tree druids
tree druids



We find a simple etymology in some places: Druios, Ruis and ruas. Amadryades are the nymphs of the oak and the ash nymphs Dryads to the Greek mythology related to the Gallic mythology. Dryades ..... druids, creators of eternity which is the oak tree in Central Gaul and ash to the north. Druids are mages artists who derive their powers of muses. It is certain that all the knowledge was lost Druidic Court last two thousand years. There are only a few of folklore actually from antiquity.


The secret of the transmission of knowledge lay in the fact that the Druids spoke at meetings in picture (very famous for their lyric poetry), this means that only the most intelligent students, more likely understand. This is the explanation of all the legendary poetic verve that come down to us is the son centuries. References and complete harmony with nature and the world in general are systematic.


The class is ruis those mages, wise, doctors and teachers artists but can also belong to the military caste and even the kings. They meet in the year for meeting shared their new knowledge acquired and also to compete through the arts to elect the great Druid, the best artists, doctors and midwives that only light in Gaul in the decision-making power over all class mages. Their word is the power within the tribe is the same as the king must comply.


Before becoming a druid, there are three passages in the acquisition of knowledge:


The vates, ovates and at the bottom, the piglets. The piglets are children who learn through the stories and initiation rites.


The bards and vates are doctors, various artists who become masters of their particular art.


The ovates are already very advanced minds, they participate and assist in the ceremonies. Still learning to finally become masters in the philosophy of druios. These are mages apprentices.


In the past our druids was pursued by those who can not conquer the spirit of saplings and through them, the strength of the spirit of a people. Our scholars were secret characters, and distinguished artists selected for their mind Sciences Corp. and I found in the valleys almost lost at the end of roads barely passable, some of their rites and facts. Certain words in the old language as many words Gauls are indeed still preserved in the local patois, this until the middle of the Italian Alps, the cradle of civilization Ligure, very similar to the Gallic tribes.


There is one, which still survives in various places, it is the verbal jousting.


In the streets of villages, the keepers of traditions, and measures to combat colorful clothing with expressive vigor of their minds by dint of better words of their languages (I have found use in various countries formerly Celtic-sapling ); Some wear the sword.


The verve of their languages should publicly demonstrate the height of erudition and control of the strongest through this joust or faces at least two characters ideas. As two roosters that gauge and distrusts, if attacks, dodge and settle the most beautiful part of the truth.


Today is the gracious hand which is made in folklore but I think at the time, the most serious issues were settled and it was the law of the scholar and the most intelligent and bodily injury were prevented by the absence of physical blow, this is the part of Ogmios eloquent.


A part of the culture that preserved peace


The Druids were then the initiators of these fighters mind.


For medicine, herbalism was well on the most important knowledge, the use of surgery also existed.


The ceremonies of mistletoe, is a powerful psychoactive evidence that our artists wielded doses very often and just under penalty of disaster for health, medicine spirits already existed.


Druidism today includes several schools of thought, more or less conservative and more or less obscurantist, having met a few of them, I can say that these characters all colors, all very intelligent people who advocates something that is unique to all common, Druidism is a science focused on the osmotic exchange with the world of nature or is respect which leads the act before any other consideration, evolving in future clearly a futuristic philosophy.


It must still be very careful about a number of characters who are assigned the function Druid totally unjustified and currently am saying say direct descendants of our former druios, those practicing a religion sometimes completely flouting exchange and harmony with their natural environment. It is always the profit that leads. Being a shaman is not enough to take the title of Druid is learning that lasts for years, the one who takes this path can in no way go back because it is the investment of a lifetime. Entire panel of acquired in medicine, philosophy, study of beliefs, control of arts..etc..etc itself is huge ... and some say it takes an average of twenty years of study to become a druid. I think the real druids are easily recognized because they live physically with their "tribal" group in a purely natural environment. There are a few more. They are the recipients of all the know-affiliated master of all arts, Lug, and his brother master of destinies, Donotarvos. Kernunnos enthusiasts.


Miraculous healing


Reference is made to the eternity of the soul and the miraculous healings in wholes Druid certainnes currents and inexplicable things so Cartesian occurred in our campaigns or druids resident there or they save people from evil spells or incurable diseases, it seems they even have to undergo a curse. They take it upon themselves evil when they retire to others. Many have paid with their lives for the healthy path they offered to their patients. Miraculous healers but martyrs for a fight against evil. If one day you're dealing with one of them to heal you, pay the fine because he risks his life every transaction of "consolidation."


Representation carved in stone of an ancient druid reached us, recognizable by his long-handled sickle, he wears a tunic tight at the waist with what appears to be a big leather belt and stylized surprise, a bow. The sickle was used to cut the verbal arrows sent our honored artists throughout their poetic diatribes in the heart of people. Metaphysical considerations embodied in this way, always made extrapolation, see exaggeration guided by the need to convince or to understand.




In Gaul, the gods never appear in human form, still under the animal sign or natural form, that is why Brannos victorious to Rome mocked Roman statues which represented divine human beings.


New Druids have a very thorough with nature and boasts a shamanism (not all) very obscure relationship; For my part, after studying the Gallic culture depth, I can not bring myself to believe that all culturally faces full of finesse saplings tribes result of magical experiences without further explanation that the mandatory belief in mystery. Millennia relations scholars Greeks, the great voyages to the Orient to serve as mercenary, we would have left a lot of weird stories in other civilizations as a souvenir mythological.


I do not deny the part of Gallic mages and miracles of healing (for the time), as well as the magic of spirits through rites of dialectical songs, staging and wonderful verve, but I can resolve to the inexplicable. So in my opinion, these rites and magical experience had caused high emptiness and intelligence of the druids who pushed through artistic creations clearly captivated the Gallic spirit. A dream lived. They managed to give culture a future without fault and a fine understanding of the ways of being. Artists and doctors who even today would surprise anyone in the magic of the mind. Notice to psychiatrists.


The spiritual connection with animals was in my opinion an educational way to change minds through hand sewn stories. (La Fontaine and his fables, although qu'ultérieur gives us a good example). I too have seen inexplicable things in my life can be magical, not to meet the Magi today. But then again, I persist in thinking that the druidic secrets can not, should not give any explanation. The mystery is the creator of intelligent thought should be respected. Moreover, it is certain that the sacred animals described as entities embodying major deities are whole and individual universe.

gallic shaman
gallic shaman