Acculturation And The Role Of Religion.


Acculturation And The Role Of Religion. We will say that religions live on the moral distress of people, that they try to support them to give them support, and therefore hope. I used to say that if hope helps to live, it does not advance intellectually speaking. This is the big difference between the potential of the soul, vital, almost physical, and that of the spirit, quite incorporeal. We can also say that no religion is perfect and that the spirit as such is evolutionary, the latter can therefore only be given at a single "T" moment. What I want you to understand by this is that a religious text, whatever it is, can only render a non-evolving part of a thought which, if it is deified, nonetheless remains temporal. So it is only perfect at a given moment and in its future, inevitably, it will lose its strength and its clarity. This is the whole story of life, change and adaptation. It is mainly because of this that Druidic thought was not written down. It was and still is a part of the vital evolution of everyone's anima. We can therefore consider that all the sacred texts were "perfect" only at a time "T". It is like that, falling into this trap, that religions become factories of morons. And when you tell someone the same thing all day long, they don't evolve by themselves, prisoner of ancient thoughts, the person becomes retrograde, they are thrown into the past of a thought that is no longer really. topical. The overly religious person is thrown out of time. And that is dangerous. It is ultimately an ersatz divinity, a mental manipulation that causes a kind of trance through subjugation. When we stop thinking, trying to understand, we no longer exist. However, religion has an important role and in truth it must be said, it is useful to a great extent to populations who do not have access to very evolved thinking patterns. She works quickly because you don't have to work for years to believe and trust. The only thing besides which makes of a religion a great current of "opportunities for reflection" is the trust people place in it. Behind that, there are also some crazy factories that use archaic thought systems. One flatters the natural inclinations of human animality to make them tend towards bestiality, one dazzles someone simple by a truncated thought. It is no longer a question of one or of several gods but of training humans as some would do with animals. And the result is clear, systematic: that's how we make morons "under orders", prisoners of writings from another era. So you will tell me, if religion is useful, how to ensure that the prelates are not mistaken in the definition of it, so that they convey feelings of a truly divine marvel. In fact, only those who have truly entered into divinity can do so, and most of the time they have passed away when one church or another brings them up to the heavens. It was human business that chose its "saints". This is why Druidism does not represent the divinity under a human appearance, because it is not human or physical in reality (except in the practice of the arts and surpassing). When you understand this, you reach a higher level and the door to all understandings is not so far away, omniscience awaits you. (It is up to you to understand that one cannot acquire omniscience, it is she who can possess you. This is precisely the basis of the divinity, its secrets only belong to some, those who are raised until they enter what is called "the abode of the gods"). It should be remembered above all that the thought frozen by scriptures is a prison for the soul. The miracle of life cannot be written down.