waters of time

waters of time
waters of time

The text called Apocalypse and whose real name is "Revelations," the final text of the Bible was written by a druid and diverted from its original purpose to create a religion that allowed any sleep véléitées rebellion among Gauls enslaved in the West and in Asia Minor ..... millions of people are fanatical in religious stupidity and ignorance with this obscure text and the fear it inspires ..






I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am the light and water.


"And her face is like the sun": ordering human activity of the year.


"He will dress in white linen" is a blouse druid.


"I am the Alpha and the Omega, (Lug and Donnotarvos), I am the beginning and the end," I am: time (Kernunos).




"Around me are the seven candlesticks are the seven churches" time.




A circle of seven waters of light, which set the trends of an annual cycle and seven consecutive tendencies of the human mind changing. (See schedule)


7 cited the spirit located in present-day Turkey, formerly Gallic.


"And the lion shall eat with agniau" the sun rises and bloodying a fleecy cloud, it is twilight, the initiator of a Gallic cycle.


Then in the following text, the narrator blame at each cited as the progress of time can not allow him to stay in one of them and must always move to another future, another cited, still in purpose of change or spirit can not die because a cycle always opens another, indefinitely. In all cases it is a good demonstration of the eternity of the evolutionary spirit.




It is a text of Druidic teaching imagery, written by a great insider Gallic druid near Greek philosophical circles.




It seems that each of these cited had a dedicated color, the colors of the rainbow, and can be, but then I extrapolate, people from these cities had to carry these colors to fight against the problem of inbreeding and facilitate romantic unions among people born in geographically remote places, which is why the Donnotarvos (the passing of blood) is called noble bull, the control healthy marriages among people who appreciated the beautiful fitness (the Gauls were very nice looks it). That would explain very gaudy colors of clothing whose Gallic tribes were recognized for cover.


September water lights for the people of the waters of time.