Druidism and Freemasonry


Druidism and Freemasonry Freemasonry is indeed a branch of ancient Druidism but a bastard branch, they too had to undergo the fraud of Roman acculturation. I noted a number of symbolisms belonging to the Gallic culture which the masons used and that even before taking this name of Freemasonry. They transformed it into the symbol of the five-pointed star under obscurely wizarding characters today, for example, yet it belonged to the sea urchin of the Druids. Currently, they are no longer druids but neo-druids. Divided into several monotheistic currents, they integrated the misfortune of the Jews into their dogma, a real cabalist bad luck. There is no jealousy, but the majority of us avoid this secular environment like the plague. Despite appearances, the vast majority of Druidizers will never belong to masons' lodges. Their true origin may well go back up to 6000 years ago and the establishment of cross-shaped sepulchres in Ireland. For me this is where the Masons appeared. But if the Freemasons find their origins with us, their evolution through the centuries has taken them to really move away from ancient Druidic uses, and today they claim to be from all the religions of the world from which they have "borrowed" so much. . Moreover, they themselves refute the present existence of an ancient Druidism, they always report everything to them, do not accept the existence of the old currents which have reached the 21st century. One in particular. Certain obligatory ceremonies of the Masonic temple completely refer to Hebrew worship for example, nothing to do with the druids of yesterday and today. Masons want to be wizards. Evil tongues make them worshipers of lucifer, in fact these are the allegations of deep obscurantists because masons especially admire the light of the arts and sciences, a devilment for the Catholic Church. I must admit that these admire the black magic a little too closely. Freemasons have been trying to create their own church for centuries without succeeding, they remain in the rank of a secret society, condemned to obscurity for various reasons and in particular because it allows them to forge nascund links in all modern societies. Their very large presence in politics does not provoke the confidence of the people. It is enough to type "freemasonry scheming" in the search engines to realize the extent of the disaster. We also know that GORSSED has recently come under Masonic power completely. According to the connections that I was able to operate, the masons were part of the followers of the bull, a cult of which I speak in other pages of this site. Since then they have been trying to reach the light, but it is not their founding essence. One of the particular things which is reproached to these, it is the fact that they block all possibilities of access to a higher position in the company to capable people, very capable even, but not masons, it is a way of doing that many secret societies use. The reputation of the temple is that of bringing together people who in the name of an omnipotent god, reserve rights without respecting natural selection. They have the reputation of favoring personal enrichment, it is not very spiritual and that is why they cannot achieve respect for the population in its generalities, religious or philosophical. Masons hide to avoid persecution according to them, how many people owe their misfortunes to Freemasonry? So I learned a lot of Masonic secrets, and I know their future by that very fact, ladies and gentlemen Druidism conceals something that the temple has always been looking for but that nevertheless it will never know, and if I dared to say even, that 'he will never recognize. Honest truth, transparency, the courage to say and do things directly. To those who will join the Druidic ranks however, I wish good thinking, because we are going to need everyone and even some betrayals sometimes bring welcome protection, the two sides of the tree balance each other out. themselves. It is those that Christians call "the merchants of the temple" who created the Catholic Church of Rome, who were betrayed by Rome, for a matter of power. Above Freemasonry there is a sort of secret consortium that most Masons are unaware of. One of their rallying signs is a hand pointing two fingers forward at the ends, you will find it in many photos of the highest leaders on the planet, it is an offensive sign or wizarding according to the opinions, and it is the sign of the secret sect of ..... Taurus of the world below, Aiduos, master ofobscurantists and dark energies ... Conspiracy theory? No, but this secret society really does exist ... There I can tell you that it is black, black and black. From what I know it was not firmly created about 1940 years ago, a mixture of the ancient Persian, Hebrew and Gallic cult. On a more purely Gallic level, a representation of an attacking horseman, posted at the beginning of the serpent of life, under the aegis of the white deer god, incarnation of Lug on earth has been found. Rushing and going to fight the Donnotarvos, master of the dead and the dark passage, like the light that wants to conquer the dark period in an epic adventure. But this fight has however no other utility than that of the tale which gives again hope because the Donnotarvos must remain in place to perpetuate the order and the balance of this Gallic world, death being only the obligatory passage has the end of all life, of all history, in order to be able to be reborn, to preserve and restore civilizing memory. We cannot say that Freemasons will one day emerge from the shadows that have surrounded them for two thousand years. Personally, I don't think they succeed, the cabalist culture is indeed far too pervasive. The obscurantism which surrounds "the brothers" is too important. In addition, the trade and exchange that Freemasonry advises its followers to practice among themselves as a priority must be a common way between Druidizers only, it is like that in all groups. We don't need to hide like them, the preference is always that of the heart of the forest. The fortune of the Freemasons comes to them from the fact that they hide, infiltrate and then guard between them the economic sectors, just like the Scientologists and other sects. They learned to do this in the Templar era, Templars who learned this use from the Hebrew authorities, this was the real treasure of the Templar, it is their only real power on this earth. God, faith, all of this is just an excuse to show facade honesty in society. The masons symbols, pyramids, points, masks, etc. a non-mason, non-Jew wanted to make a fortune quickly, all he had to do was put them on his own products and keep them secret. The