Name of a Gaulish goddess who teaches the etymological study it is very beautiful. His name is associated with a French hill that supports broom. Brooms come from the Gallic word balano, Balinegenata, son or daughter broom descendants. The soft, rounded shapes of the hill and beautiful name we confirm that it is the goddess of feminine beauty of young women and men, our Gallic Aphrodite is captivating as a perfume and beautiful like a butterfly, c 'is a goddess of youth and clear waters.


It evokes another aspect nudity but we understand that she is special. All female deities belong to the worship of water. Belemna his partner in a dry hill name, so it can not be as cloudy water. Fog soul captivating. It has a Scottish counterpart: Eihne, daughter of Dagda, a princess of heights.. Belemna contain Gallic term NEMA respect to the vengeance of heaven, great showers, plus a reputation drogueuse. Would it jealousy incarnate?


The beauty of the young woman located on the dome of the Vix crater is probably its representation, the vase probably clear water of youth than those who were buried probably wanted eternal like rain, pure and virgin , it can be dubbed "which disturbs the spirits." The woman who was buried with this beautiful crater wearing a tiara including carvings of divine horse, a sign of the deification of an exceptional woman.


It is the spirit of feminine magic.