le dieu du tonerre
le dieu du tonerre

Tanaris is also known Taranis.


Tales and legends attributed to him certain animals such as the wolf snarling, snake dark waters and the raven.


Tanaris is a magician god connected to the storm and thunder as its northern counterpart. This is the third deity engaged in battle, one of its Mediterranean counterpart is Ares, the Greek god of war.


The black raven wings refer to black clouds charged with electricity storms, the roar of the rumbling bass of these clouds discharging lightnings on the earth and the sea, the floods caused by rain are probably referring to an animal also sacred: the snake. the speed of lightning would be the supreme essence of Tanaris. His power is above all that of fear. Some areas of France bears traces of his name, as Tanargues mountains in the Ardeche, visiting the place I saw the storm god is connected to the idea of the volcano and earthquakes, the soil flush with vegetation. The ravages of climate, cold, chaotic dessolement soils seem to stem from its action.