What was destroyed.


What was destroyed. As everyone knows, the Judeo-Christian authorities of the Vatican have not shied away in the past to make the ancient French cultural heritage disappear. The Romans at the beginning of the exactions massacred 1,200,000 Gauls. The Roman Catholics subsequently destroyed as much as possible all traces of the great Gallic culture. Which put me on the ear first regarding all these destruction and lies, the official desire to hide the Gallic past, our roots, to replace it with a so-called story from elsewhere, which First put me on the alert is the fact that excavations on the site of the city of Gorgobina were prohibited by the French state. And then I saw the rest of the abuses centered on our culture for two thousand years, constantly, enormous. We know less today that there are pyramids in all of Europe, real quadrangular pyramids, not tumuli, (it is even the place where there are the most, remains of a marine people who had scattered along the coasts to the Canaries) because the fact is obscured. We must not hide the obvious. Below is the pyramid of Nice which was completely razed to the ground in the last century. A huge building ... wiped off the map without serious official reasons. Nice pyramid. France. Nice pyramid. France. It also seems very bizarre that no serious studies have been traced back to us, of the found objects nothing remains. The wealth manipulators have done their job well, relentlessly. The list of standing stones and other dolmens deliberately destroyed or buried is also very long. There, often, we note the presence of priests with scathing proselytism, heirs of a way of doing too rigorous, in the past and since the "black priests" (3rd century) some religious have committed crimes in the name of decorum, as in all religions or other societies of interest. Our heritage has disappeared Dolmen destroyed, sold. Dolmen destroyed, sold. And when the Abbots did not tell horrible fables about bloody events 5000 years before they invented them, quarrymen far from their careers were allowed to take the stone away or to fracture it if necessary. The example of what was found in Veyre-Monton is eloquent. It was not so long ago, and this despite the establishment of an archaeological society from the 18th century. So ... if someone comes to tell me one day that none of this was done on purpose, I would undoubtedly share my reservations with them. I will give you the bottom of my thoughts: when you publicly accuse a cult of generalized sacrifices, you keep the evidence. And when we want to remove the evidence of a magnificent culture that would have existed before us, we shave everything. So stupidity and ignorance are not seen as much as they should. Now, in our modern era which is that of information, those who wanted to act too much, to destroy in order to install their so-called right-thinking spirituality can see themselves from afar if I can express myself thus. And that is part of the human, it is our imparted animosity, we destroy to install the novelty. The one we think is best for the future of humanity. The Gallic period saw statues destroyed too, the luminous philosopher used stupidity to counter religious obscurantism and later monks used stupidity to install their light. Human animosity. The arts, creativity is sacred for the Druids, a statue is always a work of art to be protected from obscurantism. This is why we must not deify it. Here again the dragon acted, for the difference between what is sacred and what is divine has not been clarified in popular thought. If you do not mind. The arts of the spirit are they divine where they belong to the sacred. The arts of the physical are they divine or they are sacred. Between the bright world and the dark period there is a consensus. Two ways of seeing life, two debating dragons, physical novelty is often unbearable to the memory of the conservative mind. And to combine them in good harmony, There is only Kernunos. Because we can not separate these dragons, we must accept the renewal while preserving the memory. I can tell you that for sure no Druidist would destroy a church, they would make libraries of it. For sure. Nb: there are people who are in denial, especially regarding the existence of a Gallic pantheon, they prefer to say that each tribe had its own god. I want to point out that from the moment when there is a common calendar with various festivals, these festive moments are constantly dedicated to different divinities, this in absolutely all cultures. Kernunos in England.Kernunos in England. Not far from Stonehenge was found this sculpture representing Kernunos and the two dragons. Why haven't we made the connection, yet another link voluntarily forgotten? So this is the job that falls to us to find and shed light on what our true ancestors were. And to show the world those who lie from the start to install their political cause.