In the worship of water, Morgana is the goddess of the mist.




Better known as the Fata Morgana at 12em Century, yet Morgana appears in ancient Gaulish inscriptions. Morgana is the famous white lady of our legends still fresh, that you come across on the roads at night and promises a perilous future.


The etymology of the word, popular legends and cult of water tells us that Morgana is the goddess of the mists that lose passengers. Goddess mists and lost souls. It seems to have a leading role in the legend of the Knights of the Round Table, including the famous Excalibur stuck in the stone is shown in a Gallic currency in the woods.


  King Arthur is the symbol of the light of civilization. Two perfectly complementary and antagonistic entities in the extrapolation of good and evil.


It must be admitted that the secret god Centaur is perhaps a previous entity to the legend of Arthur the lion.