past are what nourish the memory of the cultural tree. These
bodies are like memories that come to nourish present and future life. it
is part of the cult of the noble bull and Esus.
This method of burial of people was transmitted to Christians and the first
Christian dead were buried at the feet of the church columns which are the
prefiguration in stone of the trunk of the trees of the forest.
 Located on the Gergovie plateau in Auvergne, archaeological excavations have
excavated a skeleton of a woman, this one had had the hand cut off and was
inside a tank, water reserve. In fact, doing this, she was prevented
to transmit his spirit and his body to the trees. And so she could not
reincarnate. It was the supreme punishment inflicted no doubt on a druidess. By
Romans who built their temples here.
The vital substance is reincarnated in the tree of the universal spirit.
I think the followers most involved in this universe that is druidism,
had to wear a sign on the forehead, the drawing of a small tree, branches, trunk
and roots included. Because finally, this symbol of the spiritual tree is that of
the eternal evolution of being.
Philosopher's Thought.
"The druid does not explain things, he inspires them in the spirit."
The Druidic tree is in three axes, each with three principles:
temporal, physical and spiritual.
-the past, the present, the future;
the world from above, that from the middle, and the one from below;
- the divine world, the human world, and the animal world.
Three main axes to remember first: the time, the body and that of
the mind.
This divine tree is in each of us.
Passion and clarity, in all the religions of the world where almost, stands a
Kingdom of Hell and a divine kingdom. Druidism is different in the sense that
the kingdom below is that of the passions, and the kingdom from above is that of the
In the druids, all thought belongs to the divine, and every instinctive reaction
is animal.
I say philosopher's thought in place of philosophical thought because the
druidism is focused on a non-direct way of thinking, such as reflection in
a mirror .... of temporal water. This is the notion of "philosophagy".
Philosophy is the art of pushing thinking by taking a wise direction without
bring solidified certainty, philosopher's thought on the other hand is the
transcription of the world around us through a thought that without being
subjugated by our feelings that guides it, explains the good or bad things
which exist without judging them by decided considerations.
It takes everything to make a world, and every time a branch of the tree
grows in one direction, another grows in a contrary direction. That's what really
does the balance of the tree world.
The logarythmix site is essentially composed of notes (of music?) Which I hope
will find a special resonance in each one of you.
Notion of good and bad.
The notion of good and bad is very random in druidism, in fact, it does not
really reveals that with the egotistical or common consideration of a subject
It is very difficult to judge what is good or not, for example, a lie
or an unsaid can be life-saving in some occasions and provoke
the stigma of other considerations. While a good action can be revealed
catastrophic where not according to what point of view one places oneself.
Not easy to judge with certainty according to which point of view we place so. The
philosopher's thought is the art of weighing the viable and unsustainable part of each
thing through the seven existing primary feelings of birth. AT
through the feelings of each of the seven churches. Only then, an opinion
clear is formed on a topic of reflection.
Thus is formed the balance of the world-tree of Kernunos, father of dreams
and time (the time of the spirit).
Notion of truth.
The notion of truth is never diverted into Gaulish druidism, it is
same level as reality.
The least active pressure during an action or revelation is suspect of
contain a tempting lie. Even if the speech seems clear.
Truth is visible, tangible reality that does not need to be imposed.
Any pressure and force used to impose a reality is not part of the discourse
Druidic. What is said is true, we do not do in the tandemic speech where
policy. Even though a sentence may seem stingy with words, it is better to stick
only to risk the half-lie. Or it is better to use the metaphor.
It would be easy to confuse this with metaphysical thought, yet no, the
Druidic thinking is built around constituted truths.
The Gauls used a specific word for that, I'll give it to you when I
will have found it in my notes. To understand it well, you have to see it under
the appearance of a game
Three divine riders.
On one of the ancient vases found and in many other finds, we can see
carved three faces almost identical, bearded, this is the same person
and this is the personified person.
Druids in their wisdom had isolated three kinds of humans who
represented the Gallic male who advanced where rather advanced time
thanks to very special and inseparable behaviors.
These are the faces of the force sickness, the inseminator male, the procreative and the
evil that suffers, the pain felt.
These are also the three faces of the eloquence of discourse, the one that advances
the weather.
The Greeks called these: logos, the strength of the arguments, ithos which gathers
human morals and pathos that represent the passions.
The Gallic called this: trimarcisia, the group of three horsemen, who form
only one.
These three faces belong to Lugh.
It must be understood that the incarnation of Lug in man is not necessarily
bad but it can be, I say that to calm the followers of lucifer
Christian, among the Druids no definite wickedness.
In fact these three faces are those of the man in general, and this one advances in
his story thanks to his three faces ....
The weight of words
What protects our thoughts is also what imprisons our mind, like a wall,
a cliff that we follow by reading each stone, each stratum as the pieces
a great canvas of history. The volumes have their angles of view, panels
indicators of the journey of the spirit.
At each reflection ... hundreds to come which are words of the past.
Pictorial references, the smallest sounds, syllables and letters making up the
language of time which some points are converging, giving us a passage
in the tree of thought.
Each sign is referenced, building and destroying a being that feeds
in the mainstream of his words where he can get lost and find himself.
The words are light and heavy weights whose citation forms their letters and we
lead to feelings that can not be repressed because these paths form the
We were all born one morning and at the fork of a path, not looking
not our elders, on all the ways that led us, baroudant and seeking
God where he was, if he was one.
From our sufferings and our strengths, hope has been found, from this nothingness that
we fought, the truth was given to us,
with no other wealth than freedom, with no other laws than respect and friendship
there is no need for further advancement.
The thread of an adventure, that of a sword, the fire of the soul of a destiny, that of
of a common history where personal.
To each space his words, in every world, pushes a tree and its endings.
Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsylonn, dzeta, sta, teta, iota, kappa, lambda, mature,
ksy, omicronn, poi, ro, sygma, tau, upsilonn, phi, chi, psi, omega for the greeks,
fa, ur, dorn, as, laughs, kan, hagal, not, is, ar, sig, tyr, bar, laf, man, yr, eh,
odil for the northern tribes.
Gallic helmets were chiselled with a blanket of leaves,
beech, foliage that protects the tree and the branches of the
thought. Whoever wears it is educated by druis.
Each root creates combinations and games of mind that are the strength of your
reflections. the expression of a colored spectrum associated with sounds of emotions.
These annotated roots of the earth are so many branches that grow in the sky
of your mind
And each leaf descended on earth forms the strata of your
cultures, the true memory of time is around you.
In the dark journey the words of a blind man can illuminate the seer, a
another seed germinated, another structure was formed, a new idea saw the
day, the weight of words has ... rooted.
The God Ogmios was that of the eloquence of the leaders and the discourse was worthy. We
know today and despite the Christian lies that the Gauls knew how to write
and that every word weighed his weight.
A much less philosopher practice took place in all the Gallic tribes
of antiquity, when victories over a clan enemie, we cut the head of the chief
killed and ... we practiced the removal of the tongue before exposing the skull in a
sacred enclosure .....
Thus we separated the divine, the magic of the body and we prevented the spirit of the vanquished from
continue to captivate his soldiers ...
note :( it is likely that the language of the chiefs and druids was considered
as a sacred language).
