Esus of the Gauls to the Christian Jesus.

Esus of the Gauls to the Christian Jesus.


         It is good to Gaul that arises the myth of Jesus Christ (iesus), through the ancient worship of the god Esus, blood rebirth deity and guardian of life after death.

 Here are some arguments:


The fish was a sign of recognition of early Christians outside c is the animal that symbolizes rebirth in the waters of time Salmon god, Esus. (Esos).


The ceremony of baptism is that of purification and renaissance also comes from the waters of worship.



That the early Christians took refuge in the catacombs of Rome, it is already a stupidity, I never heard that the mouse takes refuge in the cat's stomach.


The bull, donnotarvos is still represented in and outside the Christian churches, bull, which symbolizes nobility genetic breeds, this from the beginning. This one is at the end of time, the guardian of the life after death, rebirth through filiation by blood, have seized power with Esus is after cutting the tree of eternal life.

The eternity promised by the Christian god is also a parallel with the Gallic cult of eternal waters of time.


The god of light creationist, Lug, is also part of Christian beliefs through Lucifer, the angel of light that begot: the time on earth.


We now know that most Christian churches were built exactly on websites belonging to the Druidic religion.


But one thing in particular proves to Christian Druidic descent, are the words reported the son of god.

Example: "you do not because you will live forever mourirez in me."

Esus is actually the god who embodies the eternal time (kernunos) in which the rebirth allows immortality.



The position of Jesus Christ for his sacrifice and his crown of thorns resembles alot of aspects to the god-tree Kernunos. Gallic god of time. But the most striking similarity is that of sacrifice practiced during ceremonies dedicated to the god Esus.



The correct interpretation of the Book of Revelations will eventually convince you, the Christian religion was born 2000 years ago on the ashes of the Gallic cult, she made the most of his dogma. An ancient author describe quite well the cult of the god Esus, during ceremonies, a bloody corpse is exposed in a tree, exactly the same kind of practice that represents Christ on the cross. A sacred birth in the death of a human being.

Besides, it concerns immortality of the human right belongs to the Gallic peoples, for them, death does not exist, it's just another way among others on the paths of time, do not really die, you imprint a different route away to another elsewhere, that's all.


    There are dozens of signs of filiation of both religions who became enemies. One such alternative is the denomination of "sheep" flock of Christians, we must know that the ram (male leader of the herd) is one of Gallic sacred animals, it is even precisely he who lends his horns creationist snake breeds history. Snake also belonging to Christian beliefs ...............


Picking up the thread of Greek legend, Zeus is the son of Chronos, so parallel, Esus would Kernunos the son of Jesus and the God of the temporal describe in the book of revelations. Reflection is very Cartesian, these highly sustainable probabilitée.


The other name of the Christian God is Jehovah, which means "journey of life", ie the time travel of life, Kernunos is also the god of time meandering path of the vital history of each.


It is undeniable that the Gallic philosophers are at the origin of Christian worship. Why believe in a Jewish parentage who have nothing this time philosophy.

 It seems that the hollowing Celtic priests were accomplices of this orientation of the cult of Esus. Moreover, only the Celtic Druids were not chased by the Romans, at least those who became interested friends.


Moreover, with regard to particular spirit, another thing is denoted: the Stake very spirit that reigns in Christian churches offers a complete parallel with the one denote votive inscriptions left by Gallic.


 The Christian holidays is place precisely on the same dates of the ancient Gallic worship.

The frenzied censorship practiced by Christians to everything related to the Gallic culture is sufficiently bellicose to not see the fear resurface the truth of Christian origins. Some people even deny the existence of Vercingetorix ........... it's serious doctor!




 time changing

The text called Apocalypse, whose real name is "revelations" (lights), the final text of the Bible was written by a druid and diverted from its original purpose to create a religion that allowed any sleep véléitées rebellions in Gallic enslaved peoples in the West and Asia Minor ... This unacceptable reality for many is yet the only plausible for interpreting this book correctly ..


To understand this text, you must first remove the additions Christians who come to corrupt the clarity of the word, then appears a beautiful poetic text that describes the flow of time, measured from a tree in a clearing. And it is not at all an Apocalypse that appears under the Gallic light, the parallel is perfect, too perfect not to reveal an ancient plagiarism due to the spoliation and the Roman manipulation.

The Christian religion was established in Rome by Roman and with the help of the Jewish religion, that explains the fact that the first Christians settled in Rome, the beginnings of your area.

