Trees, crops.


Trees, crops. Gallic tree. Gallic tree. Universe tree. World tree of culture. 10. The universe tree is the universal tree. (According to my studies, it seems that each important deity had a particular tree in relation, example, For kernunos it was the beech where the oak, for Lugus it was the elm, for Donn, the willow, Taranis it was ash. Some druids bury their entire body in the middle of a forest to simulate the tree and the roots of the spirit (they only let the head protrude). The tree is at the center of Druidic spirituality, in general it is the oak which is set up as a pedestal for the achievement of justice within the tribe but another place is made for other species of trees which are frequently cited in current and ancient Druidism, each being the embodiment of a different spirit, (the Yew is the tree of the gods traditionally of eternity; the oak that of the justice of the physical world, the willow, the tree of women and the passage of life through death), it is also referred to a grove, a sacred forest. Kernunos the god tree seems to be embodied in a great universal tree. The intertwining of the branches is the demonstration of the interconnectivity of all that exists in this world. The rhythm of the seasons, the fruiting bodies, the birds' nests are houses, the more or less dark leaves, the thorns, the resistance, the beauty of the essences, everything is linked to one side of life and Gallic thought. The Gauls live in their tribe's world tree, their houses are made of wood, and each branch seems to be a road. It is always osmosis with the surrounding nature, the tree is the representation of the natural construction of a balanced mind that grows in the light. The oak is also the symbol of the protection of Teutates against the meteorological aggressions of Tanaris the devastating. Teutates embodying defense, two complementary and antagonistic warlike parts depending on the situation. One important thing is almost certain is that Teutates is a deity of the wooded countryside and villages, not of the big cities. The oak is his obligatory residence, his pictorial universe. The spirit tree is metaphorical of a master tree, hundred years old, powerful, graceful, balanced, whose roots are that of a people and a thousand-year-old culture. NB: some of you who aspire to a free mastery will be confronted with protest moods from other Druidizers. Aggression was never part of the philosophical thought of the Druids, in fact if you were confronted with this kind of stupidity, you will have to accept the fact that if someone tries to "counter" you, it is a natural phenomenon. And the higher your spiritual energy, the more aggressive you will be. This participates in the balance of the universal tree, and in the event that you cease your activities, your "enemy brothers" will also disappear. It is up to you to accept the fact that it is you who are creating these fractures and who are responsible for the future of your belligerents. The tree is world, the infinite spirit. Spirit of the tree. Ash root. Ash root. The human body is known as the metaphysical image of the spiritual tree. Its veins contain the sap and blood of the alias tree, its limbs are so many branches and roots, its leaves listen diligently to the divine light. Books, paintings are our flesh and blood, songs are our skin, sculptures are our eyes. the Gauls and in particular the kings and queens were known to sport complicated hairstyles. It is in fact a part of the worship of the spiritual tree, the demonstration of a tidy spirit. The feet are recognized as the roots of the tree, the body and the arms are assimilated to the trunk and branches. The skull shelters the spirit and its connections while the hair, the hairstyle, is regarded as the sky, the visible part of the foliage. The ancient coins representing monarchs demonstrate complicated hairstyles, had regard to the education they had acquired and shown. Hence the nickname of hairy Gauls. One of these coins perfectly shows the presence of a snake coming out of the forehead. The snake is symbolic of history, of thought in motion. This snake from history. The foliage of the year takes on the various colors of the soul at the time of samainos, at which time it is seen how much the spiritual tree has learned in color during this annual cycle. It is the secret of the rainbow and the colors of the soul. This is why the beginning and the end of the Gallic year coincide with this annual period of samainos affiliated with spirituality. Trees with special shapes Phantasmagorical forms. Of a trunk. Phantasmagorical forms. Of a trunk. the crown of wood the crown of wood drinking stump stumpdrinker century-old umbrella pine century-old umbrella pine amazing root of a tree amazing root of a tree plane tree plane tree Glowing roots of a willow, like veins sinking into the body of the earth Glowing roots of a willow, like veins sinking into the body of the earth Sacred trees. Sacred trees. The Gallic spiritual tree. The Gallic spiritual tree. The sacred tree looms in all directions, enlarging its branches like so many faces. In the center of these branches, at the start of the branches and above the trunk, is a hollow called the heart, the divinity of one of the Gallic gods. I have only retained 6 philosopher trees and a so-called magician. The oak (Cassanos, tree of kings), the ash (Onno, tree of the queens), the îf (Ïuos tree of the gods), the being (Bagos, tree of the elderly), the job (Betua, tree of men), the willow (Salica, tree of women) and the elbow tree (Coslo, tree of games). However all the other essences have a special character as well. The Willow is the tree of rebirth. If a branch is cut from it, it will grow back easily as soon as it finds a damp earth of memory. "Lega" means silt in Gallic, any silty earth is a memory legacy of the past, of what passed in temporal water. The sacred tree is at the beginning and at the end of all the cycles, the old philosophy said: "the tree gives birth to all beings, the most evolved feed on the smallest, then they return themselves to feed the tree" . The oak grove surrounds a clearing called "Ercuialon", the place of strong and balanced men. The oak grove surrounds a clearing called "Ercuialon", the place of strong and balanced men. Hazelnut leaf Hazelnut leaf Willow, ash and oak combined. Willow, ash and oak combined. Gig Gig Îf, flower and fruit Îf, flower and fruit The willow is confused with the olive tree because if its general shape and its fruits are different, the foliage and the branches that bear it are very similar visually. The willow is presented as the tree of eternal life (which grows back in the waters of time) while the olive tree is regarded as the tree of the dead. Its skeletal forms earned it this name. Yet in some places it was considered the tree of lasting friendship. NB: some trees would have lived up to 9000 years, the age of the first scientists. Build a spiritual tree. The tree is culture of the spirit, It has leaves with lines written on it, It has branches like so many streams of thought, All of its materials complement each other, The trunk, almost human, alone supports multiple ideas, And its roots plunge into the soil of our memories. ............................................ At the beginning you have to plant a seed in a rich soil of its past. From this single seed, constantly emerge two very distinct faces, Interested in the light, small branches collect the intelligence of the existing world, and from this inspiring macrocosm, other ideas arise and complement each other. The tree thus grew, taking inspiration from its surroundings, drawing its raw material from its already obsolete history, constantly rebuilding itself, Until he becomes what he was born to do A fantastic being who can shelter his own world. Dusuios, the tormentor. Dusuios, the tormentor. Cut through the time of a thirty-year-old tree. Cut through the time of a thirty-year-old tree. Each past day has imprinted naturally like a passage through the wood. Back. Back.