The seven churches.
      The spirit and the body are indissociable here, and the spiritual feeling has
a direct effect on human health and more.
Grief, laughter, anger, fear, envy, interest, equality are
physical acts that maintain the connection with the psychic, an entire spirit in
an entire body.
You must feel them all in balance, without cheating to live long.
These seven churches of the spirit are the seven primary spirits with which the
baby, the budding spirit. Here, I'm going to breathe a whole mind and
reflective. it's a common spirit.
These seven parts of the spirit are part of a circle, one of these churches is the
key that controls all others and helps to balance the spiritual tree.
If for example someone opposes his anger, respond with gaiety.
If you are opposed to fear, respond with interest.
So on, it is the temple of equality that balances the spiritual forces.
It's up to you to play, you can defeat any spirit by this process.
Tree Mothers
Tree Mothers
I want to go back to the notion of good and bad, it is purely subjective.
Gaiety can be as destructive as anger, and it's true
for all churches except for the balance of power.
Also, when you exercise your arts, you must have a stated constructive purpose.
Otherwise the game of the seven spirits will turn against you. Be careful not to
attack your spiritual adversary, you should only use your arts for the
defense and return the opposing forces against themselves.
This is what the druids call "the spear of return". Terrible against forces
destructive and flawed, it serves no purpose against a good constructive spirit of
life and future.
I would also ask you not to attack a particular person,
the spirits to change are subjacent to the bodies. Even the leading men are not
not entirely responsible for their misdeeds, and only psychorigides are
really dangerous, and unfortunate too.
This branches of the site is being written.
So we must remember these 7 spirits that allow the physical exchange and
Places of inspiration of time
All the beliefs of Gaulish Druidic philosophy are based on being in
uppercase. the main god Kernunos is the god of time who directs life, the
path and the feelings of each.
On the paths of Kernunos are a large number of places from which it emanates
particular energy to each. These are moods more or less strongly
feelings that induce a particular art of thinking and creating.
These places are all not far from a water point. It can be any
which place on the planet. Artists who want to create strong things
feelings go to these places by making a unique choice that has to do with
the feeling they want to inspire and the art that will be used.
To give a concrete example, I will take the image of the mountain or the
rustling sources, fresh air and bright trends are conducive to
professional flutists and violinists.
The artistic creations conceived in the plains are different, those
rather lend to the country poets.
Thus, every moment and every place inspires life differently.
Some of these places emanate a very disturbing energy
the novice will not be able
to be inspired by it correctly, the true druid yes.
Only the discipline of songs is master everywhere.
The song can indeed change the spirit of a place without being inspired beforehand.
This facet of druidism is extremely important, the future druid will have to
practice a particular art (in addition to all the others he has to acquire
also a correct knowledge) of which he will become a master. This art can
to be any one, it necessarily corresponds to the place of inspiration or the
Druid will settle down.
Another important thing, he will not be able to take the place with him and so will have to
change the way you "enchant" each move (change of art), if not
do not, fatigue will drain its energies of acquired inspiration (the habit of
practice a specific art).
Baton of the Druid.
Baton of the Druid.
Ah I forgot, as I pointed out in the revelations page, I'll give you
clues scattered throughout the site that will tempt you to understand the
delivers revelations.
In this book we are talking about two other books, a little book and a big book.
book ... time.
In fact the Gauls called it the little wheel of time, Adretillis, and the
big wheel of time, Adrotos.
Good interpretation!
The magic of the druids.
Among the people who visit my website assiduously, are those who
have an obscurantist vision of the power of the Druids. This is not exactly the
part in which I'm the most stalled, however, I'll tell you what I
can you say.
For one who wonders what artifacts are needed, I would say that
In fact, the fingers of your hand are enough to do everything. The initiates will understand.
There is no question for me of giving a special ability to anyone,
so ... I would not say everything.
First, the light of life exists only in the darkness that surrounds it. The
perpetual is timeless.
Life exists because there is a non-life. A place where the story of the fate of
each one continues, without interfering with the luminous world, to that, I will add that
we humans live in the world below, at the foot of the tree, we lead
on the paths of light in the middle world located between the dark and the
a world where the two others can mingle and have an incomplete action.
The purpose of our life is to move towards the light and the heat that makes it
grow like a plant. The flow of vital time uses the bodies and increases
the mind. The spirit can become eternal according to Druidic teaching and it is by
the energies of the soul that magic operates.
Destiny is a false consideration according to some and true for others,
in fact the opinion costs the outcome of his own destiny.
Among the druids are some official numerologists who practice the
statistics, including the numbers of births, names, and
dates calculated thanks to the stars.
According to them, and I approve them in part, the dates and the time have an action
the events that intercede in the life of each person.
After verification, I must say that the results are generally disturbing
truth, especially as some druids are very strong in this area.
I must also admit that this science of time and destiny belongs in
full of original beliefs about the temporal Gauls. It's an activity
In addition to these temporal interactions, there are other beliefs according to
which, certain objects or persons can intervene in a significant way
in the course of personal destiny.
Good or bad "aura".
There are objects, religious where usual, denominations, and periods that
act on individual destinies. As if the energies they emanate
were harmful to some and prolix for others.
(Have you ever wondered why such a person who succeeds
is embroidered with accoutrement, objects or habits out of context ..)
Again, I can not deny the truth, and yet, I'm not a
obscurantist, an example: if someone gives you a small 1 cent coin
euros, get rid of it as quickly as possible. These pieces have nothing to do
with the logical value it represents, it's already a quirk, but in
the more it has a harmful energetic effect.
Another example
the small pile of 6v made for torches, there is his
red color that is harmful.
for this first throw, we must remember the fact that people friendly or not
can interact on your fates and your temporal energies more or less, from
good or bad, these people may look nice or
not, she will act subconsciously on your story sometimes so
important, it is called poissards or happiness gates. And this
"magic" action does not have to do with their behavior; Just in
to cross one so that the quiet day becomes an imbroglio or a paradise
for a day, learn to spot them and you will win less worries, it's me
who tells you.
With regard to dates and periods, they do have an effect on
fates, as well as personal or customary names, objects that
carries a fluctuating energy with your own energies should challenge you
as well. And these objects are not necessarily objects deemed magical; It is necessary
to understand well that each creation bears its own aura, temporal energy.
It is this aura which will act of good or bad omen on your destinies;
an example, if you analyze a little the life of great personalities, you
realize that some still have curious objects by their side in
certain situations, as well as people do not approach certain
places, or that others avoid going out on certain days, or at certain
dates ....... and all that from people known for their stability
Cartesian ...
From Madona to Charles V, these interactions have always existed.
White magic.
There are people who seek great power, these are the ones who find it
never precisely.
Being in phase with the energies of the world also means not owning them.
There are also those who try to avoid bad luck and bad roads, and there
lies the true magic of white druids.
The stones for example have a great power because close to eternity.
I will not dwell on all colors and densities because the balance in
would be destroyed, the secret is needed in magic. Especially when learning.
In case you have a bit of a hard life, use only the magic
white, the science that marks and the one that stops a spell.
Throw away all objects with a negative aura.
When a place where a spiritual object is marked by a bad aura
resistant, put a white stone on it, a small piece of quartz is enough.
