le dieu pére
le dieu pére

Also called the father of the tribe, the sacred representation Boar is the best known, Jaumattres stones in the center of France, a large and long megalith balance also bears his name.


This is the scales of justice made under the oak tree by the boar choice. He is the God judge and protector of the tribe It is the balanced representation of the world through the image of solid oak. There were several performances of the idol, very refined, all feature the tuft of a furious boar bristles.


The peculiarity of the boar in attitudes is to rush head-on his pursuers, especially if it is backed into a corner, or if its many little pigs are in danger. Noble and courageous animal in its defensive behavior. This is what I call me the complex of wild boar. Must not exceed the load otherwise it without thinking about the consequences, even if it must end with his death. It is extremely resistant furious boar, the Gallic era, some specimens have around 300 kilos.


It is for these reasons that presided fights defending the Gallic tribe that loved him. Great defender of endangered families. Terrible in battle.


It seems that the hairs bristling Teutates features a whole range of artistic or symbolic signs, such as natural plant forms defined by the light of heaven, noble strength and beauty of the spirit of justice, boar warrior and protector of the symbolism the world is inseparable protective tree, the sacred oak and his faithful animal represented osmosis.


On a particular currency is a giant sword stuck in the ground in the woods, it would be the sword of the titan?


Justice was implemented by the military professionals who were officiating the hand of judgments. One of the most famous person said that the laws within the tribe had the right to become too fat, too rich compared to others, which maintained the freedom to work for all but especially the balance of strengths gérantes most tribes had a reputation to elect their king annually. So we had several potential candidates and person can not suffocate the other by his wealth. Only a deified king can not be replaced.


The Gauls lived in large wooden houses sheltering the whole tribe, the global family behavior lies in the essence of which was Teutates also occur when romantic unions needed aid.


Teuta mean Gallic tribe, I also translate for family and home.