Your entire modern thought just makes the beauty of the sacred language of the Gallic Druids, a thought came from the beginning of time ..

The Druids were famous for their colorful language, it explains a lot of things, the Christian Church away easily a text already designed for being understood only by initiates.

 This manipulation will not have been possible without the complicity of Celtic who early became Christians.




Words of Esus who learned of Kernunos to sustain his servants what

that'll happen soon, he learned from his mind to his

the young servant (jean means: the young), it guarantees as Kernunos action, and words of Esus

what he learned. Blessed are those who learn the content of this text, if they

Examine the contents because the time is there.

The young minds to the seven Eastern (birth, a newborn has indeed seven spirits at the beginning of its existence, the rising sun) to you, the present, the past.

The future (time), guarded by the seven spirits of the east, from birth, and Esus

He who tells the truth, that is rebirth after death and that directs the races of kings of the earth.

To the one who protects us, gave us a good future through his blood (transmission)

has made us a people believing in Kernunos, pride and strength for the times to come.

It comes with rain clouds, every eye shall see him, even those who see through his light. (Lightning)

The tribes will be afraid of him. (Description of a big thunderstorm approaching)

I am the light and water, the god of time, the present, past and future.

The god of time that dominates everything.



Me young, your misfortune classmate, resistance and strength of a king in

association with Esus (transmission of royal blood), I arrived in the island of Patmos because of the word of the time.

and the word of Esus.

I entered into trance (in pensive state) a day off and I heard a loud voice behind me saying:

write what you know and does know the seven spirits that inhabit the seven cited the east (of the birth of the sun).

 (Remember that the Gallic riders thought they were directed by spirits found in their back).




I am Alpha and Omega: I am the light and water. (Which grow trees)


"And her face is like the sun that nobody can confront": it is the sun which orders human activity of the year, and no one ever managed to fix the time ..

 (This is the description of a Eluos)

"I am the past, the present and the future," It is the representation of the three mattres, mothers saplings, which are the evocation of rebirth through the Gallic and Celtic triskel.


"It will bring the white linen dress" is a blouse Druid.


"I am the Alpha and the Omega, (Lug and Donnotarvos), I am the beginning and the end," I am: time (Kernunos).


"In his mouth there will be a long sword"

This is the sword of the intended, always has two sharp edges, the rocker for one side or another to move in the best direction. It is a fight for life in a warlike people. It is the word of the time that decides the destiny of men.




"Around me are the seven candlesticks are the seven churches" of time.


The seven planets known in antiquity that revolve around a god of time in the face of the sun.

The text does not belong to Christianity who denied for centuries science of astrology.


A circle of seven light water, which define the trends of an annual cycle with seven consecutive tendencies of the human mind changing. (See calendar)


7 cited the spirit located in present-day Turkey, formerly Gallic.


"And the lion shall eat with the lamb," the sun rises and bloodying a fleecy cloud, it is the beginning, the initiator of a cycle, but also the symbolism of birth.


Then in the following text, the narrator blames in each city as the advancement of time can allow it to stay in one of them and it must always move towards another future, another city, always in a purpose of change or spirit can not die because a cycle always opens another, indefinitely. In all cases it is indeed a demonstration of the eternity of the spirit evolving.




This is a teaching text Druidic imagery, writing a great initiate, close Gallic Druid Greek philosophical circles.




It seems that each of these had cited as a regular color, the colors of the rainbow, and maybe, but then I extrapolate, people from these cities had to wear these colors on them to fight against the problem inbreeding and facilitate romantic unions among persons born in geographically remote places, that is why the Donnotarvos (the passing of blood) is called noble bull, is control healthy marriages among people who appreciated the beautiful fitness (the Gauls were beautiful looks it). That would explain wearable colors very gaudy whose Gallic peoples were recognized to cover.


Seven lights waters for water people time.



On this site you'll have to open your mind, continue.

"In the throne there will be voices, rumbling and lightning"


It is an old tree in the wind with its creaking, its voices of animals and leaves that move and offer ajourements lights.



"And before his throne there will be a sea of ​​glass in the colors of emerald"


The grass of a meadow, frozen.


 Before the throne of time is the samainos season early Gallic year to frost.

This is a tree in environments of a meadow. So definitely an oak whose trunk is a throne, time is created with circles.


"And there will be eye goshawks and inside"


Colors human eyes we come visible color within a tree, leaf colors, changing with the seasons, and colors of the sky. The buds of trees are also called "eyes" today. All these colors human eyes are found precisely mixed period samainos.