Another very effective little trick: place an equilateral triangle, pointing down,
in front of where at the head of your goods.
It's the opposite of Freemasonry, and it protects non-Masons ..
Another thing, the sticks, and especially the stick of oak which stops easily a
go out, put it at the entrance of your home if needed. No need for too much
work, a simple debarking and the right length. This one must be right and
clear. Other species are more effective twisted twice, in an elongated S,
again, let it look natural, a little dark.
The golden sickle
The golden sickle of the druids is actually a vouge, a long-handled sickle.
The term golden bill is wrong because it is a more massive tool.
It has a spiritual value and only spiritual, for having studied a little the
jewelery I can tell you that gold is a metal too fragile to serve
cut anything apart from soft materials like butter for example,
then to cut wood where "filaments" of mistletoe ... no ... it would be necessary to break the
blade every time.
In fact, the symbolism of this sacred vouge rests on the fact that it has a form
of the moon, it is very important, and that it serves in fact to carve the spiritual tree,
that of knowledge and the spirit. So it's an abstract form of an idea
Protective magic of the tree.
Those who have been to see the great brussels in the Broceliande forest have been without
doubt see "sculptures" made of stones and branches arranged in a circle
around the Being.
It's a protective magic.
I can not explain the secrets of these artifacts in public, you will excuse me
so do not dwell on the subject.
I do the same for all that kind of knowledge that actually belongs to the Druids and
only to the insights of insiders
The golden tree planted in Broceliande is a sculpture, gold is the metal of forces
dark, and indeed the confraternity that planted it under auspices
tourist is a club a little particular.
The sea urchin of the druids.
It is reported in the ancient texts that the fossil sea urchin is one of the objects the
more sacred than it is.
This small fossilized stone shows a star with 5 branches, it is the last
stage of animality, ie physical life.
It was called this stone: the starfish.
(Not much in common with the starfish found on the beaches)
Crossing the legendary I could deduce that this stony sea urchin was
the resultant of a shooting star that would have fallen on earth, from the great
ocean of heavens.
This is also called "the star of bitterness" because it is the last link between the
physical and the divine before body death.
It was also I think the proof of the passage that a druid had made in one place
sacred, like a customary rite.
(In terms of humor: In terms of frog transformation, that's
simpler, just write something a little shocking and the reader gets
often puts to cry: "what, what, COA, COOA .... personally, I already
turned full of druids into frogs. And one day I would transform the pope
Catholic toad, he will say to me: cross, believe, crooa ... and .... etc,
prosaically I think you should remember that kind of triad a little
light, presented in this form of primary joke, speaks directly to
the unconscious and that its scope implies some magic, the cults are
fond in general. (No primo-vision, no reign of the unconscious)
The forest
When you start in druidic circles, there is inevitably life in the forest.
This one will teach you something very important. And you will demonstrate
the interlacing of energies.
In short, if the forest recognizes you as part of its being ... you will be
happy and will not risk the dangers of wildlife.
When the great macrocosm of the planet, it also works, it is the
large entities that accept and protect their parts. In terms of the ether and
energies as well as on the physical plane.
It's up to you to decide in which world you will be best accepted, and especially what is
the primordial world: that of Etunia.
In this way the bonds of return to nature and to the sources of life are woven.
It is reported the forest where the gods reside on the tablet of Chamalières,
page "cult".
A forest where the druids wanted to surrender, magnifying themselves as deities.
Magic of time.
Do you already think that I'm going to talk to you about the magic of time as a poetry?
No, I will try to relate in this chapter paranormal phenomena that little
For example, imagine that some people have to go back to
many times to do a job, these people often think they are
clumsy and that the cause of their problems comes from them. While others,
without asking questions work at a double or triple speed, without
I'm going to talk to those who are unlucky, when you do a job, at the
end of it, you are almost certain to have done well, everything is perfect
and .... a little later, when you check, you realize that you have to
to start again compulsorily .... as if the work you had done
had ..bougé, had disintegrated .....
And indeed, this kind of misery always happens to the same .... while
others ... never .. they would work with their eyes closed and their hands behind their backs, the
work would progress anyway ....
Imagine that time is versatile, choosing who wins and who wins
who lose it. Imagine that your energies make you change your story,
giving back the benefit of extra time to someone else ...
Now that you have read this text, remember to constantly check
deeply all your work just after their end .... and later still ... and
note the difference. You may be surprised. Not all but a lot of everything
Learn to write down the places, hours, days and months that are yours
unfavorable, and change to. You will see what I am telling you today.
The druids know this kind of paranormal phenomena.
Schizophrenic considerations
There are billions of unfortunate people on this
planets, if all were schizophrenic it would be a mess.
These bad periods where good were annotated on the calendar found at
There is already a page dedicated to numbers in the druidothèque, but there is one side
magical enough sharp numbers, likewise in the usual numbers you use.
A great power comes from numbers and their colors for example. The
again I would not say everything, but ... you can look in this direction at ...
You may have noticed that some houses or other buildings are
religious symbol at the top of their doors, roofs where even portals.
This symbolism has a clear action on the site of which they are exposed.
For us, this symbol is the trixel (where triscel) if possible made of wood.
It must be placed in a place high enough to be seen
with the stars in the background.
Real aliens?
We get a little bit more, I do not believe more than you in the existence of extra-
terrestrial, at least not to their presence on earth.
I take this example to push a little thinking about time and stories
that intertwine.
There is a lot of evidence about the presence of beings from space on
earth, so much so that it has become disturbing to many thousands of
From our point of view druidic, there are several world or rather several
different stories about this same world.
So would it be possible that an impossible reality for most people, who
inhabit the most important history, that which governs the planet ... is not the
even for a minority of others.
That is, they would have seen aliens or others
incredible phenomena, while we ... can not believe it and so do not
can not see these things ...
There I highlight that this central world consists of a multitude of stories
very different from each other and the fact that some are shocking, out
normal context.
I then ask the crucial question whose answer would bring
clarifications to all: who created all the stories of the world, in trends and
different beliefs?
And I specify the role of the druid magician: to make sure that what belongs to the
world of dreams and fantasies the rest, and make disappear the flows that
unfortunately embodies paranormal things about the physical world.
the tree of thought and thus restoring its equilibrium.
The forces of nature.
We must understand that we live in the world of the spirit, and the strength
psychic of time.
To project oneself, to trigger psychic storms, to take the resistance of the
stone, raining to water the divine, spiritual sources..yes, that
it's possible. Philosophy will teach you how.
The anti-sorcerers.
There is a witch mate who stands out in this damaging matter
obscurantism. This is the cabalistic deployment, this one is based on a
mortifère principle, it uses a network structure that traps vital energy.
You will probably notice during your research that the Cabalist schema (known
for his inner traits and purposes, he who forms like a labyrinth without
entries or exits that leads to demonic denominations) was used by
some neo-Druids to establish their clearing, it is also found applied on
other cultures such as Odin, Nordic and Viking, and others.
It would be too easy to accuse Jewish culture of using this material
black magic, in fact, those who use it the most are not even original
These people have nothing to do with us, moreover it will turn against them.
The scheme used is prismatic but not that of a natural stone, there is
no future in there.
