Smertullos Gallic mean, the reaper, it is found in an ancient temple or face three other Gallic gods. Other deities doors dressed by the invader on the back of their headstones and imagery have some names changed little Lug wearing ibex horns he seems. Smertullos pretends to crush a threatening snake.


For Gaul, the serpent is a symbol of history, form of worship of water.


Smertullos the reaper wants to destroy the false story invented by the invaders, killing the snake lying, probably to protect the precious bags of grain that these robbers are asking farmers after Gallic invasion, changing the way the message of the great main gods .


By deduction we can consider that the reaper is also the distributor. His strong constitution proves that he is a hard worker. Synonymous with extravagance and foresight, it is durable.



Smertullos is the god of farmers and agriculture in general.