le dieu de l'expérience
le dieu de l'expérience


Ogmios is present in the art of stone carving is a main god. He is represented by an old man covered with a lion's skin which has the distinction of having people chained by his followers ears, this string appears from its language.


Ogmios is the representation of old age that has proven its value and experience by killing a lion, people listen to his utterances without being able to undo, chained by their ears. This is the deity that we listen unconditionally, who enacts laws to respect thanks to his experience and everyone was to behave which follows the stories of old.


The god of the ancient Gallic legislators and old warriors experience.



The Gauls were well known for their verve and long speeches. Epitaphs found qu'Ogmios say is "eloquence in the face of the sun." The eloquence that one can refute that experience.