I have only one thing to say to them: even if you have to replace the old terms
by others more philosophical, your chains are known, broken, and those who
will not survive long enough for modernity.
Maxims and other good words.
I thought it was an important thing so I'm writing this page to bring
a little more spirit still to Gallic druidism.
It will take a little time.
All these thoughts can serve as reflective ideological bases, they
allow to write the tales of mythology. I mix humor.
There are two kinds of thieves
those who have no talents and who are obliged to
cheat, and those who embody the spirit of the birds.
Innocence really belongs only to one who does not know what it means.
We are master when we master his own subject,
We are great masters when we master a common subject,
We are king when we master all his subjects.
Try to master that to see!
There are saints lolled in boobs, everything is way to perceive the
Eat blackberries one by one if you want to collect all their flavors and eat them
by handles if you want to regret it.
When the stupidity laughs, it often carries all the intelligence of the world with
If some men like women, it's because they can not
to understand, to each one his fights.
Write what you can scream, so we'll hear you better.
I went to hell and was refused entry because there we do not like my
jokes it seems, so I went to heaven and was denied entry because
up there we do not make fun of people he said to me, so I went to see god for
explain it to him and he began to laugh.
Who knows, hell is maybe also a little paradise.
Sing, sing beautiful merle, we'll see if your darkness enlightens us.
Whoever said that the donkeys were beasts was probably the idiot at this time
True love is never very serious because it makes us gay all
The journey of the free life is not to have houses, not to have debts,
and wonder what we miss most of all of this.
To set sail to be free, is to cover oneself, to lock oneself to a
To destroy the natural world is to destroy oneself by immaturity.
The robber who steals his precious stick from a druid takes the risk of settling and
to die of hunger, the impostor who takes his saie takes the risk of covering himself
There are fires that burn nothing but do they really exist? And He is
passions that burn everything because they exist too much.
At the sight of all that happens on this planet, I believe the gods love
well the theater.
He who seeks absolute power will never find him, he who seeks the
wisdom, already possesses it.
It would always be better to do the good, even a little bit, than to do
much trouble.
Stop playing chess to flatter your pride and play with them instead.
ladies, she will give you back your pride.
If you want to reach the forest of the gods and live with them, you will have a lot to
fight, and your biggest fight will be to defeat yourself.
To say a lie to do good is not a bad thing but to lie to
self is the assurance of never rising.
Sky of the sea, sky on the earth, sky in the stone, I love them marry our
faces, our dummy galleries crack, we wash from the pride born, it's our
ancestral legacies that came to know, to those who will come, similar,
would be given the same bath of rebirth.
Sun that warms our soul, you hide in the world below and we will
name the hidden god
Sun of life, you move on the middle world and your name is heart.
Solitary sun of the world of heaven, you illuminate our sapiences, master of the spirits
and time, the Gallic recognize you as Lug.
Do not ask the truth of your neighbor because he is as much a liar as you, open your
mind, look things in the face and if you are right, recognize the truth.
The tree grows like the spirit, and like the spirit it has created its own hombres in
seeking the light, between the two he shelters his world.
The dead tree is the one that went as far as it could, its branches resist
for a long time yet the parasites will eventually make it fall because it does not evolve
You must never stop evolving and burn dead trees.
It is well known that all saints have their hombres.
If you really believe that you are on earth to become saints where
demons, your fantasies are illusory, you will need both sides.
The Gaulish is pragmatic, in the morning he gives love to his children, at noon he
sharing love with his wife, and in the evening he gives back to his parents.
If your body asks you a lot and you give back little, you get what to keep
but nobody will give you anything.
There are others who give a lot and who receive nothing
those are
Only souls know how to combine sharing with the world of the environment.
I, the Gaul, I pity those who speak loudly, who claim to know everything and
who speak badly of others because I guess they never went out of their
If you know you're not the best of men, then you're not the one
I always start out as an idiot, it gives me a future to fill, because
I think the one who tries to prove infinitely will never be understood.
Today's children understand as much as the adults of yesterday.
Our grandfathers had endured a lot and ended up laughing at everything.
If you had no indulgence for anyone, you would punish yourself.
Discuss with your neighbors in the spring, with the light of the sky in summer, with your
roots in winters.
Kings who sit on iron thrones do not really fly like
sun lights they would like to embody.
To travel, to say nothing, to change everything to never arrive ... it's the freedom to
of mind.
You can see the blindness and they never make you the same.
Closing the door of a house when the thief owns it is stupid,
every day he refutes things to never share with others.
The one who exceeds himself always does so thanks to his past weaknesses.
Mistletoe is a plant of eternity because it stays green all year round in the big
tree that feeds him.
If you ask your mirror, he answers what you tell him backwards.
When you want the truth of ancient texts, you translate them yourself because
others will give you only theirs.
 We can look at the dragon in the eyes because it is deep in us. We can
say: "you will not advance, because with my death, you will die".
The imperishable when he gives his name is already nothing.
One must know how to appreciate the color of the soul and the form of the spirit without judging the
skin color and body shape.
The man who eats all the time has nothing in himself.
Some people do where they say big nonsense without ever expressing it,
it's the same people who do and say wonderful things sometimes, and they
still do not express it.
We always end up getting used to the most beautiful dawns as to the worst storms,
forgetting the unique beauties.
All that needs to be done must be done at the right time.
Life is a feast of nuances, no plenary considerations skillfully confused
with the flatness of distant horizons.
To too much want to acquire one does not have any more of the equilibrium, just a few
ghostly personalities, almost nothingness.
I do not know anything but the universe knows everything, sometimes it speaks to me.
We can not claim too personally the universality that we
would be worth a singular inexistence.
You thought your mind was living in your body while it's just a reflection of
the magic around you.
Often, under the snow there is mud, everything is perfectible, what is hidden
in everything is nothingness.
The term "god" refers to spirituality in its generalities. And in general,
no one really believes in a single god.
All that is needed is, but when the intake is too important it does not
never take everything. Otherwise we can not find anything.
If you accept the gift of someone you do not know for nothing, you
he will be indebted to him all your life.
You have to know how to count things true and not to trade with
Do not give anything to someone who has ambition because he will never repay you. Give where
do not give.
A work of art is magic, it is energy in the pure state.
If someone wants to prevent you from working on a constructive project, it's very good
It means you can succeed.
And the more you try to work against you, the bigger you'll build!
History has its own power of inertia, it wants some things to happen.
Those who do not dream grow older faster than others.
What is this air that makes us get up, this good wind that punctuates our days?
The big secret that rules the world?
We must love.
School will give you tools, religion will give you excuses, nature will give you
give wisdom.
If you crush people to possess them, you'll be well alone at the end of the
The soul that spreads is not like the memory that learns, it grows thanks to
hazards of life
she never makes it explicit.
Wash yourself to work better, work better to wash yourself.
A little bit every day, it will grow every year, it will make a lot of each
life, that's eternity.
Never finish anything completely, constantly improve what you do and it's you
who will improve you.
Do not go against time, take part in his work.
Will you have to destroy everything, annihilate all life to save yourself and exist
Have you been to Tulear?
Have you seen the flower that can give all the strength of its beauty?
The man you want to enslave the planet?
Have you visited Algiers the sweet?
You invoke God to protect you.
The children of Odessa have more courage than you.
