Building A Modernizing Spirituality.


Building A Modernizing Spirituality. Druidism, modern spirituality. Druidism, modern spirituality. Establish a modern spirituality. We must understand and respect all the cultures and states that have grown on it. To say to someone else "it is necessary to do like that" or "it is necessary to think thus" is not possible, each one must remain free in its interior strong. I will take as an example an international environment so as not to harm anyone: space. A new environment where everything remains to be done. This is just one example of what could be done of course, as you usually will think so. So let's take a little height, inspire the world of marine cosmo-Nautes ..... of the universe. To consider the immensity you have to refocus on yourself, be well seated in your capsule if you do not have your feet on the ground. Organize oneself around the memory of terrestrial luminosities and project oneself into a universe that is not made naturally for us. To ask the question of the why and the how of this mission of humanity in space. There is only one answer, apart from technical and scientific considerations, the great celestial journeys have only one final goal: to propagate life, in all its forms if possible. We must consider the spatial microcosm as a seed containing all the ingredients of life. Except these forms of life will have to be complementary, the plants taking care of the animals, the animals conjugating with the humans. An osmosis and an understanding, a truce between the forms which feed on each other ... ultimately this is also what we are looking for on earth. It will be necessary to ask the right questions, to calculate its projections as accurately as possible by accepting the 0.5% of improbable events, 0.5% on the scale of space travel, it is immense. Risky and acceptable. There will be in this seed the need for a successful thought, the way to create and to evolve most just, which corresponds best to the medium. So these Cosmo-Nautes will have this need to create a tree of thought, like us but in a different way. Completely open, creative and memorial, the center of which would be the body or the human brain (I do not believe in artificial intelligence devoid of feelings. It will be necessary to consider the bodily needs, sleeping, eating, sexuality. And spiritual, feelings, their mastery in the definition of what we think to be, the learning of a new life, of the plurality of forms of living. reflect on the whole of a perennial vital environment. Forging an intellectual opening towards immensity is a natural predisposition of the living, over time, gradually. A spirituality where the master and the apprentice are one. To maintain the thought and the pleasure of understanding, of doing. An evolutionary normality, but without the rejection of the unthinkable. In truth this is what we have always tried to do on earth despite the mistakes in the past. Powerful men and women have favored obscurantism to destroy science and thus privilege their personal divinities. And humanity has lost thousands of years of evolution because of them. One of the things that should be emphasized is that faith is luminous, it is the perfect synonym for truth as a single word, whole, and belief. The dark has nothing to do in establishing real spirituality. There are dreams, nothingness and osmosis. And it is not the same thing. Eluding existential questions, we would have to accept the fact that we are part of a "great whole". From there it only remains for us to tell ourselves that the environment, whatever it is, depends on dreams, on the possible and on realities. In these intersidereal spaces, it is the human being who would bridge the gap between the immediate and the unfathomable depth of the universe. It is he who, without becoming a god, will propagate life. The theory of eternity, its practice also, it is the human being who can do it through his mission: to be reborn elsewhere. Thanks to the calculation of time and the correct use of reusable materials. As we do on earth, endlessly reusing the same atoms to build new bodies for ourselves. It is because of considerations like these, thanks to them that we make our churches of thought. To develop. Ceremonies. Once the interstellar journey began to take my example, the first embarked who would be born on earth, growing spiritually in their new environment, would give birth to children and then sooner or later would end up "passing the mesh" to young people growing up. It's a long trip like this. This is where a new condition appears and another need fulfilled by spirituality: the structuring of a young spirit. In a place requiring important responsibilities one should not miss it. Through his human life the social beingA responsible person needs to be instilled in a way of appreciating the outdoors, what surrounds him. If this is not done the "Djeun's" becomes ... becomes again the slave of its primary instincts. His blind animality prevails over his controlled thinking. And it is serious. It produces harmful effects like the ones you can see on television right now. An unbuilt young person is a barbarian. This is why there have always been various Druidic ceremonies spread out throughout life, each corresponding to a passage between each age. From infancy to childhood, then to adolescence and then to adulthood. These are structuring ceremonies. And they give everyone a solid identity. One of the most important things in social life in the world. In our time, if you do not see the future of our societies, it is because these symbolic passages have been buried. Nothing more structures the ideas of youth and therefore the future can no longer be projected. Accessibility facilities for these ceremonies must be put back in place. Freely of course, for free and in the most modern way possible because this kind of organization must last for centuries. We love and respect nature but are not candidates for primary life. To develop. Ceremonies of the day, of the year and of life. Obviously, a cult practice takes place through cycles. I retain three main ones, the cycle of a day, a year and a life. All starting with a dark, spiritual half period, then a great luminous period, and finally another dark half period. This corresponds to the Néman-Iacos necklace. As we entered the area of Aquarius, the two dark half periods have to do with water or aquatic creatures (or simply two balls). These are the two ends of the necklace, the one who wears it is responsible for supervising the ceremonies. It can be made from any stable metal. Gold, silver, bronze, stainless steel ... etc. It is a symbol of eternity and therefore the metal must not be corrupted. As some rituals take place directly at home, it is not necessarily mandatory to own the necklace personally. Our ancestors kept at home small statuettes and undoubtedly ornaments decorated with religious motifs. (What have it also found on coins). There is no hell with us, the statuettes referred to the three realms, passionate, bodily-terrestrial, spiritual-divine. Life begins in the mists of childhood, the year begins in seasonal mists and the day begins between dark night and dawn. Which gives you the positioning (in the time of the first three daily-annual-life ceremonies) We can call it the three beginnings of life. There still comes the luminous period dedicated with us to physical life. Free in his thought, free in his various ceremonies). Then at the evening of life, at the end of the year, at sunset, are three other ceremonies of the spiritual world. So that makes two ceremonies per day, two per year and two per vital period, these are the main ones. NB: a Gallic life is equal to a saitlo, Gallic century of 30 years. If you lived more than 60 years, that means you will have lived more than two lifetimes. The new druids perform important ceremonies nights in the years, but in Antiquity if I refer to the Coligny calendar, these eight ceremonies occurred twice a century, bright and dark. In the normal year, there were normally 4 moments of convergence, the two solstices and the two equinoxes. A time of sprouting feasts, Ganor. There was a seven-day weekly planner which corresponded to a ceremony at the end and the beginning of the week, it is the same. On earth, all worship was modeled on the agricultural calendar. Births and deaths were included in the same cult of the resurrection. The rest depended on the passages, apprenticeships, mastery of each profession which was necessarily linked to various gods and goddesses. It was the old model that must be adapted to modern times.