Represented with a caduceus and Téléphore Greek physician on a Gallic currency BELENOS is male beauty.


Benelos is the god of beautiful shape, physician and healer, but also anything that brings health, healthy food, for example, as well as sport or good sleep.


The organization of the Gallic cult focused on pragmatism at all times and logical appreciation of things.

Natural energy



Study on paranormal energy



The physical world around us is made of energy forged, everything has a pattern and a mass energy of its own. The animal itself has a little different from the plants that they even have a different structure from what is inanimate (stone and other materials) Energy diagram. These energies are such as crystals, and different for each existence of a certain strength and a balance that allows them to last in time. Modern structures are unfortunately the weakest.



For someone imaginative it is possible to represent the entire structure in a visual form approaching energy masses that are discovered in space, often soft or more concentrated, sometimes nonexistent, large or small. You should know that the smallest as the most energy of the universe has its opposite balance. Any action, existence through a mouvemententraînetoujours a contrary or balancing energy return. As if nothing had gone the first movement, reaction engageantune its opposite, that there destabilized the frame something immobile thing, the movements are multiplying to infinity, every movement in enentraînantd'autres unmaelströmtoujours more complicated. From this scientists studying quanta are safe.



So for any existing material, balanced crystalline form an abstract representation would be acceptably close to the truth. All these crystals in assembling a world where we discover the image every day. Why do not we see the energy structures in place physical objects that we perceive with our human senses, this is the miracle of an important axiom occurs, water. We are made up in large part of water, and it is this particular matter that we filter the canvas we have in the world.



Some living beings, especially females possess the ability to feel the energy through a sense that is commonly referred 6em sense. Among these beings, some have learned instinctively to control their own external energies Corp. Sometimes without them even on their action on their energy environment. This is something natural part of the evolution of being. An activity or reactivity that leaves no trace on the visible world through the filter of water and yet is. Among these beings who are somewhere invisible mutants among their base race, some are acquired enough capacity to greatly destabilize schemes in place with their achievements. Race has nothing to do with these predispositions, I think it is mostly people who have rubbed shoulders particular environments.



The singular behavior of animals alongside these people are a physical transformation of the ratings in the near environment of these people.



These people are out of society, instead of the name of mutant, I prefer them ancient Gallic appellation Elluos, was appointed elsewhere Eloîmes or today Illuminati.



So the Elluos or Elos.



(Translate: particular item, first princes and it seems that the term also refers to the fan, who grew up small deer)



The first indicator of progress towards this Elos is the feeling of physical or mental thing, see foreseen. A number of factors indicative of changes in these capabilities exist. Well, to be honest, who among mutation took the path that will endanger and can not go back. Energies up when shaken by an abnormal external action causes a destabilization of the environment is one that without precise control. The situation can escalate seriously and it can take many forms.



Our ancient Druids knew precisely control their powers through the arts.



Energy structure of the universe in all its integrity equivalent to the structure of the tree world Teutates; The structurebio énergétiqued'un-Elos is the tree Psychic Kernunos. The subject is the epitome of what forge, fire, energy, thanks to time. This is indeed the vector of the great powers of Elos.



Each individual power (load "electrical" potential) is the rate of control over their surroundings. Some hide because their "power" is now easily concealable to their friends and family close. Often they are solitary by obligation. The mutation is not acceptable for the common people. On the other between religion (which it is) to be able to give a plausible explanation for the phenomena that surround them. I would advise them to always stay in touch with mother nature because it only happens to balance the "electric" tensions resulting from the mutation. Age has nothing to do either in the evolution of Elos. Elos even a baby can act on its energy environment, sometimes the change is made on the later. Particularism that does not necessarily belong to a genetic parentage.



All those experiencing unusual fate, many become heads of other nobodies because did not have the education to control his energy.



All brands of world history around them indelibly.



One of the resulting blessed mutation is the ability to heal, however, I recommend everyone get angry a Elos. The "storm" could lead to extreme paranormal phenomena. These people are identified by an unusual aura. The following pupils of the eyes in these situations a significant change, it is the only real possibility for the layman without self-preservation to identify electrical storm occurs.



This is why the Elos must learn to control more effectively. Is it electric men? Yes it is a bit like that. One form of electricity.



The number and function of the Gallic gods is very complicated, in fact each deity specific to each specific emotional ideas containing transcribed; these emotions arise famous active energies of Elos; If There were so many gods, it is because the Gauls had a lot of mental thoughts to own a great emotional intelligence.



In Gaul, a Elos is always an incarnation of a god who is best for them, because it embodies the strength, the electrical charge of its founding ideas. They were a beautiful soul.



If some of you have realized that the course of their life was not going so common, it may be that you are entered in flux, I suggest you choose one of these gods to embody the physical ideas and mental and many attend mother nature, this will help you best control your energy. I speak for everyone, even those who do not believe because it is the power of the individual and communal spirit is at stake, not necessarily religion. Philosophy can be, especially not obscurantism that has never help anyone among religious people. You are free to choose between these two areas of thought and control flows are conveyed. The light reflection or strength of obscurantism. These two axes balancing precisely, only the right action on the course of human history you are going to count.



Is there a gradation of potential Elos, yes, some have become very strong. You can identify them by reading the pages of men and women become famous in all dictionaries. The women known stories that reveal a Herculean physical strength to save their child from danger, are accurate, a Elos will also be able, without actually physically see if one of his relatives is in danger and save quickly is the science of true feeling. Their supernormal abilities are very heterogeneous.



Then you can more accurately judge their "electric" individual potential and growing their psychic balance shaft.



How much is there now: many, but at different levels of control, most never reach the ultimate goal of evolution: as an ideological entity "eternal" ... ..and active for centuries, see millennia of human minds.



If you do not get to control your energy, use a druid, he alone can easily bring you thinking required for this, and it will always be in a natural environment that will protect you from yourself.



Mother nature is like a cotton absorbs bad flows are conveyed or rather, which rebalances.



Grace be restored to the green vastness, you have to protect it as it will protect you throughout your life. Without mother nature, Elos disappear, and humans as well. Already, I can say that none of those who know the transformation of their flows are conveyed can not remain long in peace without their natural protective environment.