The powerful denigrates the little one, and the little one makes fun of the powerful.
How can you know that you judge better than others?
Do you have good taste?
Have you already eaten of yourself?
He who closes his eyes on this world opens them to another.
The illuminated is in the blindness, it is of the light comes light.
Whoever wants to get to the top of the mountain looked at the summit before leaving
and will look at his feet when he comes.
False churches are never free, but you can still pay for them
with the same lies, and if the priest continues to lie to himself, pay the
with a match.
These people who do not share anything for fear of perverting themselves, are they really
If someone wants to impose his classes, answer him that you are much too long.
Your house is like a tree, take care of it, bring it water when you
Give the spirit to those who threaten you and he will leave you alone.
Do you know what is the difference between man and beast, the beast does not learn the
Free violence and the man can forget what it means. The stupidity did
part of humanity as well as its divine part from the beginning. One day
humanity will remember how she was born, in peace.
The woman is like the ocean, the men gather at her side.
Look at the bird that flies, do not sit on the hedgehog, go swimming with them
The grandeur of the soul and the grandeur of man are very different. There is the
time that shares them.
Where are the chosen people, where are those who will color their skins for
to form the rainbow?
Where is the whole of humanity?
Keep the sun in your back if you want it to light your way.
The gently flowing waters announce spring, the rumbling of
storms call the winters.
And then there is the end of the world, Nepal, there there is a big book that speaks
of all cultures.
Druidism is the vitamin of peoples.
Who wears the costume to impress, shows his own incapacity.
 Wear the plume of the peacock, we admire you once, then we pass by.
Answer to the one who is imprisoning you that nothing has ever stopped time.
Tell the one who is crushing you that his mind is unique, teach him that yours
proceeds from multitude and infinity.
Always continue, even after you die, never stop.
Teach the crazy warrior that one day his weapon will rust.
If you are afraid to move forward, step back, but go back before.
Remember Haitian that you are the heart of the two Americas.
If you want to invite someone who does not want to come to your house, close the door
but give him the key.
Do what you want from your body, because it's the only thing that belongs to you
really on this planet.
Respect who respect you, ignore who insults you.
Small rooms attract small children, large fortunes attract
big thieves.
The man and the woman find themselves in front of the god of hidden figures, the time that
Turn yourself into stone and the wicked will have to carry you.
Who wants to break the stone walks in the desert.
The one who walks to your side appreciates you if he walks on the other side
you are afraid.
It is a law of nature.
In the branches of our common future is still the trace of the first word
which was pronounced.
The man who would like to acquire eternity by destroying a peace to impose the
his is the very one who does not recognize the root of his own name.
When the body is not nourished, the mind is hungry.
Do not try to argue with someone who looks behind him, do not try
even to take the road of the past, do not admire the stone too heavy because it
you would use it, time can not advance.
Change branch and you will still be on the same tree
change of tree and you will be
still in the same forest, change of forest if you want but you will not find any
Leave the pack of dogs barking, they talk to each other from afar because they do not
are not free.
Make fun of the books of black sorcery, and the light will burn them.
Want the fearful and he becomes brave.
He who has a seat too comfortable digs his own grave. Whoever does not
has no comfortable seat trip to find it.
And the one who lost it will come back to take it back.
The sword thrusts in the water are resounding because they are unequal, throws a
a small stone in the middle of the pond and the banks will listen to you all together.
Destiny is a male that destiny welcomes.
Which falls on one side germ of the other.
The spirit goes up where the body never goes.
Keep your lukewarm passions, talk the gentle warmth of your hurricane.
How many numbers does it take to get to a million? 1 alone since the zero
account for nothing?
Profane, fisherman, heretic!
exclaim one who will neither see nor hear the names of well-known secrets.
It is the same who seeks faith in him and gives it to nothingness that does not propagate it.
Is that the farce of the false blind?
They do not want to share anything.
What you notice first is always what you can not see or hear
in the spirit that surrounds you.
Ideas are cultivated in difference and homogeneity combined.
If you do not understand something close, go around and look at what is
hidden behind.
Someone put a huge stone on your road? Thanks it. Ride on to see
further still.
Who wears the headdress in his house hides his darkest thoughts in his
Do not cry the laughing child you were, he would be very angry.
Do not trap the road of your enemy because you would be obliged to know the same way.
Change the signpost to its direction instead.
Thus misfortune will lead to wealth.
It's all about acquired understanding.
There is the soul on the corporal side and there is the soul on the spiritual side, keep the soul
whole if you want to live long.
Each singer has his voice, each heart his tones, each spirit can see them
If your happiness does not take root or you are born, look for another place without
Ask no one where it is, time will take you where you have to go. The trip
may be long and hard at first but you'll get there.
Do not tie wrists to the learner.
He who keeps the secret parable knows only a third of himself.
Never repeat what you gave.
Keep a name for your body, take a name for your hope, the one your heart wears
must remain secret.
Nature is a jewel, its souls are jewels.
Ancient druidic glade.
The calendar of Kernunos also embodies the flow chart of the Druidic Glade,
and his representatives on earth.
Kernunos. Archidruide (sse) who represents the spirit. A bar was the
Lug and Donnotarvos .. The two big ovates, which represent creativity
and memory. Two parallel bars were the sign.
The three Mattres where three mages, druidesses or druids. That represent
animality on the first day, the human on the second day, divinity the third
It is only from this level that the initiate becomes a druid. Three bars in
were the sign, a triangle.
The 4 riders (seasons) ....... which represent the birth, the youth, the
maturity and death. 4 bars were the sign, a square.
These four first planes refer to simple geometrical figures which our
ancestors used it as a mechanical system.
The 24 adorers (animality of the arts) ..... The Bards (1 fortnight each).
The profile is that of a triangle but it is often wrong on its meaning, in fact,
the druid representing kernunos the time is with the point of this triangle,
And yes, it's the druid who supports his world and so the big ovates who
support others.
Nb: the great druid is the one who knew all these roles.
Nb2: the three wise men are also three prophets according to the monks.
If we take into account that each ideological aspect separates in two from
of the two brothers big ovates numerology give very good results. Only
good numbers.
Ex: Druid + ovates = 3
Druid, ovates and mages (double counting from there) .1 + 2 + (3x2) = 9
Druid + ovates + mages + knights defenders.
1 + 2 + 6 + 8 = 17
...etc., etc...
The best construction for the glade of spiritual time.
But the Bards are not under the aegis of the Equites. So:
Druid, Ovates, mages + Bards =
1 + 2 + (2x3) + (2x12) = 33
superb, it can work even in modernity.
(save all the pages of this site to protect it, the druidism was
persecuted for centuries by the Roman Catholic Church, the Gallic religion
was banned in the year 38 of Christian time. I canceled the spell by giving back the
details of this ancient and future spiritual path).
(for those who do not understand I would advise to keep in mind the ideas
superiors only
changing time
The text called apocalypse and whose real name is "revelations" (lights), the
last text of the Bible, was written by a druid and diverted from its original purpose
in order to create a religion that allowed to put to sleep all the excesses of rebellions in
the Gaulic peoples enslaved in the West and in Asia Minor ... This reality
unacceptable for many yet is the only plausible that allow
to interpret this book correctly ..
