la déesse du futur
la déesse du futur



Epo means cover, Epona, the incubator.


Epona is a goddess represented by a woman taking a horse that supports a child or a preteen, she also holds a basket of fruit. Epona means: one that covers the protective healthful fruits of the tribe.


I think this goddess worshiped by our ancestors is the goddess of ripe and healthy fruit. The lady representing the passing of the child status to the status of women, carried by his steed over the other. This girl is a representation of a pure virgin, it is the representation of what is not perverted.


A carrier of the future, which has to do with Athena, Zeus and protector of the arts in general. This is the purveyor of good future goddess, the deity of women's education and at least the representation of the mother. Epona is it the Mattre the future?




The horses were very important to the Gallic goddess Epona is also promising horses.