evils and all the diabolical reputation of this sect, serve to prevent the vast majority of people from approaching, from being too interested in them, and therefore to prevent the pouring out of the accumulated wealth to the vast majority of the population. , which would be fatal to the Masonic cult. What they don't want to see and understand is that it all shows up as the nose in the middle of the face. Pride is weakness. A little bit of beliefs: How to recognize them? Ask yourself why the media call certain people "masters of the clocks" or why certain circles distribute small hourglasses. Read this site carefully. These hourglasses are normally accurately calibrated to special numbers. As far as I know, the Masons do not own the Gallic stallion, the one that proceeds from the adventure, so they cannot use it. And that is one of the causes which deprives them of all control of the great history of the world, so they continue to hide. They can try to find the perfect numbers, without going through their second death, the one that is final, this would precipitate their spiritual end according to their beliefs. The perpetual clock, the never-ending story, doesn't exist, it's just a Masonic dream, And the rebirth even less for them. Masons do not control the time, except that of their illusions when they have it. This page is not really accommodating towards Freemasonry, it is up to them to understand that they must recognize their responsibilities, if this organization is constituted of very different lodges it is to keep a certain stability towards others. "churches" from unique points of view. I say that the Freemasons themselves are being manipulated and that their multiplicity actually serves other people, and therefore are not fully responsible for a so-called conspiracy theory that is being blamed on them so arbitrary. On the other hand, I invite them to check themselves who is pulling the strings over them like puppets. (A striking example would be to highlight the people who recently proposed to replace the European populations by others of African origin, at the UN, the masons refused but some of theirs and not just any signed the document). NB: in case some of you ask yourself the question, I would like to point out that I have never been part of a Masonic lodge, and will not join thems never. All the knowledge described here comes from other sources, and these are only open secrets. Already known by thousands, see millions of people. I think the time for reflection has come for them, to demonstrate that knights are not made to hide, to demonstrate that the majority of them are honest, to no longer hesitate to wear their sacred symbols in public. I don't believe it for a second, but there maybe we can begin to admire the true courage of real men. Nb2: the great masonic masters promised to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem, we know today that this city was founded by the Philistines, people coming from Europe, having migrated on the old silk road ... Galatians who had for gods: Dagan (the dagda) and Baal (Bélénos). Will they keep their promise? Freemasons know very well the symbolism of the carpenter's ax, it is that of the builders of which it was the emblem in Gaul. Huge votive deposits have been found in Gallic places of worship. Judaism. It is amusing to see texts flourish on certain sites which have advocated a Jewish messianism among the Aedui since the "beginning" of Christian times and especially Gallic times. I even found some madmen who spoke of the contacts between druids, shamans and rabbis in Asia 6000 years ago, implying: we rabbis we showed you everything! And to take jean louis Bruneaux as a certified witness. They are no longer close to a turnaround. Druidism is not Judaism and never will be. Antipas, cleopass, ... and why not a master key? It seems that people are trying to impose their ancestors as the ones who brought the good word to Gaul by trying to open locks that are not theirs. It makes no sense! Laughable! To put their oriental roots before ours, they are based on interpretations of rather rustic Christian sculptures. They certainly have links with Romanized culture but not at all with ancient Druidism that the Romans destroyed and perverted. So, I want to say this: everyone has the right to believe what they want but we must not mix everything up. Especially in such a crass way. We don't need the help of the rabbis. Druidic worship has never been that of the Jewish tribes. Respect everyone in their diversity. I note in passing that the authors of these media hoaxes refer to the druidic uses that they learned at random from their navigation but also to so-called talents of druidic thaumaturgy ..... which do not exist with us. It is called caballism (see caniballism?) You will understand that these are attempts to mix the cult of the Druids with that of the Jews .... This is called manipulation. I will wish all these people much happiness and I recommend a little willow bark in dilution to calm their headaches .... I would also like them to land on the same planet as us, leaving behind a disproportionate pride that religion instills in them. They are not supermans, they are not superhumans. When they understand and accept this, they will realize that their exile is over and that the Palestinian children will live longer. I will therefore advise everyone to leave our Jewish friends in peace and to close in advance any debate with religious extremists. I did not think that in the name of the truth, the latter could lie so much or be so obnoxious with all that is not like them. They are real hysterics, if you want to fill your noise box, just tell them that you have never read the Torah and that you are not interested in it. That's 15,000 decibels guaranteed. But above all, do not tell anyone, and especially not on the internet because they will chase you to the grave. I wish them a lot of fun. Anyway, in any case, we have only one serious question to ask ourselves about all these people: the Freemasons, and therefore the rabbis who command them, have they ever done something to save the little birds? Not to my knowledge. For example, those who fight to save the trees of Lannions Park are too few for the masons to be finally respected ........ It's your turn. Nb: codes like "alpha and Omega" which require the support of all Freemasonry influencers, the strings of places and other departments which also serve to pass secret messages on the radio, ... all of which we know. good. What I wonder is if the brothers will continue to blindly applaud and mobilize influences to support people who hope to establish a blind, obscurantism and political regime and from which all will have to sufferir ??