To understand this text, you must first remove the Christian additions
which come to corrupt the clarity of the word, then appears a poetic text
beautiful that describes the unfolding of time, having for center a tree in a
clearing. And it's not at all an apocalypse that appears under the light
Gauloise, the parallel is perfect, too perfect not to reveal a plagiarism
antique due to spoliation and Roman manipulation.
The Christian religion was created in Rome by Romans and thanks to the help of
Jewish religion unless they were forced to adhere to the new
religion by mixing theirs with them (the Romans destroyed all the Jewish temples around
ap jc, this book of Revelation was published just after,), that explains the fact that
the first Christians settled in Rome, the beginnings of your area.
All of your modern thinking comes from the beauty of the sacred language of the Druids
Gallic, a thought from the beginning of time ..
Druids were famous for their pictorial language, which explains a lot of
Christian church easily diverted a text already designed to be
understood only by insiders.
 This manipulation could not take place without the complicity of the Celts who very
early became Christians, the first crosses appeared in Ireland there 6000
"Words of the blood that Kernunos learned from time to live to his
servants this
that will happen soon, he learned it through his mind to his
servant young (jean means: the young), this one guarantees as the action of
Kernunos, and the words of the blood
what he learned.
(He speaks here of the evolution of successive generations and thus of
the evolution of minds in a modernity still in motion).
"I am Alpha and Omega"
"I am the beginning and the end"
Kernunos is the time, Chronos, on the Gallic calendar we realize that the
first night of the year is also the last.
The Alpha is the omega, the calendar of Coligny indicates 366 nights.
Happy are those who will learn the contents of this text, if they
Study the content because the time is there.
The young with the seven spirits of the east (of the solar birth, a new born possesses
indeed seven spirits at the beginning of its existence, it is the rising sun): to you, the
present, the past.
The future (time), kept by the seven spirits of the east, of birth, and by
the blood
He who speaks the truth, who is the rebirth after death and who directs the
races of kings of the earth.
To the one who protects us, gave us a good future thanks to his blood
made us a believing people in their day, pride and strength for the times to
He comes with rainy clouds, every eye will see him, even those who see through
him. (A transparent element that can be seen too ..... It's the wind or
water, wind or water is a principle of movement, so time, the eyes are
actually leaves, which always have a reaction when there is wind and
despite the fact that it is transparent, invisible. The air in motion is also
the era in motion as the current of water, the omega).
The tribes will be afraid of him. (Description of a big thunderstorm approaching)
I am the light and the water, the god of time, the present
the past and the future.
The god of time who dominates everything.
I am alpha and omega: I am light and water. (which makes people grow
He will have long white hair and eyes all around.
This comes from wood carving, this gods is a carved tree do not forget.
The white hair is the result of the shaving of the wood and the eyes are in
places and place of cut branches, passages of sap currents.
To keep the integrity of the wood forming the sculpture, he was surrounded by a cloth
imbibed with linseed oil.
"And his face will be like the sun that no one will be able to face":
it is the sun that orders the human activity of the year, and no one has ever
managed to set the time ..
     On the other hand, this tree god of time does not have a face, he leaves in
all the senses.
"I am the past, the present and the future", It is the representation of the three
matemakers, mothers of saplings, who are the evocation of rebirth through the
Gallic triskel and Celtic.
"He will wear the dress of white linen", it is a son of druid.
"I am alpha and omega, (Lug and Donnotarvos), I am the beginning and the end," I
am: time (Kernunos).
"In his mouth there will be a long sword"
It is the sword of destiny, always with two sharp edges, the destiny flips
on one side or another to move in the best direction. It's a
fight for life in a warrior people. It is the word of time that decides to
the destiny of men.
The sword of destiny is also a parallel with the words of the druid who uses
of the art of the satyr in his diatribes. The satyr is a double talk
The sword of philosophy.
"Around me are the seven candelabra that are the seven churches": time.
The seven planets known in antiquity that revolve around a god of time
in the face of the sun.
The text does not belong to the Christianity that denied for centuries the sciences
of astrology.
A circle composed of the seven waters of light, which define the tendencies of a
annual cycle with the seven consecutive trends of the evolving human mind to
the birth of the baby (see calendar).
7 cited the spirit located in present-day Turkey, formerly Gauls.
"And the lion will eat with the lamb", the sun rises and bloody a cloud
sheep, it is the beginning, initiator of a cycle, but also the symbolism of the
Then in the following text, the narrator reproaches each of the cities because
the advancement of time can not allow her to stay in one of her
and he must always move on to another future, another city, always in a
purpose of variation or the spirit can not die because a cycle always opens a
other, indefinitely. In any case, this is a demonstration of
the eternity of the evolving spirit.
It is a druidic teaching text imaged, written by a great initiate, druid
Gallic close to Greek philosophical circles.
It seems that each of these cities had an assigned color, one of the seven
spirits of the lamb, one of the colors of the rainbow, and maybe that's where
I extrapolate, people from these cities had to wear these colors
to combat the problem of consanguinity and to facilitate the unions
in love with people born in geographically distant places,
that is why the Donnotarvos (the passing of the blood) is called noble bull,
it is the control of healthy unions among peoples who appreciated the beauty
Physical form (the Gauls were very beautiful). It would be
the explanation of the very colorful dress colors of which the Gaulish people
were known to cover themselves.
Seven waters of lights for the people of the waters of time.
On this site you will have to open your mind, let's continue.
"In the throne there will be voices, roars and lightning":
It's an old tree in the wind with its creaking, animal voices and
Leaves that move and offer openwork of lights.
"And before his throne there will be like a sea of ​​crystal in the colors of the emerald"
The grass of a meadow, jelly.
 Before the throne of time is the season of samainos, beginning of the Gallic year to
first frosts.
It is a tree in the middle of a meadow. So certainly an oak whose trunk
is a throne
time is created with its circles.
"And there will be eyes around and inside"
The colors of human eyes come from the visible colors of the interior
of a tree, leaf colors, changing with the seasons, as well as
colors of the sky. The buds of trees are still called "eyes" today and
each brings to a different type of thought. All these colors of human eyes
are found mixed precisely with the period of samainos.
 (I'm sure you made the connection with the colors that come from
stained glass windows of churches, representation of the rainbow.
 The eyes are known to be the passages of the expression of the soul.
All druids will tell you that the oak is the seat of the creative spirit that
evolves in time.
"His feet will be brown and black, as if burned" is the pictorial description of
roots of the tree, the apparent part and below the earth called "ades".
The kingdom of the dead.
The body depicting the trunk and the hair so well styled among the Gallic kings
therefore represent the spirit, colored by the precious stones enshrined in the
crowned. It is the rainbow of the colors of the soul.
 it is referred to four fantastic animals, a lion, solar symbol of
the birth of light (life), a calf that represents the bull's childhood, a
man's face representing adult life, and an eagle, symbol of death at
the Gauls.
It is indeed a Gaulish text.
the four animals are birth, childhood, adult life, and death.
the temporal context is still present.
following text:
In the throne will be a book written in and out, sealed with seven seals: These are
the lines of the wood, which appear clearly only at the end of the seventh year,
when the branch becomes rigid, solid.
A mighty angel asks those who are on the earth, under the earth and in the
heaven, who can open the book?