 (I'm sure you've made the connection with the colors that come from the windows of churches, representing the rainbow.

 Eyes are known to be the passages of the expression of the core.


All druids will tell you that the oak is the seat of the creative spirit that evolves over time.



"His feet will be brown and black, like burned" is the description of the tree imaged racinnes the visible part above the ground.

The body representing the trunk and hair so well coiffed in Gallic kings therefore represent the spirit, colored gemstones embedded in the crown. It is the rainbow and the colors of the soul.

 reference is made to four fantastic animals, a lion, solar symbol of the birth of light (life), which represents a calf child of the bull, a man's face which represents adulthood, and an eagle, symbol of death in Gaul.

This is actually a Gaulish text.

the four animals are the birth, childhood, adulthood, and death.

temporal context is still present.




In the throne will write a book inside and outside, sealed with seven seals: These are the lines of the wood, which appear clearly at the end of the seventh year, when the branch becomes rigid, solid.

A powerful application angel to those on earth and under the earth and in the sky, which can open the book?

This is a direct reference to the three divine realms of the tree of time, Kernunos areas of the world below: roots, world over: the carrier trunk, and the aviation industry branches and leaves that represent the sky. (Aidubno, Dubno and ciallo).


The lion of the tribe of Judah, David defeated offspring, (flash, light birth): you should never read the text in the first degree, this is simply the birth of time; egg just hatched nymph, The reference to Jews is that causality fails on the concept of race. must be interpreted: a race was born to open the book of time.

In the midst of the throne will be slain like a lamb: It is a wood nymph, which alone can play inside and outside of the timber lines. The ancient Druids worshiped their, and certainly the cult of the rebirth of the dead. Indeed, this nymph looks like a skeleton, it remains several years in the wood of the tree, motionless, until his transfer in full insect, Capricorn.

It is interesting that the zodiac sign of Capricorn precisely coincides with the beginning of the year, the revival of light that is made with the lengthening of days.


The timber line represent the flow of time in the tree god, Kernunos (cronos).

The old men are living the experience, the memory of the arts, lyre, harp and the golden cups (a copy was found in the forest of Brocéliandre) are culture still represent a course.

The sacrifices concern nymphs, dead regeneration symbols and a puts appreciated by connoisseurs ..


The red horse the next text is well known among Gallic ,, it comes to Rudiobos, which represents impulsiveness of youth called by the calf representing youth precisely. The others are also well known, but we only see them in the night sky.

And the kings of the earth will fear him, the kings and queens of the earth fear that one thing, the passing time.


Finally, the text is interpreted entirely with the basics offered by the Gallic culture.

Soon other interpretations of the Book of Revelations.

To understand this text revelations, we must accept the fact that Jesus Christ did not exist, it is actually the Evolution of the ancient myth of Esos Gallic god. S that time seized the power by cutting the tree Kernunos, Chronos. This statue of Jesus sacrificed Evolution is a tree-god of time is the divinity of filiation by blood. Esos s also known breeding bull Zeus among the Greeks.

The great god of time in mind sun speaks with temporal waters. Fluxs refluxs and marshes, the Alpha and the Omega combined.

The great god of time in mind sun speaks with temporal waters. Fluxs refluxs and marshes, the Alpha and the Omega combined.

At the end of the book of Revelations is a phrase cursing those who will make the words of this book. It's very unusual for fear god simple counterfeiters, this is what told me that the book had already been reinterpreted and rewritten to the Christian sauce ......... dint of crying wolf too. ..........



The word of God is Kernunos the sword of destiny.

     sword called Excalibur Celtic are also in the Gallic mythology. It is found in the mouth of the god of time Kernunos describe the Book of Revelations. Indeed, this sword is equivalent to the word of God Almighty, it is present in numbers of Gallic coins and indicates the direction of the future. For Gallic (warlike people) this is the sword that decides the unstoppable destiny. The weapon of light time.

  Richard Gallion became the only existing specialist in ancient Gaulish mythology. The detailed interpretation of the Book of Revelations is for sale for the substantial sum of ten million euros. All rights become property of the purchaser. (The reason motivating this award is that disclosure of this information can change the course of history and induce a profound change in human societies of the future).

These revelations can indeed cause serious damage to Catholic Christianity, establishing a new way of thinking, and thus to act, in the evolutionary populations.

If the sum is paid in grants, transcription revelations will be given on the public site, everyone will have the right to know the truth.