Kernunos two specific representations were received. The first sculpture is that of a god with antlers, blind in one eye, sitting cross-legged on a giant snake that eats and dismembered his victims in its path.


Another representation of the Wyvern?


The Wyvern is an ancient legend which describes a snake woman who causes the death of those crosses.


Behind the serpent, a man holds a wheel in front of the snake, another man, like the first, holds a wheel. A white part and a black part.


You need to know to decrypt the image, is that our ancestors practiced the worship of water lights. Many archaeological findings corroborate this thesis first.


In the Italian Alps was found a burning serpent, overlooking a winding valley designed by a stream that goes to the Ligurian Sea. This ideological mimicry leads us to believe that the giant serpent, this is the course of a river. Not far away lies the remains of a civilization, called the stone statues, in Aulla valley at the waters edge on the headlands, which has found several other statues near the Forest Dark Forest also than in other places in Europe, particularly in southern England ..


It seems that the civilization of the cult of water have been extensive, 3000 years before our era. Is it the famous civilization of Atlantis?


Hence the understanding of what are the wheels and the name of Kernunos.


The water snake is like the scroll of life, we all heard that life is like a river running, born of a source and ends in death. Kernunos Cronos is sitting on a snake which children live and die, the serpent of time that our ancestors called the Wyvern there is still some time. This is a female deity.


The other representation Kernunos, shown distributing food from a bag between a deer and a bull. Half to the beginning of life, the other half to the end, no doubt. These two animals are imaged transcription of the two men who hold the wheel the first time studied symbolic sculpture.


Our ancestors shared any time period between a light and a dark period (see paragraph on the Coligny Calendar), so between the white deer legends and black bull. A living eye and a dead eye on the face of the god of time. The twin wheels of time turn by the undulate water snake that nothing can stop. Life and death. White and black running forever.


Knowing that for the Gallic death is not the end, just a passage to another cycle of rebirth. The bull is not destructive, it is a dark ferryman but not necessarily exterminator. Besides the imaging cycle time describing the flow of the year, year after which always comes another annual cycle and so on. Certainly this model is' as it applied to the duration of life, a white creative period, and a period of decline, dark. Youth and old age.



The staghorn Kernunos that door, it is the study of Lug that gives us meaning.