It is a direct reference to the three divine kingdoms of the tree of time, domains
of Kernunos, the world below: the roots, the world above: the trunk
bearer, and the overhead world, the branches and leaves that represent the sky.
(Dubno, Bitu and ciallos).
The lion of the tribe of Judah, offspring of David overcame, (lightning, light of the
birth): never read the text in the first degree, it is simply the
birth of time; the egg of the nymph has just hatched, The reference to the Jews
comes from the fact that causality fails on the notion of race. we must interpret:
a race was born to open the book of time.
In antiquity, this notion of race was assembled to a cultural group.
The exact interpretation is: "A culture is born to fit into the
book of time ".
In the middle of the throne will be a lamb as immolated: It is a nymph of wood, which
only one can read the inside and the outside of the lines of the wood. The ancient druids
they worshiped them, and certainly the cult of the rebirth of the dead. In
indeed, this nymph looks like a skeleton, she stays several years in the
wood of the tree, immobile, until its mutation into a complete insect, the capricorn.
It is interesting to note that the zodiacal sign of capricorn coincides
precisely with the beginning of the year, the rebirth of light that is done with
the lengthening of the days.
The lines of the wood represent the course of time, in the tree god, Kernunos
The living old people represent the experience gained, the memory of the arts, the
lyres, harp and gold cups (one of which was found in the forest
Brocéliandre) are of Gallic culture and still represent a cycle. These
old men are druids.
At this point of understanding, it is important to point out that the 24 old men
represent 24 divinities, they themselves being the demonstration of an art of thinking.
That's 24 different ways of thinking.
For Gauls, thinking life is an art. So these are not arts like
painting, sculpture, music or other expressions bias.
Each art corresponds to a specific spirit. Example: the art of loving, well the art of
to be interested, or even the art of anger.
The red horse of the next text is well known among the Gauls, it is
Rudiobos, which represents the impulsiveness of youth called by the calf,
representing youth precisely. The others are very well known too, but
see them only in the night sky.
And the kings of the earth will be afraid of him: the kings and queens of the earth will not
fear only one thing, the time that passes: the word of time. Always
the incarnation of time.
In front of the throne there will be the 12 tribes and people will make movements like
with palms .......... these are the little people of insects and especially of
ants carrying pieces of leaves to their nests in front of the trunk
of the tree of time.
Finally, the text is fully interpretable with the basics offered by the
Gallic culture.
Soon other interpretations of the book of revelations.
To fully understand this text of revelations, we must accept the fact that Jesus
christ did not exist, it is in fact about the evolution of the ancient Gaulish myth
of the god Esos. Who seized the powers of time by cutting the tree of Kernunos,
Chronos. This statue of Jesus sacrificed is an evolution of the god-tree of time
who is the deity of filiation by the blood. Esos is also called Zeus on
breeding bull among the Greeks.
The great god of the time in the spirit of the sun speaks with the temporal waters. flows are conveyed
and ebb and swamps, Alpha and Omega combined.
The great god of the time in the spirit of the sun speaks with the temporal waters. flows are conveyed
and ebb and swamps, Alpha and Omega combined.
There is mention of the construction of a temple, the figures mentioned have
much in common with those of the Gallic calendar, which is the temple of Kernunos-
It is also about a tree that will grow at the confluence of two rivers.
In druids, rivers are associated with the idea of ​​currents of thought,
are the waters of time, inspiring muses. This is a tree of the arts of
The Gallic texts bardic incense on the one hand and denigrate of the other two
Gog and Magog means: the bad and the good but also the same as "Egypt
and sodom "spirituality and animality.
"The males will join the females"
This text has very deep philosophical foundations, it contains the learning
ancient druids in its entirety.
Of course, imagery carries the imaginary in this text for example, the eyes are
females and the horns are male, a spiritual functioning derives from it
based on the seven main human feelings. It's setting up a way
to think but more ... of a way to feel, live and interpret.
At the end of the book of revelations is a sentence cursing those who
will change the words of this book. It's very unusual for God to fear
simple counterfeiters, this is what told me that the book had already been reinterpreted
and rewritten with the Christian sauce ......... by dint of crying wolf too ...........
"and the dead will come back to life":
the trees during the winter period all have the appearance of extinct trees,
dead, then with spring, they come back to life.
"The green goddess will give life back".
Etunia is the goddess who revives nature and spirit in the spring.
The knight in question is the epitome of that spirit born of
natural tendencies. It's time running, Kernunos or Lug.
"and the sky will become green".
 the sky merges with the foliage of the tree of the druids, it is an era
particular than spring.
"It will save a thiers of the world"
It was the Gallic druids who divided the world into three Thiers.
"He will release the ancient serpent".
This snake is the moving story, the aquatic symbolism of time. It is necessary
read: "he will release the ancient history".
"the last will be the first": obviously since it is a cycle.
it's about a big book and a little book. the general ledger brings together a
number of stories and precepts that shine through, all these
stories are little books. Thus are written the Bible, the Koran and the Torah,
as well as more generally religious books from around the world, when they are
write in the form of a book. Among the druids, these little books were
transmitted orally.
"And it will be like a great earthquake."
The earth moves, it turns.
"And the sun will darken like a bag of horsehair"
The sun has gone down
"And the moon would have the color of blood"
The night is here, the moon is red.
The speech talks about the earth, sun and water cycles well known to
druids of antiquity.
And of course you will notice the text pertaining to the true and false prophets,
it is about Jesus and Jesus. For the Gauls it is Esus, for Christians it is
Jesus, the truth that these two are the same person.
It is referred to three times an old man with a billhook also on clouds.
This is another facet of the water cult.
These old men are druids, and these clouds are the expression of water,
The first concerns birth, the second concerns youth, the third
A measure of wheat for a denier
Three barley measures for a denier, but does not touch the oil and wine.
The grains can be counted and not the liquids because they move.
This is the system that allowed counting days and holidays on the
Gallic calendar but it was also used for something else, addition and
multiplication .... where rather and according to the ancient teachings: 1 is the
number of uniqueness and three is the number of the multitude!
It is about three times four Jewish tribes too and the lion (ogmios and
the eloquence) of the tribe that founded Judaism.
These four sentences refer to the birth, youth, maturity and death of
the multitude (3 tribes at a time).
Regarding the eloquence of the tribe of Judah: indeed, the Hebrews do not
do not recognize Christendom and this book revelations as belonging to
their culture since the beginning and writing of this text!
They do not share their blood or their culture.
In fact the calculation here is very known to all astrologers since several
thousands of years, 4 seasons times 3 celestial months.
This is the calculation of the zodiac!
The druid who wrote the book was a genius!
And there will be horses with a man's face (revelations of st jean).
And there will be horses with a man's face (revelations of st jean).
Gallic currency.
The legend of a meteor falling on earth refers to the setting sun in front of
the constellation of the centaur. To understand this part of the text it is necessary to
know the worship of the waters where the sky merges with the reflection of the stars in
the water. All the dimensions described in this part of the text are demonstrated by
the setting sun in front of the centaur.
Gallic vase.
Gallic vase.
And the beast will look like a panther with a lion's mouth and bear's paws.
Gallic vase
Gallic vase
And there will be a woman with two eagle wings ... very similar!
The rest of the text describes in a numerical way what are the seven seals of the
(The first seven are: birth, youth, adult life, death, memory of
dead, precession of the stars which designates the passing of time and 7th prayers and
incense of the church).
It is the same kind of functioning as those of the Gallic calendar (see "the
science of stars "), however, the cycle of the moon described belongs to the
cabalist culture. I want to apologize to our Jewish friends, they too
betrayed by black wizards who hijacked their culture.
All figures form a Kabbalist "magic square".
The figure of 666 is only calculated for the three so-called life parties or
each of them individually: birth, youth and maturity, so
well the figure of the man ..... and the dragon.
In the heading number you will find a common link between the number of columns
ancient temples frequented by the Gallic druids.
36 columns, among the seven churches of the lamb, only six are said
the acting. Equality is not used for the calculation that follows.
The philosophical calendar teaches you to use the value of numbers
(from 0 to 9) and to build a text concentrating several spirits.
The old druidic calendar was used to build druidic satire, this is the
text that makes the spirit of the dragon appear.
Six multiple basic spirits of themselves make thirty-six lines, multiplied by
10 hours ancient (the 10 horns of the dragon), it's been 360 months
lunar .... be an ancient saurlo.
If you use the calculation in the figure heading
to reach the number of the man, 666 spirits that are added, you can
rebuild the dragon's book.
Very dangerous, I warn you right away.
It is quite possible that it is the one that allows one to seize the powers of
god if I understood correctly .... but that's for the obscurantists, the luminous
the interpreter in a more scientific way.
 But the text contains other seals:
The first seal is that of the two twins who hold the wheels of time
"Covered by bags" that is to say in the dark, that's why the
ovates are dressed in black.
On the Gallic vase exposed in Denmark we notice two bulls, black ones,
prefiguration of the twins surrounding the story. The sacrifice is mentioned
of two white bulls in the Gallic cult (diviciacos), the sum of the two
horned animals thus comes well from the Gallic culture. Do not ask yourself
why the priests are dressed in black ...
The second seal is the past of the present and the future, the three
The third seal is that of the four fantastic animals that represent, the
birth, youth, maturity and death, the four riders of the seasons
celestial Gauls.
The fourth seal is the kernunos crown, the 12 zodiac signs.
The fifth seal is composed of the twenty-four elders who represent the
Gallic bardic arts and lunar half-moons.
The sixth seal consists of the four sides multiplied by 42 lunar months of
ten days, or 168 months in all.
A kabbalistic calculation to form the "magic square", which comes from the culture
The true number of months is 360 on a Gallic cycle of 30 years, a saitlo,
like that, it works and it proves that this book of revelations is Gaulish. You
can trust my figure because it is related to the number of gold known
since antiquity.
The seventh seal is composed of the three visible phases of the moon and the
Kabbalists did not count the black moon, too bad.
You have the seven true seals of the book of Gallic lights.
Take a sheet of paper and draw them, the resulting calculations will be a
a little more limpid.
For information and to translate the book, you must know that during Antiquity,
the abyss designated the horizon where the stars disappear .....
The woman is one of the names given to the moon.
In this text of revelations is written a reference to Zion, the church of
Zionism, it was not at all that wanted to write where to say the druid (the
Zionism appeared later on it seems to you it). In fact it is a reference to
Iction (near Actaeon), hero of well-known Greek mythology. The knights
Gallic were perhaps even at the origin of this myth of the father of centaurs
to which they often referred on their currencies.
In Ireland we call this hero: Cian.
The symbol of the hippocampus belongs to him and
the beautiful church of CIAN means: the beauty of the ocean.
From what I could understand, these riders believed themselves invested with the spirit
of one of their gods, Belenos, the god Aries, where another is still a
mark of this old philosophy that depicted the journey of the spirit, its path
physical and adventurous and the spiritual force that inhabited it.
Belenos (Apollion and Abandon) is the Gaulish deity of the inner sun, the
It is represented in the form of a serpent (synonymous with history) bearing horns
from Aries. These same horns are represented in the numismatics Gallic at
front of riders and other centaurs. So I deduce that he is the god
alive and that the spirals of the horns are the sign of which this text speaks of
Other related to know: "Sodom and Egypt" means: the decay of
the animality and magnificence of spirituality. It's easy to understand.
I give you the interpretations as I remember, here
one more:
The big prostitute sitting on the dragon with 10 horns, evokes the value of things,
and the 10 horns of the dragon are a ten-level value system.
I use a similar system but I personally avoided the values
Another thing, the twelve doors of the temple of god, constitutes 12 pearls which are in
made 12 moons ...... indeed the months were copied on the cycle of the moon adapted to
It is also written that three old men sitting on the clouds and carrying a
hoe will harvest the crops of the temple.
These are three druids of course, and these have the ability to prune,
to prune the spiritual tree ..... these clouds are a facet of the water cult, this
are texts.
The first represents the birth
the second the youth and the third the
maturity but it could be the past, the present and the future as well.
"You will see the son of man appear"
The son of man is not a single being, it is the sons of the human, the
new men.
The book says he would have immeasurable power, and yes, the new man does
looks more like the old, he has a morphotype more elaborate, an intelligence
very pronounced, his power is incredible.
Look better at these children growing up in modern times. They are the ones,
the sons of man!
NB: the temple described in this book takes the form of a still cube, the temple
Gaulish time, freed from its immobility, represents a circle that turns.
The numbers correspond.
With regard to the stones mentioned in this text, it is still a face of the cult
These stones are often found in the bed of a river or beach. It is
a river of time.
"In the middle of the city will grow a tree that will yield fruit every month for
to heal the evils of nations "
It is: a culture! .... Gaulish.
There is only culture and its effects on civilizations to cure
It is written that those who have been punished for the word of God and who will
entering the temple will have to "wash their robes and wear a garment (linen)
white (bright).
Those who are obscurantists will have to enter the light, the sciences, the
to know, to become Cartesian, a way that can sometimes be mystical thanks to
inspiration but never obscurantist.
"Outside the dogs (which represent human animality), the enchanters (he is
this question of hucksters assimilated to wizards, not real artists),
the immoral, the murderers, the idolaters (of which Christians are
also), and whoever loves to practice lies ".
It is clear, it is a question of spiritual purity, one where one does not lie to
oneself where to others, and where one respects oneself without needing palliatives ...
"And all mountains, rivers and oceans will be removed from their
it's dark night.
Question numbers, you will see by comparing those that this book of
revelations consists of two parts.
Make a complete picture of all paragraphs and include the numbers they contain
transcribe. You are going to have a surprise because indeed the provision of
numbers has nothing in common. Looking at their correspondence with certain topics
you will quickly understand that the whole book is calculated and even more importantly, that it does not
can not be a coincidence.
But back to "GOG and MAGOG" which literally translated: what is good
and that's bad. "
In Gaulish language "Gog and Magog" mean: "what is grandiose and what
recognizable as grandiose ".
It deals with brilliant appearances and the profound truth of them.
The information contained on the site is there to serve as a basis for any work
and sites that concern Gallic druidism.
In the long run, we will need to take over this whole site in order to set up a real
druidic spirituality.

Gaulish druid
Gaulish druid